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  1. G. Moriarty

    Question Abrupt Reboots when closing applications on UPS backup

    Hello! I am facing an issue with my computer. If the PC is on UPS backup power, and I try to close any memory-heavy applications such as an Android simulator or Opera GX browser, the PC just turns off abruptly and reboots. However, it doesn't happen when not on UPS Power backup. Is that because...
  2. U

    Question Was thinking of getting a UPS but have questions after reading some stuff about them and surge protection

    When I first started looking it was just for UPSs since I was just looking for something to get my computer shut down properly and save anything I may need to at times the power goes out. Some time we have to happen frequently in the spring and other years only 2-3 times a year so I guess it's...
  3. [SOLVED] Is this UPS enough for my PC?

    my PC's PSU is a Cooler Master MWE 850 v2 (an 850W PSU) but according to PC Part Picker's Wattage Breakdown estimate my PC only draw out 463W (588W if assuming the i9 10850k processor is at PL2 - at all-core boost frequency ) Will the APC BV1000I-MS 1000VA/600W UPS be enough for my PC to...
  4. N

    My ups doesn't turn on in time.

    So my cyberpower 425w ups doesn't turn on in time when there's a power outage, my pc turns off and after a few seconds the ups kicks in and my pc tries to turn on again. This happened twice this day while I was in apex legends lobby. It worked when my pc was idling and I cut off power to the...
  5. Y

    Question What type of Uninterrupted Power Supply Should I get?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what kind of UPS should I get and what wattage or volts is recommended for my PC. Currently I am running a Ryzen 3 3100, ASRock b450m Steel legend, an Rx 5500 XT and a 650 watt PSU. I am planning on upgrading to a Ryzen 3 3300x soon and go for a RX 5700xt...
  6. V

    [SOLVED] UPS the Correct Option?

    A couple of years back I picked up an APC XS – 1300 UPS battery backup. All it needed was a replacement battery. The UPS utilizes Power Chute Personal Edition Software. When you go to the ATC site SW is very outdated. I am about to fire up a $1500 Gaming PC: • Gigabyte X570 AORUS...
  7. torveo

    Question Why is my UPS not keeping my PC up during power outages?

    I have a Cyberpower 850 PFCLCD backing my PC and monitor. My PC+Monitor draws about 400watts max (and thats with synthetic loads maxing the CPU, RAM, and GPU. Gaming numbers are closer to 320 - checked with killawatt meter since I didn't trust the UPS display). My PSU is the EVGA SuperNova...
  8. TakashiBUllet

    [SOLVED] UPS Recommendations?

    Can someone recommend me a good UPS for my PC. I am tired of getting my pc fried due to power outages and voltage spikes. I have a stabilizer but it does not help.
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Which UPS

    I have recently built a new PC rig, and for some reason, shortly after playing FPS primarily games, the UPS I have everything plugged into continues to alarm and shuts down the application/game I'm running. Here are the specs of the PC and what is currently plugged into the UPC: I7-9700k CPU...
  10. U

    Help choosing a UPS system for my setup?

    Hey there, My new place is wild with the power surges. I've already gone through 3 routers and 2 home network switches in 4 months. Sooo I'm investing in a UPS system. However I'm unsure if I'm going to need two or I can get away with one. As for run time, I'd only want at most an hour to...
  11. thebl4ckd0g

    [SOLVED] UPS Replacement Batteries?

    I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to ask this - but since the power supply has a bearing on the load capacity you pick for your UPS, I figured this was a good place to start. I currently have 3 UPS'. One of them is on my main system, the other 2 currently are not hooked up, but I...
  12. T

    Question APC 600VA ups is not turning on .What to do ?

    I am using BX600C-IN ups for past 4 months. Suddenly it isn't turning on .I have tried common troubleshooting steps but none of them working. It isn't turning on at all. Can anyone help me regarding this? When i'm connecting it to the main power supply i don't hear the transformer start tick sound.
  13. A

    Question What is the best UPS for my Ryzen 5 1660 ti system?

    Hi, I want to buy an UPS for my system as I live in an area where power cut is very common. This is my setup :- Ryzen 3600 CPU GTX 1660 ti GPU MSI B450M-VDH-PLUS Mobo 16 GB 3200 MHz RAM(XMP enabled) Corsair TX-650M PSU 1 TB HDD + 250 GB SSD Is there a good UPS for my PC for a reasonable...
  14. euphoria4949

    [SOLVED] Help/advice needed with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) setup

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice and help regarding Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Firstly, should I be leaving my UPS powered on 24/7 even if the connected devices are off; not just plugged into the mains but actually on and ready to go? I've been reading that they're designed to be on...
  15. Sharry_1

    Question Help me with my ups please?

    Guys, recommend me a ups rating for this rig- Motherboard - ASRock H310M-HDV GPU- Gtx 1660 6GB CPU - I5 - 9400F Ram - HyperX Fury 2x8GB DDR4 3 Approx. Fans in the cabinet WD 120GB SSD Seagate 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM Antec NX200 Case PSU - 450W I have a 600VA ups for this. Is it enough? will something...
  16. Jambal Diyan

    Question Which UPS manufacturer should I buy from?

    Hi, I am currently in need of a 850-900w+ UPS and I am hoping to gather some insight on the manufacturers of my current selection. I am aware that APC would be the 'most trusted' brand in the list, but the only model in my country is a 700w model, and there is a heck of a premium on it. So, I...
  17. V

    Question UPS & PSU problem.

    Hey there, I want to purchase a UPS for my PC. Here's my build: I already have an inverter installed at my house but without UPS feature. It has a 150AH battery connected to it. Now I'm looking for a UPS so that my Computer doesn't Shut off during power...
  18. T

    Question UPS requirement query

    Can i put 400 watt load on a 600VA-360 watt line interactive UPS under mains power ? Since line interactive ups switches to battery only when mains power is not present . Actually my system draws peak 380 watts at max load .Most of the times it draws around 60-70% of the peak value .I want to...
  19. Zuber Khan12

    [SOLVED] Need UPS for my computer.

    Hello All, Hope you are doing well.! I need a decent UPS for my pc, My only aim is to properly shut down computer, this will not take more than 3 minutes for me. cpu : AMD fx 8350 ram : 16gm ddr3 gfx : asus strix r9 380 4gb hdd : 1tb . here what i found which suits ...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] UPS making noise PC shuts down

    Recently, While I was playing a game called Ark: Survival Evolved, my APC UPS made the noise that it makes while there is no electricity for 2-3 seconds, and it returned to normal but my PC shut down and restarted. Once more after that, I started Discord and the game. And after a few minutes...