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    Question Is It A Bad Idea To Unlock CPU Power Limits Using The Stock Cooler?

    By now I know this MSI B560M-A PRO mobo is power limit throttling my processor, which is expected because I'm currently using Intel's stock cooler... This PL throttling is hindering the CPU's performance... I know the 11400 can be a lot faster than it already is. If I were to go into the UEFI...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 5675 Unlock BIOS to Upgrade CPU to Ryzen 3600

    Hi everyone, Similar question was already asked but I still have a hope that somebody will be able to help. I own Dell Inspiron 5675 and I would like to change the cpu, but unfortunately current BIOS doesn't support it. Is there any way to unlock the bios? Modding it or doing whatever it takes...
  3. Brunomspp

    [SOLVED] Have trouble unlocking AMD Sempron 140

    Hello, this is my first time posting here, I'm not sure where I should ask this (OC or CPUs) so sorry in advance if I did something wrong. So I recently found an old pc of mine which I want to get ready for my little brother to play some old games, since it's really old I tought about doing 2...
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    Question i got ipad mini 2 and i need to unlock

    i have a old ipad mini 2 and i reset it and it got unlocked, i dont know the email and password,the bill and box associated with the device, how to unlock it? somebody please help me with this
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Is it worth it to upgrade from I5 4440 to I5 9600k?

    I intend to upgrade from I5 4440 to I5 9600(ram,+mobo) as I want to play in 1080p , so Im looking forward to reach 60 fps in single games such metro exodus ,Sekrio, far cry dawn. Is upgrading will give me a real difference? And unforunatly ryzen not provided in my country. My current rig is...
  6. S

    Question Noticed small water droplets inside computer case

    I own a evga clc280 to cool my i7 8700k and have had it for 6 months. Last month I noticed small water droplets on the inside of my tempered glass side panel. The pc is about 8ft from my shower. I have wiped the moisture out and it takes a while before it returns. Do you think it is my aio...
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    Question RX 590 no signal

    So to understand the situation, u must read this thread: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/rx-580-no-signal.3443985/?view=date The thread was left unsolved and I decided to pause it since I had exams coming up. Now exams are gone...its back...however now I ordered a new psu, BRAND NEW...
  8. EyyMunchian

    Is there a way to change my username?

    I made this account in a whim, and now seeing as it has become a very helpful site for me I’ve become a little more invested. Is there a possible way to change my username? I’ve searched the settings and profile section but can’t find it. And if so I would like to change it to: EyyMunchian
  9. V

    [SOLVED] Advice please on dropping off parts for a builder

    I have bought all my parts and now I need to drop them off to a guy to build. I do not know this person but he has good reviews (not sure of that means much). Do I need to make up a contract for him to sign stating that I am dropping off the parts and he's signing to receive said parts and...
  10. B

    Question 60 fps + not smooth

    Hi all. As an interim upgrade I picked up a 2nd gtx 970 for cheap and am running sli. I also bought a Dell D2719HGF 144hz monitor in anticipation of getting a Navi card later in the year. Now I could be wrong but I thought that if my cards are pushing out high fps and my monitor has high fps...
  11. [SOLVED] SSD userbenchmark poor, any fixes?

    Been recently "buffing" my desktop, few new parts and all that on a tight budget due to personal reasons. I've managed to improve the benchmark from quite poor all around (from below 30th percentile in many cases) to reasonable in most places, however no matter what I do, my ssd always returns...
  12. Anmera

    [SOLVED] VGA and DRAM not working

    Hi every one. I've recently completed a PC build and ran into some problems. My motherboard indicates that the DRAM and VGA are not working properly, and is not displaying any video on my tv. I could use all the help I could get thanks Here is the specs. Power supply: corsair RM850x GPU: ASUS...
  13. News USB 4 Debuts With Twice the Throughput and Thunderbolt 3 Support

    The USB Promoter Group announced it is stepping forward to the USB 4 interface that enables up to 40 Gbps of throughput and supports Thunderbolt 3. Read more here. PAUL ALCORN @PaulAlcorn Paul Alcorn is a Senior Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage and...
  14. T

    Question Computer booting but monitor is not reacting

    Hi , I have problem with my PC because mu pc is booting but i dont see any reaction on my monitor. I have tried to use different monitor, Ram , power supply and I even order new motherboard . Also cleaned cmos but still is not working and I tried to connect my monitor to mobo or gpu with...
  15. F

    Question Google chrome and apps slow to open but then run fine when they do?

