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  1. [SOLVED] Gaming hogs my bandwidth ?

    Hi, I have a 1Gbit Internet connectivity with 100Mbit/s upload and 1000Mbit/s download. It happens that when I open any game on Windows (also happen to me with Davinci Resolve video editing software, when after I close it the speed is resumed, and that software that use any bandwidth), suddenly...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Low upload speed

    Hi there! Thank you in advance for any helping ideea here. I have motherboard asrock h81m-vg4 h81 2ddr3 2sata3 . The problem is that the upload speed is 10-20mbps instead of over 500mbps on other devices i tested on same cable. The network board is incorporated on mother board , so i think is MB...
  3. GGOD

    [SOLVED] Router's up/down speeds are randomly dropping ?

    So i got a problem with my DLink-2750U router in that the upload /download speeds randomly (many times a day) get really low and/or becomes nul until either i disable then renable wifi on my phone or pc or i reboot the router altogether at first i thought that this may simply be a problem with...
  4. ek_e123

    Question Very slow Upload speed on PS4

    On my PC I normally get 200-250mbps download and around 200mbps upload. But on my PS4 slim, while I get the 250mbps download, the upload speed doesn't get over 3-4mbps (I only managed to get a maximum of 9mbps once). What causes this issue? My router is the Huawei HG8546M. Thanks in advance for...
  5. R

    Question Very slow download speed

    Hi, for some reason my pc is downloading at an extremely slow speed. When I first got the pc it had a download speed of around 250-350 now its ranges from 1-10mbps. My brother has a very similar pc with almost the exact same parts and still gets a high download and upload speed (we both use...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] ADSL 0.5Mbit/s Upload speed for online gaming

    so is ADSL with only 0.5Mbit/s upload speed (500 kbit/s ) , is it good enough for online gaming also with users are with you in the network ? and if not can Qos help ? and is 4G network will be better in this case ? Thanks
  7. Elixs

    [SOLVED] Low upload speed

    I've been having way too slow upload speeds on my computer. I have 100Mb download speed and 10Mb upload speed, but my computer just has 2Mb upload speed, with sometimes not even reaching 1Mb. My computer is connected through an Ethernet cable. Last week my cousin was with me, he is a Network...
  8. B

    Question Poor Network Performance

    I recently started having issues with my upload speeds. I have a SB6141 modem and a 150 / 10 Mbps plan with Cox. Intermittently throughout the day my upload speeds drop to roughly 0.15Mbps, on every wireless and wired device. Otherwise I have had solid service for a few years at advertised...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] How to use mobile data while having cable ethernet

    I want to try streaming and I can't have good upload speed for reasonable price but I have a phone with 4g speed that I want to use for that I wanted to know if there's a way to use both networks at the same time, that's because ethernets ping is a lot lower then the 4gs, but upload speed is a...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Download speed slow via wireless usb adapter

    See, the problem is that since yesterday, after a restart, i noted that my internet was significantly slow, went to speedtest.net and yup there it was, from a solid 50 mbps download speed and 10 mbps upload speed i went to 1.5mbps download speed and the same 10 mbps upload speed. A short term...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Upload speed dead without VPN

    Hello everyone, I'm having issues with uploading anything and my basic upload speed is dead, not slow, but dead. I bought a new PC and am connected via Ethernet at this time, seems to be a Windows 10 related issue. I recently installed a VPN service which is very reputed (EXPRESS VPN). Now, my...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Upload speed 20-50 times more than download speed on a Vodafone wifi hotspot device

    Have recently got a wifi hotspot device/router ( Vodafone R206 Z 3G MiFi ) and see that the download speeds are about 0.3-0.6 mbps whereas the upload speeds show about 13-20mbps ? ( Am checking speed via speedtest.net) This seems completely bonkers. I have tried googling for the reasons...
  13. iellyjelly

    [SOLVED] Limited download speed?

    Hello. I upgraded my subscription plan from 100mbps to 350mpbs but i have a slight problem/misunderstanding? My download is the same as it was when i had 100mbps. Steam still downloads games at 11mb/s max speed. My ethernet card is 10/100/1000 if that helps.
  14. A

    Question Upload speed is slow on my PC but not my phone on home wifi?

    Recently I've been experiencing really slow upload speeds, around .7 to 1Mbps (Megabits, not bytes) on my computer. I thought it could be a problem with my modem until I tried a speed test on my phone (turning off Wifi assist so that doesn't interfere with it). Comparing the speeds I got on my...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] Can a really bad Download/Upload speed affect latency (ping) ?

    What i've understood is that latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from point A to point B and to come back from point B to point A. Download/Upload speed would be the amount of data that is Received or Sent in 1 "trip", so, in theory, they should be unrelated. My question is...
  16. W

    Question Why is my upload .14?

    The power went out for us and the towns surrounding one night and afterword our upload speed became .14 if it would even register on the test. since then we have gotten a new router, I configured QoS, and swapped the power outlet. I am really puzzled as to why it would be this way. When you plug...
  17. I

    can sony laptop charger work in hp laptop

    I habe a windows 8 hp lap top but screen is broken and i have sony window 7 thats missing charger and battery are either of theae two compatible with eachother?
  18. N

    Intel G3260 3.3 GHz VS Intel Core i3-5005u

    Dekstop: Intel G3260 Dual Core 3.3 GHz GT710 (in the title it says 710 but in details it says 610 wtf?) 4 GB RAM DDR3 (also have 4gb ddr and both of em are 1600 mhz can i use them both?) 500 GB HDD (also have another drive 500 gb with win10 installed as os?_ Laptop: Intel Core i3-5005u 4 GB DDR3...
  19. W

    Huntkey is still worth it?

    Hello computer enthusiasts. Just today, I bought a Huntkey X-treme 600W PSU at a local store. I am using a very old generic PSU for 5 years, and I thought it was time to buy a labeled one. The PSU looked quite decent as it had much more pins that I will use and even had an 80% rating printed on...
  20. Zaney2522

    Missing USB 3.0 header, GND meaning, etc.

    I recently ordered an i4 4460 to go with the Asrock h97 anniversary board. I installed it into my Cooler master 932 case with no issues, until I started to find that some of the plugs from the front panel on the case weren't lining up correctly with the board. For example, I have no USB 3.0...
  21. M

    Green screen while playing games

    I have a problem on my pc it turn green screen then hang i don't know what is the problem i think my msi r9 380 have a problem Cpu skylake 6600 Gpu msi r9 380 Psu strike x 600w Ram gskill ripjaw v
  22. G

    12 gb ddr3 7.96 usaable

    I have a amd 8350 processor gtx 970 and 12 gb ddr3 4 x 4gb 1333 all same speed gigabyte 970a-ds39 only 7.96 usable. Windows 7 ultimate 64bit I had 2 x 4gb installed and 8gb usable and installed another 4gb ddr3 and now only 7.96gb usable have tried all sticks in all different slots and new ram...