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  1. TheKerangMan

    Question B450 Bios For R7 3700X(pls read..)

    Currently i'm with R5 3500X/B450 mobo and Bios P3.60 (Asrock) Bios for 3700X is P3.30 after checking the CPU support list.. DO i need to OR is it mandatory to install P3.30 when higher bios value P3.60 already in the system now(if i'm going to get R7 3700X).. Some friend says i don't need to...
  2. royal44

    Question Bios file not found on my USB keys - MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC

    Hello, I really need for help... I'm trying to update my BIOS for a few weeks now and I almost tried everything I found over the Internet... My motherboard is the MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC. I downloaded the last version here...
  3. gerero000

    Question Disable Google Chrome Update Notification

    Hi I stopped updating Chrome for a while now (Chrome related services disabled) but now every time i open chrome it shows me the update notification (right upper corner). Is there a way to disable it? without updating of course Here's a link for pics...
  4. xenthia

    Question Having problem with Audio and ACPI (power) drivers

    Hi there everyone, I hope you are all seeing this post in wellness and health. A few days ago I decided to update my Windows 10 x64 machine (laptop). I was a tiny bit worried about malware infections so I asked a friend of mine if anything could help me with the situation. One thing led to...

    Question "This system cannot find bootable devices" in bios

    I was basically updating my bios after updating drivers because i had a different issue and was hoping that updating my bios would fix it, i was able to update the bios but in the updated bios setting there is not boot priority available, i have windows on my ssd, and not sure why but it is not...
  6. M

    Question Did I make the right choice? ...the purchase of my new AC wireless standard router or not?

    Hello. Nice to meet you! I ask you – Did I make the right choice? Please read and please respond with a simple yes or no answer and if you could explain why you feel I did or did not and what you would have done. Last week, I purchased a new router from Amazon.com. It is the TP-Link A6 V3...
  7. S

    Question hard drive showing up as cd drive after windows 10 update

    so yesterday I decided to update my pc from windows 10 1903 to windows 10 21h1, slight problem is that my internal hard drive is not showing up anymore, It shows up in my bios at the correct sata port but in windows it shows up as cd drive. (also tried to put it in a diffrent sata port, same...
  8. M

    Question I have some problems trying to update my BIOS

    Hello, i have noticed a few issues related to the performance of my gpu and some random system crashes that dont even drop a blue screen error, as well as the cpu frequency going down to 0,38ghz after opening a mid-high resources consuming game My windows is updated and i have the latest...
  9. VulpHex

    [SOLVED] BIOS Update F31 to F50d - Gigabyte AB350m Gaming-3

    Hi! I'm having constant BSOD, Reboots, CTD on games and freezing. I've tried everything from updating drivers, hardware cleanup, sfc /scannow, chkdsk, ssd firmware, manual ram OC, XMP on/off, ETC. I read online sometimes a WHEA error (one of my many events) could be fixed if you update your...
  10. E

    Question How do I update my fake GPU's bios ?

    I bought a gpu but i later realize its a fake gpu. I thought this gpu is a gtx 760 but it was a gtx 560. In my bios and many games are acts like my gpu was gtx 760 and they make the settings and updates accordingly. How i convert my gpu on original version? edit: my pc specs are cpu: r5 3600...
  11. S

    Question Need help regarding RAM module update

    Hello friends My system spec is as follows: Motherboard: Model: Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K3 Socket: Socket AM4 (1331) North Bridge: AMD Ryzen SOC rev 00 South Bridge: AMD X370 rev 51 BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. F31 (05/06/2019) Memory: Total Size: 16384 MB Type: Dual Channel (128 bit)...
  12. B

    Question Upgrading cpu, Bios update

    Hi! I have a Gigabyte b360m-h motherboard and an i3-8100, and I bought an i5-8400, and I'm willing to change it soon. The thing is that I heard you need a bios update before changing the cpu. Will it work without it? Or do I have to update the bios? I know that you don't need to put on a new OS.
  13. tynamo10

    Question How to get to previous system ?

    I wanted to updgrade old pc with ssd. It is dell optiplex 760 intel core duo 2x2gb ram Windows 7 I cleared the drive which gave no effect. I cloned the system to the new plugged-in ssd for which I bought sata power y plitter. Now hdd and ssd are plugged in and ssd also is using sata cable form...
  14. SpectralBit

    Question Random crashes since 20H2 update ?