    I'm not positive this is a storage issue so please point me in the right direction if you can but this issue started happening around when my SSD filled up, I then cleared 120gb from the 500gb SSD but everything is still slow to open I have a decently fast computer (Video Card: gtx 1060 6gb...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] HELP!! Monitor randomly goes black and comes back on

    so i finally got my system all working and now ive come across more problems, my 2 monitors ( both different, 1 dell, 1 ips LG ) soem times its random my screen seem to go black and come back on again its random i cant recreate it, but this time the montors both went off completely said no...
  17. A

    Question Why is my "Onboard LAN" totally MISSING from BIOS in HP Desktop!?

    Hello everybody! This is my first time here and MY issue is one that many people have had to deal with, since there are posts about it all over the internet! To cut a long story short: My HP Desktop lost all connection to the Internet via our ethernet cable as the result of a SEVERE lightning...
  18. C

    Is 2011 too old in MacBook Years?

    Should I buy this MacBook Pro 13" early 2011 for $203 in 2019? Product Information The MacBook Pro MC700LL/A boasts a 13.3 inches LED-backlit display that offers wide-angle viewing with exceptional clarity and detail. Powered by the Intel Core i5 dual core processor, this Apple MacBook Pro...
  19. aafusc2988

    Downloaded CPU-Z to see what it said about my memory...

    https://imgur.com/a/TvxJVmc G-SKILL AEGIS 2x8GB DDR4 3000Mhz (XMP Profile - had to set as it was 2133Mhz at build or something) ASRock Z390 Extreme4 LGA 1151 motherboard be quiet! Shadow Rock TF2 cooler (overhangs RAM) My friend and I built the PC and we installed the two sticks of RAM in B1...
  20. Sirion05

    Monitor loses signal unless GPU underclocked

    Hi, I have a problem with my GIGABYTE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Windforce, specifically that the monitor loses signal as soon as I load into games and I have to reboot my system. Sometimes the fan goes into 100% speed too. Tried a bunch of stuff to fix this (reseated the GPU, checked cable...
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Mount for 34" and 27"

    Hello! I would like to get a mount for stacking my LG 34uc79g-b 34" curved monitor and my Acer Predator XB272 (where the uw is the bottom one) would this mount work, even though it says it support 27"? (if not, can you link me one that would) thanks in advance. Link...
  22. P

    [SOLVED] my pc is suddenly running games slow

    my pc is suddenly running all games really slow and lagging really hard. even really low demanding games are slow. i had a windows update but thats the only things thats changed with my pc. my specs are: Operating System Windows 8.1 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz 30 °C Skylake 14nm...
  23. C

    pc really slow after clean windows install

    pc really slow after clean windows install i just installed windows a few days ago it lags watching youtube videos cant even handle csgo over 20 fps and it keeps stuttering and haveing lag spikes please help
  24. J

    [SOLVED] Is this PSU enough?

    I have I3-3220 GT 1030 8GB RAM 500Gb HDD Generic 2x LED 120mm fan I'll upgrade my PSU to "Corsair VS450" is this enough for me? I'm on a tight budget right now
  25. L

    [SOLVED] 1070 keeps underperforming in only one Game

    Hey, guys I have a Msi X Gaming 1070 and every game runs fine, expect League of Legends where I cant even sustain 60+ fps in teamfights. I've been monitoring my gpu via Msi afterburner and for some reason the 1070 stays in idle mode at 999mhz during the whole game. It never does that in any...
  26. C

    [SOLVED] Issue with monitor green screen due to display driver failure.

