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  1. A

    Question upgrading windows 7 to windows 10 information

    okey. so i found out windows 7. Microsoft will no longer soon be supporting win7 just like beloved winXP back in the day. i just have a some question to ask. cause ill i keep seeing was post every were else saying its bad. i know new OS have there problems. i stuck with winXP till the end. then...
  2. ismail783

    How Does 1 x CPU fan header Motherboard Work with Dual fan CPU Cooler

    Hi, I am interested in GA-Z170M-D3H (which has 1 x CPU fan header) with Noctua NH-C14 (which has 2 fan). I saw some motherboards with 2 x CPU fan header. I am interested to know how it works with 1 x CPU fan header and what is the difference between 1 x CPU fan header and 2 x CPU fan header