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  1. P

    Question Windows 11 have become unstable after accidentally removing the CPU. What should I do?

    Hello everyone. A little bit of backstory: about 3 months ago I got a new AIO cooler and everything was fine but I had to swap it out with the AM4 stock cooler because the mounting clip had broken. Last week I intended to put the new AIO back in, but while removing the stock cooler the CPU got...
  2. coreybgg

    Question Seemingly random crashes ?

    Hi everyone! I built a new PC about a month ago and have been experiencing some crashes while gaming with this error being thrown: dxgi_error_device_hung I understand that this is related to the GPU hanging and Windows issuing a reset of the GPU driver. Specs: MB: AsRock B650 PG Lightning...
  3. S

    Question My games keep crashing and I suspect its due to my RAM settings

    Hi All, I'd like to ask for your advice regarding my issue detailed below. My specs are the following: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x RX 6750 XT ASUS B450 Plus-II mobo G. Skill Aegis DDR4 2x8GB 3200 Mhz 1TB SSD (Samsung) Seasonic GX 650 Gold PSU At first, the RAM sticks were set at default 2133 Mhz...
  4. T

    Question DRAM LED lights up while gaming / mining ?

    Hi, I've recently run into some issues with my PC. My PC specs are as follows: CPU: 5900x GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 (Replaced the backplate for one from EK, and replaced the thermal pads. Memory temps do not surpass 76c). MOBO: ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (Model...
  5. Pekee

    Question Faulty Ryzen 7 3700X ?

    Hi I've been having problems with my PC for quite while. Everytime i try to update my bios my pc becomes rly unstable, crashing with different BSODs. I ran prime95 and it shows worker 3 stopped working almost immediately. Little background. I have changed my RAM before and that didnt fix it, i...
  6. Yeno0o

    [SOLVED] Unstable GPU usage

    I seem to be having very unstable GPU usage when playing any games. The GPU usage would be at 90-100%, then after a second or two, the usage goes back down to 0%. The temperatures seem to be fine as they are at a stable 60-70. So I think this is why I end up playing at around 120 fps on Valorant...
  7. Munchsu

    Question Ryzen 7 5800x build very unstable

    Hey guys I’m having an issue with my PC’s stability and I’m really not sure why. I have a Ryzen 7 5800x on a MSI B450 tomahawk Max, with 16gb of DDR4-3600 Ram and a 850w Gold power supply. If I do anything to the Cpu, such as Set ryzen master to Auto-OC instead of default, my pc becomes...
  8. A

    Question Great temps but unstable FPS

    Hey guys, i have a ryzen 3600 that i don't know if it's stable or not because while gaming, temps are perfect, never going above 60c~65c, did a benchmark on cinebench, max temps were 71c, but the thing is, i have a stock cooler, i'm not sure if i'm using it's full potential. I tested it with...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Upgraded from i5-8600k to i7-9700k and I've got a bunch of instabillity issues with games.

    Hello Everyone, I thought upgrading a CPU was supposed to be smooth and clean sailing, no format required etc and while that's true for the most part, there has been a few issues I encountered with my upgrade. First of, here is my RIG: CPU: i7 9700k CPU Cooler: Dark Rock Pro 4 with MX-4...
  10. S

    Question Computer crashing with loud buzz noise

    For some reason, my computer has been crashing off and on past two months. Today is been bad because it lagged really bad at one point which has never happened before. I got a blue screen with the noise and then restarted then 15 mins later it froze (no blue screen) with same noise. I know...
  11. J

    Question Games randomly crashes with XMP, no memtest86 errors.

    Hello guys, I'm kinda desperated at this point. I've been having many issues with this computer I've just built 6 monthgs ago. Everything was fine for a while and then sudden crashes started with my games, no errors and no nothing, just directly to desktop. I ran memtest the first time and it...
  12. Jett_______2131223

    Question Networking problem with QOS possibly. my computer does not get the internet it should get.

