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    Question Cpu Underperforming On UserBenchMarks

    Cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) badly underperforming (5th percentile on UserBenchMarks). I have no ideas how to fix this… If someone could help that would be great! link for UserBenchMarks:
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    [SOLVED] RAISECOM ISCOM 2100-EA-MA-WP Rev. B Layer 2 switch (Need Help)

    Hi, I need help regarding a switch with I have recently bought from a local seller, In a thought that an L2 switch will help me getting networking fast and secure I have purchased the above mentioned switch, everything seems to be fine but the problem I have is I am not able to used all the 8...
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    Question I would like to sell my Evga RTX 2060 Super

    The graphics card is broken the hdmi and display ports dont work, if i sell it how much do u reckon i can get out of it, i originally paid $750 aud for it, also there is a missing backplate too.