    Hello, I'm new here so sorry if I made any mistakes while making this post. I'm running windows 10 pro and everything was fine until I updated to H20 20H2 and ever since then my PC has been having memory problems. I believe it's due to the update messing with something because I did many ram...
  15. I

    Question GPU issues after BIOS update (AGCN28WW)

    Hello! I've been using a lot my IdeaPad s540-14API for cloud gaming services, like Geforce Now and Stadia. Recently I updated the BIOS to AGCN28WW and since then I've been having issues when cloud gaming. ISSUE: After playing for a short while (10-20 min) the stream quality and fps drastically...
  16. bobbyboi

    Question Is it good to update my BIOS considering it's latest update was in 2010?

    Bios Version/Date: American Megatrends Inc. 6.07, 19/05/2010 My motherboard came in an HP prebuilt which I later modified to meet my gaming standards. It's called a MS-7163 and is quite an old motherboard. I know the saying, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' however I was just wondering what...
  17. T

    Question Can't uninstall a Windows 10 Update

    Hi everyone, Since last Windows update in March 2021, some people encountered Blue screen while printing. To resolve that here we, of course, just need to remove the last update. Unfortunately for some people, I couldn't remove the Windows update for them. The problem is the following : When...
  18. M

    Question Windows 10 will not update to 20h2

    I have been trying since November to update to the 20h2 version from 1909. The current version I have installed is 1909 OS Build 18363.1441. My specs are: 16GB DDR4 RAM B350M Bazooka Radeon Rx 580 Ryzen 5 1600 6-core processor Whenever I have tried to update in the past, I have gotten error...
  19. System32_76

    Question Why can't I update Xubuntu ?

    Hi everyone. I tried to update from Xubuntu 20.04.1 LTS to 20.04.2, but for some reason, I can't easily do so. I executed the "sudo apt update" command before using these three specific upgrade commands: "sudo apt dist-upgrade," "sudo apt full-upgrade," and "sudo apt upgrade." The upgrade...
  20. Question Diskspace of SSD (Windows 10, C:) keeps getting smaller and smaller every second and resets.

    - Microsoft introduces five bins to sort files for recycling I am this close to burning a copy of windows 10 in front of the microsoft hq. Ever since some majour update, a long time ago, no matter how often I fully format all drives, windows keeps screwing up. I have 2 drives, C: (SSD, OS...
  21. D

    Question No image after windows update

    So, I used windows' update tool to update to the latest version since the windows update button on settings doesn't work (says im on the latest when im not). After the reboot, the windows logo with the loading icon comes up, then blank screen. The num key works and so does caps lock. If I reboot...
  22. R

    Question PC slow perfomance, especially remarkable in web browser

    I got a PC a few months ago, at first everything was fine but about two weeks ago i started noticing that the perfomance of several browsers is slow, in the sense that when i scroll i noticed some kind of lag, like im scrolling down and the scroll stops for a second before continuning, o when i...
  23. nicknico2

    Question Best config for HP dc5700 with 0a60h board

    Good morning everyone, I have dusted off a corporate HP Compaq dc5700 machine which comes with a Pentium D 945 and sometimes as a hobby I like to update this type of machine. I was checking that at the time the best configuration that HP offered was with a Dual Core E6700 -...
  24. jjkingston

    Question Grey Screen SSD Firmware Update

    So I'm trying to update my SSD Firmware on a kingston SHSS37A240G. I've downloaded the ISO file for the update, I've used rufus to create a bootable USB, but when I boot from the USB in my BIOS and select "live - boot the live system" it takes me to a grey Screen with a flashing underscore in...
  25. A

    Question Should I update to windows 10 20h2

    Hello. I have a laptop with the following specs: 8gb ram 2gb vram i5 5500u cpu I have windows 10 1909 installed now and im not sure if I should update to 20h2 or not. I had heard the 20h1 update made a major change in windows resource management so that windows itself uses less resources. I do...
  26. S

    Question How can I stop win10 from auto restarting after update

    Basically I left my PC be and went to sleep and multiple times I wake up to a login screen. I know it is not system crashes because reliability monitor did not show a crash but shows updates. And in the advanced options in windows update, all the options are off. But it still restarts in my...
  27. N

    Question I opened chrome and my display started flashing.