    Recently, my computer has decided to use less network. previously, it used about 70mps and suddenly wont use more than 15mps. I run a server on the machine so I need good internet. my internet plan is 80mps and we own a century link router. my computer uses WIFI, but its in the same spot as it...
  13. Synth_

    [SOLVED] It’s about my graphics card

    I did an overclock on GeForce experience and ever since then my games have so much input lag but my FPS don’t drop FPS is fine just a lot of input lag done a lot of optimisation to windows I just makes it worse please can you help me ASAP please
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Random restarts/BSOD

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out these random restarts/bsod, which is really frustrating. I am kind of new to this debugging. I thought PSU was the first change needed, so upgraded from 500w to 650w. No change, next I made sure all the drivers were up to date using an avast driver updater.no...
  15. S

    Question BSODs after windows update

    I recently updated windows and lots of weird thing happened since. Pc reboots on its own, BSODs... The weirdest thing is that it happened into my Ubuntu USB too (it does not happen into my Debian boot drive I stripped from another PC I have so I guess it is not hardware related). Here's my...
  16. V

    Question Unstable System: mini -Freezes, Crashes, can't find the Problem

    Hello guys, i really need help from some people who know more about computers than i do. First of all, sorry if my english isn't the best, i'm not a native speaker, but i really need help with this. It drives me crazy. The Problem: I have random mini freezes and stutters in my system. They...
  17. Yeno0o

    [SOLVED] Unstable GPU Usage (RX 580)

    I seem to be having very unstable GPU usage when playing any games. The GPU usage would be at 90-100%, then after a second or two, the usage goes back down to 0%. The temperatures seem to be fine as they are at a stable 60-70. So when I am playing fortnite or other games, the pc will not be...
  18. sunneyredgames

    Question Why is my computer crashing

    I built my computer a little while ago and everything was amazing. It was eating frames like a boss for nearly every game. Over the course of its life, I have consistently cleaned and upgraded my components to better fit the increasingly demanding games that each year brings. Recently I wanted...
  19. djangi

    Question Is the hardware that I use unstable, because it often gets BSOD?

    My Rig : CPU Intel Core i3 9100 F Mobo Chipset H310 RAM 2400 Mhz, DDR4, 16 GB, Dual Channel (2x8) GPU GTX 1650 Super 4GB, DDR6 Tp-Link Wireless PCI-E SSD x 1 and HDD x 1 PSU 450 Watt with 80+ Bronze I also checked in various ways available on the internet such as : and the results do not...
  20. Vikseba03

    [SOLVED] Inconsistent fps?

    So I always have very unstable fps it goes all over the place so I decided to see how to fix it one fix was to turn some stuff in the registry editor to zero (i had already done that) so i decided to turn it to 1 and then restart my pc. When I restarted launched valorant it was running very...
  21. TBlazeWarriorT

    [SOLVED] 9400F instantly jumping from 67ºC to 58ºC on games?

    So, I built my first PC a while ago, but as I started playing my first CPU-intensive game since then (Far Cry 3), things became a bit unstable, with usage spiking from 20% to 80% and my temperature once instantly jumped from 67ºC to 58ºC according to MSI Afterburner. The spike isn't as quick...
  22. J

    Question PC Build crashing.

    Hi all. A couple of years ago I built my work (3D animation) PC with the following spec: Asus Prime Z370-A Intel i7-8700K 3.7GHz 4x Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB 3000MHz EVGA Geforce GTX 1080Ti Corsair RM1000x PSU However, I have had continual issues of crashing. For stability reasons I ended up...
  23. aubycek

    [SOLVED] What is wrong with my CPU

    Since I bought my i5-6600k, I knew my chip wasn't the best at overclocking. It could never handle an 'average' OC, like other people could achieve with this CPU (for example 4.5GHz at 1.3V). The odd thing about this is that unstable overclocks always hard-freeze my whole PC, instead of BSODing...
  24. P

    [SOLVED] Games stuttering after (accidental) large overclock, even after video card replacement

    Hi - I had an RX550 which I decided to overclock by +90 mhz, but accidentally dragged the slider in MSI Afterburner up, pressed the check and left it as is. After trying some GTA 4, it immediately defaulted to 480p, fully low settings and was a stuttery mess. Basically, I thought I had killed...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] Computer unstable after clearing cmos

    I had to my knowledge what was a stable over Clock on my ram and out of knowwhere my computer starts acting up, I’ve had this overclock on my ram for about 4 months and it started acting up about 2 months in, then My games became unplayable and I would get around 30 FPS and my screen was choppy...
  26. yullbarez

    Question My RAM is Unstable

    Hi, i had two 2GB DDR2 800 MHz Kingston CL 6 RAM and had 6-6-6-18 timings. I've set timing 5-5-5-18 and played CS:GO for 30 minutes system frozen. I've tried to set it stock timing (6-6-6-18) but can't get display and i've reset the CMOS. Now I've set 5-5-5-15. But i can't understand why i can't...
  27. A

