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Forum discussion tagged with update.
  1. F

    Question Laptop frozen after attempted BIOS update

    HP Notebook - 15-db0018nm Hi, I just tried to update my BIOS to the newest version (it's supposed to help with Windows 2004 optimization and I've had been having issues with it locking up) I was using HP Assistant, which installed HP BIOS Utility. PC was plugged in and it rebooted after...
  2. P

    Question Lenovo laptop touchpad driver's reverse scrolling

    Background: My Lenovo laptop came with a touchpad that uses natural (or Australian) scrolling. I couldn't find any settings for the driver that would allow me to reverse the scrolling but I found a way to install Microsoft's Precision Touchpad Driver with this article. This enabled a lot of...
  3. ipherendv

    Question Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR (rev. 1.0) Intel Xeon E5450 (775-pin) modded upgrade BIOS flash question

    So, I am planning to buy a 775-pin modded Xeon E5450 for my Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR (rev. 1.0) motherboard and I found a modded bios for this motherboard. They claim that the microcode has been added in the BIOS. There is also a screen shot of this CPU running with this motherboard in the site I...
  4. Torabi121

    Question RX 5600 XT Phantom Gaming D2 vBIOS Update Not Working

    Greetings! I've recently purchased a Phantom Gaming RX 5600 XT D2 but it came with the old bios (being I tried to flash the newest BIOS from the ASRock website, followed the steps correctly but after opening the Update cmd file I got an error in the command prompt saying...
  5. iShoTz

    Question RX 570 DRIVERS

    I have RX 570 19.2.3 version, I don't have any problems, but the only problem that when I alt tab on fullscreen, i get black screen but i still hear the game (all games) , pretty sure from gpu, so if I update the drivers to the recommended ones (20.4.2) will be fixed?
  6. D

    Question Windows 10 update messed up my PC

    So, I have recently downloaded the newest Update and it was constantly popping up in the Action Center asking for installation and I decided to install it and left it to do its' job (as usual). The PC booted up fine after the update but I noticed some programs were that were on the desktop were...
  7. V

    Question Unable to update bios for gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi(rev 1.0)

    [Specs] CPU: Ryzen 3800x RAM: 16 GB 3600mhz GPU: RTX 2080 super Mobo: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro wifi (rev1.0) Case: NZXT H1 My bios version is currently F4. but I want to update my bios to F12f. I formatted a usb thumbdrive into Fat32 and extracted the ZIP files into it. Everytime I select the...
  8. T

    Question Cannot uninstall Windows Update KB4549951, error code 0x800f0905

    Hello- I've been trying all day to uninstall Windows Update KB4549951, as my computer has slowed down since its installation. When I try to uninstall it normally through Control Panel, it tells me "An error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully uninstalled". When I try through...
  9. Muhammad Jahid

    Question Do I have to update Windows Defender virus,spyware and malware definitions every day?

    I am using windows 8.1 Home Edition. I know virus,spyware and malware definitions are files that are used to identify the malicious or potencially unwanted software. Do I have to update these definitions everyday or once a month?
  10. Sangwel

    Question How to eliminate stutter?

    Specs: ASUS ROG FX503VM Intel i5 7300hq NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 4gb RAM My laptop stutters when I play Sims 4 and other lightweight games and stutters extremely on high end games. Benchmarking sites says my specs are good enough to run the games I downloaded but still, even tweaking the game...
  11. T

    Question wuauserv missing from services, registry, etc

    wuauserv or the windows update service is missing from every part of my computer as if it doesn't exist. I've tried restoring it through this link: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/57567-restore-default-services-windows-10-a.html But whenever I restart, the wuauserv entry is again, missing...
  12. D

    Question Windows 10 Update high CPU usage

    Windows 10 Update process named wuauclt.exe consumes about 20% CPU and if i try to shut it, it reappears but this time, it consumes even high cpu, min 70%. Hope you guys can help me with this cursed thing.
  13. Rorroo1309

    [SOLVED] Missing sections and pages in Windows 10 settings

    https://prnt.sc/srur4w I don't know why but after the latest update most of my settings in Windows 10 just disappeared. I cant even see on what Windows 10 version I am.
  14. J

    Question "Load flash.dll failed" when running ec fw update tool

    Hi, I have a GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard currently sitting on f31 BIOS version. I'm wanting to update to f40 so i can update to the latest version, but to update to f40 it says i must first run the ec fw update tool. I have downloaded the tool, tried to run it and i get faced with...
  15. LMSNK

    Question No image file detected

    I'm trying to update my Asrock B450M/ac Bios but it keeps telling me that it is not detected. I have legacy mode on and I'm using a USB 2.0 SanDisk flash with the correct format Fat32 for it, nothing is working.
  16. kobainkhad

    Question Installing new Drivers

    So i just installed a new 2080 TI but i think i messed up? So i had a gigabyte 2070 super before for context, so i installed this new card, and didnt uninstall the old drivers, and when i installed the new drivers i just chose express install, i basically follow the instructions booklet that...
  17. Caleuche3

    [SOLVED] BIOS version showing as old after update

    Hi Guys. I've flash updated my MSI Z97 PC Mate three times now, but every time I do so, when i come back to check it still show the old version. I have no idea what to do now. Please help!
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Having trouble updating the BIOS

    I have a Gigabyte AB350M-D3H rev. 1.0 on BIOS F22. I notice that my BIOS is several years back and I wanted to do the update it to make sure that it everything was up to date but when I try to do the update it saying that it can not read/recognize files. Gigabyte also comes with an app center...
  19. L

    Question Windows 10 wont update

    Hello guys, i got problem with Windows updates, i just wont update. Everytime i tried install the updates the pc RESTART and start updating, then it crash in about 16% in. then the pc revert back to old version. I tryed using CMD comands to check disk with no problems found. Windows crash code...
  20. F

    Question losing my signal when updating gpu drivers

    So im trying to upgrade to a geforce 1660 super gpu but when i install the drivers i lose signal when the install is about half way done.when i try to reboot i get to the windows logo after bios then i lose signal again.im only able to boot into safe mode where i can then uninstall drivers ect...