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  1. B

    Question I'm going crazy for my missing performance.

    Since i factory reset my windows i have been going crazy bc i have been experiencing allot of lag spikes on my gpu and unseen cpu usage while playing "light" games (other words before factory reseting i never got such high cpu usage on games like Destiny 2 (90'ish%) and cs (70 or 80...
  2. Naterocks1218

    Question 85% CPU usage

    Is it bad for my computer to be running at 85% cpu usage while playing valorant? I have a intel i5 8600k and a gtx1050ti.
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Are the cpu and gpu usage on my pc normal ?

    I get >60 fps on many games and neither my CPU or GPU are being 100% used, for example, on Destiny 2, i play with between 40-50 fps in some areas, VT-d, HPET, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology and Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor are disabled, also tested with them enabled and saw no difference...
  4. N

    Question 100% usage

    my pc its using 100% someting that never did before, because of this "wup" i search on google and found nothing going to post some pictures so you can see CPU - i5-6600 only wup - View: only csgo - View: csgo and "wup" running - View...