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  1. Shilonidas

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 5600x and b450

    Hey, so I'm planning to upgrade my PC soon from ryzen 5 2600 to 5 5600x. My motherboard is "b450 gaming PLUS " Is there avaible BIOS for new ryzens or we still need to wait?
  2. L

    I can’t find a code to update my TCL tv to a Roku tv

    I need help to update my TCL smart tv to a tcl Roku tv please help here’s my software version and model Version <Redacted>
  3. brencicmiodrag82

    Question new update fix

    after new update my pc cant go in sleep mode it only turn off monitor. How to fix?
  4. 2

    Question Should I update my BIOS?

    I've been experiencing freezes while gaming as soon as I started upgrading some parts. I literally tried everything (reinstalling windows and drivers, updating them, stress tests etc.) except updating BIOS because of the lack of knowledge to do so. These are parts that I upgraded: GPU - nVidia...
  5. Question NVIDIA Driver won't update

    I formatted my PC and downloaded the Nvidia driver specific to the OS and GPU, while installing it. Here are some pictures for reference. Tried updating the OS and still the same problem. Also tried using windows 8 and the problem is the same GPU: Nvidia GT 730 Processor: i3 - 4150 RAM: 4gb