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  1. C

    Question GPU Performance / Unity Games Crashing Often

    I'm new to posting & asking for help so bare with me. So unsure of the real problem, i'd like to say I am fairly experienced with computers / computer hardware but can't seem to solve my current issue. Below are userbenchmark results. GTX 1080 was bought from a close friend, good condition...
  2. X

    Question Check this Game Dev / Gaming Build

    Hi! I'd like y'all to let me know your opinions on this build I made. I'd use it for game development with programs such as Unity 3D (tasks as lighting rendering which usually takes a lot of time) and Blender (working with pretty complex models), which means multitasking with two monitors...
  3. Smawlz

    [SOLVED] Laptop fan stops working when I start Unity

    So, laptop and the fan works well when i boot it up. Fan works normally when browsing in chrome and such. But the moment I turn on Unity and start working on it the fan stops working and laptop gets very hot, starts to slow down gradually because of the heat and If I close Unity, get PC to sleep...
  4. B

    Question Access violation hangs application every few minutes

    I'm having some trouble with the Unity game engine, where after a couple hours of use (almost completely random when this happens), it starts to hang from anywhere between a few seconds, up to 10-15 seconds, every few minutes. Debugging unity's process, I can see it throws out a access...
  5. W

    Linux Install issues

    Hi everyone im having an issue installing Linux unbuntu onto a laptop everytime i try (from a usb FAT32) it just says No operating system ive tried to remount it to the usb and nothing has changed can anyone help? thanks!
  6. J

    plug in power cord and computer turns on by itself

    I have a Lenovo H410 desktop. As soon as I turn on the ups, the computer turns on all by itself, even though the I do not push its power button. Is this a power supply problem?
  7. A

    Graphics card power issue

    If my pcie slot on my mobo does not provide power for a certain graphics card. Would it work if I connect a 6pin?

    quick question about adding more fans (specific case and motherboard)

    okay, so im building an Amd Ryzen 1800x system with 16 GB vengence ram, im going to go with the Asus Rog Crosshair hero Vi motherboard, it has a cpu fan header and 3 system fan headers first off, this is my first time building a system that requires more than 3 fans so im pretty much a noob...
  9. A

    Can I upgrade to GTX 1070?

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade to a gtx 1070, but am unsure if my comouter is able to run it, or will it bottleneck? My Specs are: Intel Core i5 4690 @ 3.50GHz 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H97-PRO GAMER (SOCKET 1150) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (NVIDIA)
  10. Jm5ulla

    Please help me fix my computer.

    Last night i was downloading some stuff for my project then windows warned me that im downloading something dangerous for my pc but i kept it. After i woke up in the morning, i turned my pc on again, and i wasnt able open anything you can just double click on them and nothing happens, jpeg files...
  11. M

    Lost on the compatibility of FSP HEXA+ 500W

    I just bought the FSP HEXA + 500w. My specs are: CPU = I5 6600K GPU = GTX 1060 Motherboard = Z170A Pro Carbon MSI I was just asking, if there will be any issues with this "cheap" power supply. It has OCP, OVP and SCP protections. Can anyone help me thanks?
  12. K

    Intel i7 6700 Stuck at 4.0 ghz

    Hi like title said, my i7 6700 is stuck at 3.4 ghz. It won't boost to 4.0 ghz no matter what i do. I have Asrock K6 motherboard. I have disable Speedstep Technology. I have tried disable and enabling Turbo boost. I have messed with C-States. None of which boost my clock pass 3.4ghz. I wonder...
  13. J

    Any advice for versatile audiophile headphones ?

    Hi everyone, this is my very first post on the forum, although I've been reading it for a while. I'm writing today because I'm currently looking for new headphones (mine just broke :'( ) I would like to buy versatile headphones, that is to say headphones which would be excellent for both gaming...
  14. B

    Gaming PC Slowed down By Landslide

    My gaming pc has slowed down alot since I've got it and I mean A LOT more than it really should've! I used to get upwards of 200+ FPS on league of legends now I rare go over 55. If anyone can help me figure the issue I would be greatly appreciative. The Specs:
  15. K

    Raid internal storage + external sd card?

    Hi so I own a hp stream 11 with 32gb storage and I'm starting to need more storage (only 1.4 gb left). I have a 16gb card that I already put, but I would like to know if it's possible for me to raid the internal storage with the external micro sd card. Because when its external I can't really...
  16. A

    Confusion about RAM compatibility.

    I want to buy a RAM for my Laptop HP ENVY J048TX, after researching over the internet i found this: G.Skill Model: F3-1600C9S-8GRSL .I don't know about the dimensions of this RAM to be fit in my Laptop.Is it fully compatible with my laptop or i am wasting money to buy this ? I don't have much...
  17. S

    swapping pcb chips in HDD

    is it necessary that the replacement pcb chip no, must match all the digits on the original pcb board for the hdd to work ?. i have a 500gb Western digital hdd that stopped working( didnt even spin when connected to power ) a couple of years ago. A few days ago i switched its pcb board from a...
  18. S

    What would help improve fps while gaming the most?

    I play a bunch of different pc games and the ones that aren't too hard on a computer i get decent fps, but games like shooters for example I really struggle to keep 60+ fps. I have been debating between saving up and replacing my pc all together or if it would be worth it to just get a better...
  19. D

    Testing Mother Board today need help.

    Okay so I got my Asus Rampage V and my 5930k came in today as well. I have my memory and my power supply as well. I'm just waiting on my Gpu. My question is, Can I use the Cpu cooler that comes with the 5930k to see if the mobo will post? And if so, should I buy some thermal paste or will the...
  20. T

    4x4 too much ram?

    So back in 2012 I bought 2x4gb of ram. A couple of days ago I noticed that only 1 of the 2 sticks were installed, so I bought another 2x4gb of ram. I slammed all 4 of the ram sticks into my computer and next thing you know I have 16gb of ram installed. The only things I do on my computer is to...