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  1. Slash2067

    [SOLVED] 8GB of Physical RAM but only 3.46GB is USABLE.

    I have a problem, My PC can detect the other 4GB of RAM out of the 8GB but on the BIOS it only detect 4096 of RAM instead of 8192 of RAM. My motherboard is dual channel and only has 2 DIMM Slots, I used the two slots but it only counts as a single channel memory on CPU-Z App. 4.5GB of Hardware...
  2. TenderRaspberry

    [SOLVED] Only half of memory usable

    Hello, I am having an issue with this computer I recentley got. It has 4gb of DRR3 ram install but in task manager only shows 2gb usable.
  3. Alonsio Martins

    [SOLVED] On Windows 10 64-bit it says 8 GB installed but only 3.69 GB usable ?

    Specs of the PC with the problem: Motherboard: a68hm-k Processor: AMD a6 7480 Memories: 2 x 4g H. Fury 1600mhz System: Windows 10 64 bits I already removed the memories and put them back in, "msconfig" doesn’t solve anything , I changed the slot memories, everything ok with the memories and...
  4. mubasir212

    [SOLVED] Usable RAM is half of the total RAM

    I have problems with my RAM, only detect half of my total RAM. ASRock b450m steel legend motherboard CPU Ryzen 5 1600 Ram Tforce Delta 4x8 2666mhz is there a solution for me?
  5. R

    Question Usable Ram is not the one installed

    Hi all, i came here because i need your help, i have a fresh installed windows 10 pro x64 (straight from microsoft website), and when i go to the system properties it says that i have installed memory RAM: 16.0GB (7.96GB usable), this is not the first place i came for answers, usually when a...
  6. Asdwj

    [SOLVED] How can I fix usable memory?

    I have 8gb ram, but only 6.95 usable, what should I do? I tried msconfig.exe, didn't work.
  7. 20sidedEric

    Question Only half my RAM is usable

    32.0GB (15.9 GB usable) I've reseated the RAM, changed the paging file size and memory size management and every other YouTube trick. Still the same. What do? Put HW specs here: View:
  8. M

    Question 16GB installed - but only 8GB usable RAM (Ryzen & B350 platform)

    It seems a common issue but I can't seem to resolve it. I have 16GB of ddr4 ram installed, but only 7.95GB is usable. The other 8GB is reserved for hardware. I have already tried the MSconfig method to maximize the amount of ram. But the issue persists. My PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 RAM: G.skill...