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  1. avik.bara

    Question What spec UPS do I need for the build in the Desc. ?

    Mobo: AsRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac CPU: Intel Core i7 8700k Corsair liquid cooling 240mm GPU: GTX 1080ti //will be upgraded to upcoming ti version if it seems worth it RAM: Corsair RGB 2x8GB STORAGE : 1TB HDD 2 TB HDD 240 GB SSD 1TB NvMe [NOT SATA] 6 fans including the fans on radiator 750 watt...
  2. BostonDan

    Question UPS & Surge Protection

    Hi - I was looking at the specs of my UPS's and I was underwhelmed. I have several APC Back-UPS-ES550vA units and recently noticed that the surge protection is limited to 340 joules. The surge rating seems extremely low when comparing other dedicated surge protection strips. Does anyone know...
  3. N

    Question Ups beep sounds

    After 15-20 day, i turned on my ups but it did not work. After i plugged in ups beeping came continuously. Around 1st hour there were very short beeps (1s). Next hour the beeps were bit long (3s). After another hour beeps were even longer (5-6s) As i mentioned beep length was rised with time...
  4. BloodcatAruel

    Question Need a reliable UPS that won't burst into flames.

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking for a UPS that would be able to support my Gaming PC. Running a GTX 1070 and a i7-8700k. Experiencing frequent "brownouts" in my home, which last for maybe two seconds at the most, causing my PC to short out (no, it's not my PSU). I'm hoping this will solve the...
  5. I

    Question Can power outage damage PC hardware?

    Today it was my first time experiencing power outage while my PC was running. I have a UPS and bought it just for this case but sadly it didn't run as expected. I thought power will come back shortly within 1-2 mins but it took almost 15 mins and I was playing Destiny 2 Crucible so I let my PC...
  6. H

    Question UPS Battery backup

    As far as I can tell I'm probably not posting this in the wrong place. My question is does anyone have experience with HP UPS, IE: HPE T1500VA this model is made by Eaton, and rebranded for HP enterprise. I'm wondering if it will work with a HP Z440 workstation with windows 10 pro. the very...
  7. thebl4ckd0g

    Question UPS Replacement Batteries?

    I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to ask this - but since the power supply has a bearing on the load capacity you pick for your UPS, I figured this was a good place to start. I currently have 3 UPS'. One of them is on my main system, the other 2 currently are not hooked up, but I...
  8. A

    Question loud Eaton 5E UPS?

    Hello, I recently bought an Eaton 5E UPS. I plugged it and my PC to it and its noise is unbearable in my bedroom. Is it always going to be like that or only during the charging? In case it's always like that and I must replace it, what UPS from this list...
  9. m4ple

    Question What's different between AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) and TVR(Tight Voltage Regulator)

    What's different between AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) and TVR(Tight Voltage Regulator) because my PSU have TVR. I'm confuse about my PSU. Mine is Seasonic Focus Plus FX-550W 80+ Gold. Is it need stabilizer voltage or not? or maybe UPS?
  10. B

    Build Advice Looking for help to build out workstation for blender and video editing

    Sadly, my beefy pc from 9 years ago died thanks to an overloaded electrical circuit at my new location. I'm having a dedicated line brought in so that should not be an issue going forward. However, I need a new pc and I want an active or on-line ups to prevent this from happening again. The...
  11. gizeh21

    Question Forza 2000 t online

    I have a Forza 2000VA online UPS, the problem is that is always making a noise like fans were alaways at 100 %, after Forza sent me a New one the noise is still there and I dont know if that is normal ir something else is happening, Someone told me that UPS's shouldnt do that fan noise always...
  12. ViTRuSs

    Question UPS: Surge protection only outlets

    Hi there, I just bought a "" mainly for surge protection only, that I'm gonna be using with my 800 watts gaming rig. My questions here are, does this line...
  13. R

    Question Can anyone suggest me a good ups that runs upto 1-2 hour??

    i will be using for online freelance. i want you to find a good ups at $80 or above..
  14. Max-Enrik

    Question Eaton Nova AVR 1250 - doesn't hold on anymore

    Hello, I bought my UPS in 2012 after 8 yrs my UPS didn't hold on my PC when electric shock occurred. Since that day my UPS doesn't hold on my PC when electric shock occurs. I tried recharge the UPS for 8 hrs. But still it doesn't hold on. Visually nothing changed and only Green LED on as...
  15. U

    [SOLVED] Is my PSU dying or my GPU?

    I'm facing this problem since November, My pc restarts when i try to export 8k texture out of substance painter, but didn't cause any restart during benchmarks, But now yesterday it restarted during gaming and benchmarks, i ran OCCT with Shader complexcity 1/2/8, it restarted instantly, Also...
  16. B

    Question Will this regulator work?

    I want to buy two automatic voltage regulator (AVR) 2.4KVA - 2.4 Kw to protect the following UPS No-Breaks: One that has the following input specs in it's label: 220V/18A=3960W Another one that has this input specs in it's label: 120V/24A=2880W The question is: If I buy an automatic voltage...
  17. Shektron

    Question Weird UPS issue

    Don't know if this is the right place for this thread, there was no UPS section so I went with this category. So, I have a Microtek 650VA TP Pro 650+ UPS, and my system specs are on my profile. The problem is that, when the power is cut, the UPS works perfectly fine, right up until I try to...
  18. D

    Question UPS

    We have been having some short power outages without warning recently. Sometimes they only last 10-20 seconds and sometimes a little longer maybe an hour or so. I want to protect my desktop and peripherals and purchase a UPS that would keep everything running for an hour or so. My set up...
  19. U

    Question PC restarts when power comes back despite having UPS

    I am facing this issue for months. It was fine before, my PC reboots when main power comes back online, it works fine on UPS battery I mean when main power goes off it runs on battery didn't face any restart...
  20. A

    Question Pc keeps on restarting

    Hi, It's just been 1 month since I bought my pc. It was for budget gaming and was running really good, but from the past week I'm seeing my pc keeps on restarting whenever I try to play pc games. If it's an AAA title straight after loading and if it's an Esports title then 5-8 minutes of...