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  1. Mathcubie

    Question Keyboard Keys Don't Work And Updates Issue!

    I have a Dell 7577. Five of the keys on my keyboard don't work. They magically appear to work after sometime. Also the Updates is all messed up. A Windows 10 Update comes and gets downloaded but when it comes to installation, it goes to like 45% and then goes to 0% and over and over again. I...
  2. I

    Question Windows 7 Blocking Certain Updates

    Hi all, I am upgrading to an SSD next week and I will be installing a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1. I wish to not install , spyware updates and most importantly Windows 10 updates. I have a list given by this link: Windows 7 Updates to avoid. However, there are quite a lot so is there a...
  3. Question Windows 10 Updates

    So I updated Windows 10 at the beginning of February. Unfortunately, it reintroduced a lot of issues that I worked for hours to get rid of, including a horrible audio crackling issue that comes into play every 10 mins. Since then I've been keeping up with the recent news of the newest W10...
  4. R

    Question Working on Updates....

    Hello! I went on my PC today to play some video games and I noticed that my PC said Update and Restart, where sleep, shut down and restart are. I clicked Update and restart and my PC started updates and said, “Working on updates...Dont turn off your PC. This will take a while” and then it said...
  5. Purpleman121

    Question Do I need to install all the chipset drivers for Asus XI Hero MB?

    Hi everyone, Just installed windows on my new PC and wanted to ask if I need to install every one of the chipsets (as well as audio, SATA, VGA etc updated) drivers or should I just get the latest one of it? Asus drivers -...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Can I upgrade from a Ryzen 3 1200 to a Ryzen 5 2600 without any motherboard changes ?

    I currently have the Gigabyte A320M-DS2 and the Ryzen 3 1200 but I want to upgrade to a Ryzen 2600. To do this do I need to upgrade my motherboard or do any sort of software updates before putting the new processor in ?
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 KB4524752 Forcing Upgrade To 10?

    I work as an MSP with multiple clients most of which are still running managed Windows 7 PCs, and a fair number of them are running legacy software or are set up with peripheral equipment in some fashion that requires the Win 7 platform. Just today we noticed one of our own conference Win 7 Pro...
  8. Leoplate25

    [SOLVED] Windows modules installer worker keeps restarting itself

    Hi, i recently update to Windows 10 1903 and i already installed all the updates, no program or app is running on the background (i disabled the apps from running on the background) to make this service keeps running constantly. I disabled Defender via Group policy and i disable Microsoft Store...
  9. Netherzapdos12

    Question Question about updating GPUs

    So i'm getting a new GPU that can run triple A games and i'm honestly pretty new to 1080p gaming. Of course with this upgrade i'm gonna have to take care of it and make it last as long as possible. Updating the GPU will have to come sooner or later, so i'd like to ask if its better to update the...
  10. V

    Question Trick Windows that pc is not idle

    Hello everyone. Lately i have a huge eissue with the constant restart of my work pc because of updates. Im currently trying to run a DB update test for the company i work at. However Microsoft completely ignores that process and restart computer in the middle of updating the DB. This has...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Switched boot to SSD, updates now failing

    Hello, I have recently gotten a WD Blue 500 GB SSD and installed Windows 7 professional on it. Before, I was booting from a 1 TB HDD, which I still have installed. Every time I shut down, Windows attempts updates, but they fail when I boot the computer back up. I've looked around and found...
  12. K

    Question I have a question about windows 7 and windows 10 together

    I would like to know if I can take windows 7 64 bit ALL editions of it from home premium to ultimate and strip all outdated drives from it and put all uptodate drivers from windows 10 into it so i can take the whole set up and run the older os on my newer pc I got a GIGABYTE AB350_GAMING 3...
  13. O


    I have tried everything to get the DVD player to read a DVD and all it does is keep asking for a disk when there is one in there? Second issue, will not see an additional 2 Gig Hard Drive in windows, finds the devices in the BIOS but not in Windows 10 Pro. Also, I have upgraded BIOS to F7...
  14. mohit9206

    Normal Motherboard Temperature

    My Motherboard Asus M5A78-LM idles at 40 and reaches upto 70 during heavy gaming is that ok? Rest of my specs are fx6300, 1050ti, antec bp450 psu, 6gb ram.
  15. G

    what cable would i need for 1440p at 144hz?

    I believe HDMI is good for 1080p but there are better options for higher res and refresh rates. Is the dual link DVI better or displayport?
  16. K

    LG 32LG30 doesn't come on when plugged on.

    My mom got an lg 32lg30 tv from a friend who said he put it on after having it for a little while and that it simply came off one day and didn't power on, while still being relatively new. My friend said it could be the power supply but I don't wanna try something like this without knowing what...
  17. A

    Low cinebench score i7-8700k

    Problem: My cpu temperature goes beyond 95% while rendering. the score is just 1030cb , even lower than the official i7 3930k Link to view my computer spec: https://ibb.co/cSiTXz Link to view my cinebench score: https://ibb.co/bPaWkK If you don't want to view the link, below is a...
  18. G

    Google Reinvents Chrome with Big Update: How to Try It

    Here's how to get Chrome's major re-design. Google Reinvents Chrome with Big Update: How to Try It : Read more
  19. S

    Bought pc tried to input graphics card but doesn't show up at all HELP

    Bought a pc with biostar a960d+V2 mobo so everything else works fine but when I place my HD 7770 into it doesn't display I've tried disabling the integrated graphics but still nothing come on and I know it's not the card as I have tried it in another system
  20. D

    my n310 wont turn on unless its plugged in to the adapter

    i wanna be able to use my samsung laptop without being pliugged to the adapter there for computer its fully charger but wont turn on on its own ? i think i messed with the computter setting someone help