    [SOLVED] Unstable XMP

    Hey guys, I have this ram gskill F4-4000C19D-16GTZKW and I can only get xmp to work if I put it in relax oc. I'm not sure what relax oc does but it should run at auto right? and even in relax oc it has errors sometimes. memtest passes, but games sometimes crash and firefox has memory glitches so...
  28. teqq

    Question cpu ratio keeps bouncing between 35 and 39

    ??? the performance is stable tho but this isn't normal is it? keeps changing between 3.9ghz to 3.5ghz constantly i5-4690
  29. Sbsdsurendra

    Question All of sudden my new i5 9600k is stuttering in games a lot

    I don't know what's happening but when i was playing devil may cry 5 after 2-3 minutes it started stuttering and also the game got got frozen, it was running fine on my old CPU never really had this kinda problem, i could also hear noise in my CPU fan, then i again ran my game with MSI...
  30. G

    [SOLVED] After using Asus EZ Tuning Wizard my apps and my system kept crashing and being unstable

    So about 2 weeks ago i built a pc and i was gaming on it and it was doing good. I decided to overclock it through Asus EZ Tuning since i have a unlocked processor and i don't know how to overclock it. So i overclock it and i load in and my PC is very slow i open an app it either crashes or my...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] AMD Athlon x4 870k unstable stock ?

    Hello , so i just bought this cpu and i'm noticing something weird , its not behaving as well as my old cpu "840" and i'm really worried about that , seems unstable , max speed only goes to 3,8 ghz , it's supposed to be 4 Ghz + i think . Temps are good , brand new cpu cooler . I'm gonna share...
  32. EspurrTGreat

    Question Constant crashes and weird errors

    I have recently built a mineral oil pc and the first day it worked fine with now errors. However now ever since the cooling fan became detached and I installed a new one it has been extremely unstable. Every OS I have on there has been crashing including Debian. Windows comes back with the bsod...
  33. Flyingsparrow101

    [SOLVED] i7 3820 overclock on sabertooth x79 unstable. Need help!

    Hello! I applied an overclock of 4.6GHz on my i7 3820 using a guide I found online(links to guides below) however occasionally I have been having issues with stability. This would happen in the middle of gaming where the game would freeze and a BSOD with the error "Stop:Clock_watchdog_timeout"...
  34. P

    Question GTX 1060 3GB crashing during gaming

    Hi guys, For some time now I'm struggling with random crashes while gaming. Sometimes games just freeze, sometimes there's an error message, sometimes even BSOD with Video Scheduler Internal Error. My specs: ►Palit GTX 1060 3GB ►Ryzen 5 1600 ►Corsair 16GB 3000MHz Vengeance LPX CL16 (2x8GB)...
  35. pabloxavez

    Question Need help setting ram to rated speeds.

    Hello everyone, I'm kind of new to this, I bought this set of ram some time ago: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/20c502_0f363e2c540748d084884ac390903fcc.pdf and I have been having some trouble trying to overclock it to 2933 mhz. This is my system as shown in the bios: View...
  36. A

    RTX 2080ti OC degradation

    Hi Guys, I bought myself an MSI RTX 2080ti trio recently, I decided to OC it on the first day and it was stable at 2010Mhz Core clock and 7400Mhz at 110% power. I did not touch the Core voltage as I have no experience with OCing core voltages. That OC worked for the first day of gaming. The...
  37. P

    My Lenovo idea pad 305 won't charge !! It is out of battery and I have looked everywhere online for an answer and I have tried

    My Lenovo idea pad 305 won't charge !! It is out of battery and I have looked everywhere online for an answer and I have tried
  38. S

    HELP! PC Noob Here and need some advice

    1. Case: Sharkoon VG4 - W 2. Power Adapter: Xilence Performance C 400W 3. Motherboard: GIGABYTE H110-S2V 4. Processor: Intel Core i5 7500 4x 3.40GHz 5. Cooling: Xilence I250PWM 6. RAM: Crucial DIMM 8 GB DDR4-2400 7. Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GT 1030 2GH LP OC 2GB Nvidia GDDR5 1x HDMI, 1x DP, 2...
  39. S

    CD to play in a car's CD player

    How to burn a CD to play in a car's CD player, i tried soo much options ...i don't know what to do, I am confused
  40. Jsimenhoff

    Gift Guide for the Audiophile

    Connoisseurs of the finest of sounds have a discerning and expensive taste. Don't be caught out of tune. Our gift guide is full of unique gifts that go up to 11. Audiophiles want the best of the best and these gifts are sure to please. The Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers - $449.07 At...