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    [SOLVED] HDD seems to have randomly died?

    Seemingly out of nowhere, windows stopped recognizing my HDD. It wasn't after downloading something, it wasn't after a shutdown or anything, just out of nowhere. When I tried to access the HDD, it said the "folder was empty". However windows still knew how much space was remaining on the drive...
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    graphics card help

    I have an older system that has a Intel Pentium 4 521 in it. I want to upgrade it to a intel core 2 quad processor q9400. I know this cpu will work with this computer. but I also want to install this graphics card as well MSI ATI Radeon HD6450 10GB DDR3. But I am not sure they are compatible...
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    Memory causing lag.

    I have memory issues that are causing lag spikes, I have 8 GB of RAM (2x4 in dual channel). I've already freshly installed windows 10 over 3 times, I have updated my EFI to the latest version, I did serveral virus scans, I changed the memory sticks from my other computer to this one.. But the...