    Hello there. After many trials and tribulations I cannot for the life of me fix this problem. My specs are as follows: Operating System WIndows 7 64 bit MOTHERBOARD BIOS Version 4.A0 MOTHERBOARD MODEL Z97 PC MATE(MS-7850) Graphics Card Model AMD Radeon R9 380 Series Graphics Card BIOS version...
  27. N

    How can I bypass windows 7 a Intel computer with no hard drive

    How can I bypass my windows 7 laptop computer with out hard drive
  28. P

    New Build- No Drivers Found

    I am trying to install Win8 Pro 64bit. After it starts the installation it says it needs drivers and tbey are nit found. I copied them from the Mobo disk like the manual says, to a USB Stick. Then the message comes up and i browse the stick, select the driver from the list and hit next. The comp...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Recordings in Appdata\Roaming\audio ? I am tracked? Should I report to police?

    Hello, my name is Andrej, I am new to this forum and Im used to solve pc problems myself, but something recently happened to me that really scared me. I noticed recently I have like 70GB less of space on my C: drive, where I keep only Windows 7- my operating system. I went to investigate and...
  30. O

    [SOLVED] GTX 1070 or RTX 2060?

    Title says it all. System now. Ryzen 7 1700x 16gb ram 240gb ssd 2 1tb drives 750 watt powerspec PSU 62.5amp RX 590 Fatboy So recently bought the RX 590, like last friday before they announced the RTX 2060. So I've been thinking I would not mind an RTX 2060, especially since they release...
  31. F

    Crossfire compatibility between cards

    Hi all, I saw another post with lots of information on the compatibility of Crossfire. However, I would like to know in specific if I can have 2x RX 580 cards from different brands. Would it still be compatible with Crossfire or they need to be exactly the same brand? Thanks
  32. B

    [SOLVED] Seagate Free Agent light indicator keeps flashing with Yellow light

    I have been using 3tb free agent Seagate external drive which was working fine.However, now the green light changes to yellow but it keep flashing and files already transferred are not visible/accessible.Any suggestion please
  33. E

    [SOLVED] New Build and a question about the 2070 RTX

    So I'm going to build a PC for my wife, she only has a Craptop right now. I'm going with something I would build for myself while I was on a tighter budget (around 800€) The current setup I'm thinking of is as following: I3-8100 (125€) EVGA GTX 1060SC (6GB) Single Fan (210€) Samsung Evo 850...
  34. M

    [SOLVED] Need something upgrade or not ?

    My PC Specs: MB: Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI PSupply: Seasonic G650 Gold Plus CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM: Kingston Fury 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666MHz SSD1: Samsung SSD 970 EVO 250GB (M.2 Slot) SSD2: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB HDD: Western Digital Blue 2TB 5400rpm GPU: EVGA GeForce...
  35. M

    [SOLVED] Can't Access BIOS?

    Hey guys, I just installed my new Crucial MX500 M.2 drive and now I can't get into the BIOS to enable it. I was just in it a few months ago to adjust fan curves for new cooler. It seems fastboot maybe got turned on somehow although I didn't touch it. When I start it up from a full shut down...
  36. S

    What's the screw on the left used for? Can I use it to screw in my motherboard?

    Sorry, really dumb question, but I was wondering what the screw on the left is used for. It bought the corsair 570x and these screws came with the kit. I'm assuming I use the black one to screw in the motherboard, but could I also use the metal one?
  37. O

    Whats the best test on Prime95 for CPU temperatures

    I just want to test my Ryzen 5 2600x CPU for some temperatures but i'm new to prime95, any help is much appreciated.
  38. A

    Upgrade CPU or GPU for my build

    I have a AMD FX 6300 as well as a 770 video card was wondering which one should I upgrade?
  39. I

    [SOLVED] Fortnite low fps with decent config

    So im playing fortnite on low settings 1600x900 and im having fps problems. My specs: Gpu - Amd nitro rx 580 blue edition 8gb Cpu - Amd fx 9590 4 GHZ 8 cores RAM - Kingston 2x 4gb SSD - Hyper x 250 gb MBO - I forgot which one it is but i.know its quite good I had nvidia gtx 560...
  40. A

    Far cry 4 save files locations?

    Im using corepack repack for far cry 4 XD do you know where the save file is? And no its not in: Orbit/420 there is no such folder in my whole pc name orbit