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  1. N

    Question Windows Updates ?

    I need your help. I have Windows 10 on my laptop , why is it updating again and again while I have updated though ? How can I update permanently ?
  2. Aera1132

    Question Windows 10 update process always shows error ?

    When i update my Windows 10 it shows the download but when it installs the software it always shows error ?
  3. RyzenNoob

    Question How do I stop Windows 11 updates when sleeping

    How do I stop Windows 11 from updating when I put my laptop to sleep? Another question, how do I stop Windows 11 from downloading and installing updates without prior knowledge?
  4. Jrme

    Question Lenovo 110

    Lenovo IdeaPad has been great however as it reaches the end of it's life it runs slow. Is there anything else we need to do to maintain these wonderful machines apart from updates, virus and malware security patches, general file clean ups and imaging, to save them from crashing?
  5. kingston97bg

    [SOLVED] Latest update problem

    Hello! I have problem with latest (maybe) update on Win10 https://prikachi.net/image/www.3p5Ob - My version https://prikachi.net/image/update-2020-win10.3phPM - Its ok, no bugs when i install it. It reach 100% and then I disabled Windows update from services.msc and enabled but still no fix.
  6. th14game

    [SOLVED] How to update my Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Bios Update without battery ?

    I want to update my laptops bios. but my laptop battery has died on me... and rn i cannot replace the battery, because i cant afford to do so. can someone help me with a guide to update bios without battery. My laptops battery was about to explode, it had swollen enough to put a dent on the back...