    I am on a Asus 1080 Strix... had it for a few years now been working perfect. Driver version 456.71. I opened up chrome and I heard the disconnect sound subsequently followed by a blank display... then a reconnect sound and my display came back. All back to normal. I checked event viewer which...
  28. PentaTrax

    Question After I updated my B450's BIOS to f60e my PC has started to unallocate me M2 randomly

    I'm using the Gigabyte Auros I B450 pro wifi motherboard and I recently updated the BIOS so it was Ryzen gen 5 compatible. Now im experiencing some kind of black magic that unallocated my M.2 SSD randomly. So the story is. I updated my BIOS and afterwards i couldnt find my SATA2 SSD. So i...
  29. D

    Question Windows 10 Update Problem

    I'm having a big problem with the newest windows 10 update. I tried twice installing it. One time from the website and the other from Windows Update. The problem I'm having is that the compute screen stays black. Nothing happens for several minutes and I have to shut the computer. The second...
  30. S

    Question BSODs after windows update

    I recently updated windows and lots of weird thing happened since. Pc reboots on its own, BSODs... The weirdest thing is that it happened into my Ubuntu USB too (it does not happen into my Debian boot drive I stripped from another PC I have so I guess it is not hardware related). Here's my...
  31. R

    [SOLVED] PC during Windows 10 update

    Hello, There is a new Windows update for my computer and my PC had to update twice today. The first time I updated it I clicked update and restart, and it restarted my pc after the update. I didn’t use my PC for about an hour, so it was idle. But then, I was finishing some work, and it said to...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte B550 gaming x q-flash not working for Ryzen 5000

    I am building pc and am trying to use the q-flash button to update the bios to the latest version. I put the new bios on a usb and labelled it gigabyte.bin. I plugged the 24 pin and 8 pin power in. I the plugged the psu in and put the usb in the bios labelled usb slot. I press the q-flash button...
  33. F

    [SOLVED] Should i update my bios version

    My motherboard is a b450m gaming plus and the current bios is the 1.80 version released 2019-07-25 , currently im having troubles with my pc restarting randomly, the newest bios version is the 7B87v1C4(Beta version) 2020-06-12, should i update to a beta version o just going for the previous...
  34. KDT

    [SOLVED] Time For A Yearly upgrade

    hello everyone and thanks already for reading and helping me out here, i want to upgrade my pc to have better preformance in gaming/streaming, i'm looking to buy a RTX 3080 / AMD but i dont know anyting about bottlenecking ETC so i'm hoping you guys/girls can help me out on this one, What is...
  35. B

    [SOLVED] Do I need to update my BIOS?

    My bios version is from 5/10/2019 and im upgrading from a Ryzen 5 2600 to a Ryzen 7 2700X which was released in 2018. So would a BIOS update be needed?
  36. InTakeYT1


    Ok So I was planning on buying a Ryzen 5600x and a Asus Rog Strix B550-F when the chip was released but I was wondering if the b550 will need a bios flash and if so how will I as I don't have an older ryzen chip to get into bios (Do you need a supported CPU to get into bios???) and I was reading...
  37. itmesoham

    Question Can't sign-in in windows 10

    I booted up my PC today and it showed me this error on the signin screen, "The user profile service service failed the sign-in" I tried restarting still the error persisted. Then I turned off the PC and turned it back on after a couple of minutes and it's working fine now. Although I'm still...
  38. itmesoham

    [SOLVED] Disable or end antimalware service

    So I've recently freshly installed Windows 10 on my PC. I've disabled all the windows defender settings but still there's this antimalware process which stays on all the time and uses about 250-350Mb of my memory. When I try to end it, it just says cannot end the process permission denied. I've...
  39. F

    Question How to update Insyde BIOS ?

    I want to update my bios since it need to be updated, the current bios version i have right now is Insyde F.03 From 4/19/2012
  40. S

    [SOLVED] ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E How to update BIOS without a CPU?

    My motherboard is the ROG Strix Z370-E and unfortunately the BIOS is still not updated for a 9th gen intel cpu. I've heard of ASUS ROG USB FLASHBACK, but I am not sure if this model has it. Thank you very much!