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    [SOLVED] PC Shutdown but CPU uptime still ticking, Desktop Evironment becomes Laggy

    A bit of backstory: For the past 5 years across multiple rebuilds, I've been struggling with an issue where my entire computer lags during certain scenarios. One of which being downloading games from Steam. It's as if the entire desktop environment is running at 5fps when the problem occurs. Did...
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    Question Brand new router keeps loosing internet

    Hello brand new dlink DIR-882 router keeps loosing connection to the internet Connection Uptime: never reaches more then one hour, for some reason i can mirror tv to pc and i cant stream from pc to tv. any ideas?
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    i get bad fps when i play games and i dont think should

    I got an intel core i5 4440 processor my gpu is an AMD Radeon r9 200 series i got 8gb of RAM and windows 8 not sure what other specs you need to know but i lag while playing csgo h1z1 and LoL and sometimes minecraft