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    [SOLVED] Trying to set up a home server for games

    One of my close friends who I LAN with often is moving away soon, and I thought that setting up a home server would be a good method for us to play long-distance on a game that doesn't support private online multiplayer. We usually play Unturned with a couple other friends, and we thought home...
  2. M

    Question Game crashes when it loads faster??

    Hello all. I used to run Unturned on steam smoothly without any problems until they decided to update the unity to a newer version, that's where the problems started for me and the game didn't even make it through the full loading screen ever since and crashes with "mono.dll caused an Access...
  3. A

    Is my CPU bottlenecking me?

    I wanted to know if my CPU is bottlenecking me in games. I'm not sure if my CPU is under powered for my 1050 TI and that's why my FPS in games is extremely low or if it's something else in my system. I built my PC in January and have been using integrated graphics up until July when I...
  4. P

    Need help picking a laptop

    Hello! I need a decent laptop under $300 that can play games like The Isle (the dinosaur one lol) & WolfQuest. I've looked up their requirements on steam, but I'm not really sure what it all means. I would really really appreciate if someone could recommend a laptop for me to buy, or if you...
  5. J

    plug in power cord and computer turns on by itself

    I have a Lenovo H410 desktop. As soon as I turn on the ups, the computer turns on all by itself, even though the I do not push its power button. Is this a power supply problem?
  6. C

    My Motherboard is Dead?

    Hello, my computer that I recently put together isn't powering on. When I try to power it on, nothing happens. It is not because of the power switch wire and I've already tried using a different psu so it's not that either. I really need help identifying what part isn't working and if I can fix it.
  7. J

    PC Turn OFF, PSU Mosquito noise

    Hello Guys, I come here again for some help. From my research looks like my problem is the PSU, but I need your opinion before buying a replacement. Today I turned ON my PC and heard a "pop" noise and then a permanent "Mosquito" noise, but the PC boots normal, after a few minutes of use...
  8. J

    I5 2400 Refurbished gaming pc

    I have like $200 right now and am looking to buy a pc for gaming and have come across the i5 2400 refurbished pcs on eBay Like...
  9. E

    Amd r9 380

    Hi I just got a refurbished AMD radeon R9 380, installed it, removed my Gtx 750ti, installed the drives but when I try to run games it always comes up with the error that the program stopped or it tell me to install a directx how ever it already has directx11. Anyone got any advice to fix this...
  10. jsmithepa

    What is the logic behind left-shifted Touchpads?

    What is the logic behind left-shifted Touchpads? Anandtech has a thread on it but everybody is guessing.
  11. S

    Cannot achieve x16/x16 SLI build

    Hello all, So here is my build Motherboard: Asrock x99 Extreme11 CPU: Intel Core i7-5930k RAM: HyperX Fury DDR4 8gb (x4) VGA: EVGA TitanX SC 12gb (x2) So the issue that I am having is that after I installed the second VGA card, and using Nvidia Inspection tool, it turned out that the second...
  12. D

    GTX 970 vs R9 390 for 1080p gaming

    Hello everybody! I am about to build a new pc and I am stuck in a dilemma over the Gigabyte 970 vs MSI R9 390. I will mostly game on it, maybe some photo and video editing and some After Effects. I know that this horse has been beaten down to the ground, but I am still confused between these...
  13. U

    laptop not charging

    I've had a problem for quite a while now, just recently I pulled out my charger quite rigorously and now my computer (alienware 17) won't charge. Is this a software problem or hardware, I tried this http://forums.cnet.com/7723-19681_102-345945/plugged-in-not-charging/ but no luck. Will factory...
  14. A

    Z87 Motherboards performance

    I have 780 ti sc acx I want to upgrade my gpu to 2 way SLI Gigabyte Geforce GTX 980 / Gaming / 4GB / GV-N980G1 GAMING-4GD My motherboard : MSI Computer Corp. Motherboard ATX DDR3 1333 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z87-G45 GAMING MY power supply : XFX PRO1000W LTD Full Modular 80PLUS Platinum PSU...
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    Does my particular build need a full or mid case? I'm struggling to decide.

    Back in 2008 I built this computer using the Antec 900 case. It was nice at the time but I slowly realized it was -very- limited in both cable management and size. The Sapphire 4670 I originally bought with it left a lot of room for activities, but when I upgraded to a Dark Knight 4870 I found...