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    [SOLVED] Amd build - What Cpu and Motherboard would fit my build plan and budget the best?

    Hello Everybody, I am in a bit of a situation where i cannot decide what to choose.. I am planning to upgraid some Parts of the pc I am using rn but with all aviable options. I wanted to go with a Amd based update, as i heard its the best for bang for buck. I personally am rather budget bound...
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    [SOLVED] What kind of wattage should my psu have? (Is the one I picked out so far suitable?)

    Hello everybody, I am currently a little bit confused with what psu to get. From my friends i heard multiple recommendations on what kind of wattage I should get for my planned update. Those varied from 500 watts to 800 watts. For starters, here is a list of (if i can remember it all) all the...
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    Build Advice Want to invest in a Pc Upgraid with the upcoming or current AMD cpu´s, but I am unsure what parts to get..

    I want to give my Pc a well deserved update. Most of the parts i currently use are pretty old (2013) and I wanted to look out for smth new. I didnt want to spend far too much on the new Parts and I already set my mind on what I need. I am just not sure what to get. For starters, here is a short...