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  1. [SOLVED] What's the name of this cable ?

    Hello, I intend to buy this docking station: Product page and i would like to know the full name of the USB cable: Thank you
  2. I

    Question Single USB 2.0 to dual splitter

    I was looking into moving my prebuilt HP computer into a new case in order to upgrade the GPU and PSU, and I'm pretty sure I've worked out that all of the connectors needed are standard, except for one. The HP case only has a single USB 2.0 port, so thus the connector is only 5 pins, or one side...
  3. Vergil.Y

    Question USB Drivers - Xbox 360 Wired Controller not Recognized. USB 3.0 Not Deetecting.

    Hello, Everyone. Recently i had some ''device not recognized'' issues with my XBOX 360 controller. i tried many videos on Youtube but on device manager, unlike everyone else i have the error on ''USB bus controls'' area. which is why i couldn't update manually like on those videos show. so i...
  4. K

    Question Msi z370 krait usb ports not working

    So I bought this motherboard "used", the seller got it from the factory with one usb port broken and got it fixed. He hadnt tried if it worked. I paired the board with an i5 9600k (I was told the bios would be compatible) and now there is 1 single usb port in the whole system that actually...
  5. johnx125

    Question Smartphone only charges when connected to USB 3.0 port

    I have a Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone and a desktop computer with a Gigabyte 970A-UD3P rev. 2.0 motherboard. The problem here is that when I connect my phone to my pc via USB 3.0 it won't transfer data it only charges. When I connect it to USB 2.0 it transfers data no problem and charges at the same...
  6. A

    Question DualShock4 Problem

    Both my dualshock4 are charging but it seems that both my PC and ps4 not recognizing the controllers... tried resetting the controllers through the back with a pin didn't work, i tried go to Device manager but i cant seem to find it there either... im out of option, and the problem occurred...
  7. Pythonbites

    Question Why isn't my front panel USB 3 recieving enough power?

    Hello, I recently built my PC. When I plugged in my USB Pen Drive into the USB 3 slot, it didn't load in Windows 10, but at the bottom right on the background processes a USB symbol flashed in and off at intervals. OK? So i made a bootable USB out of it to see if the BIOS would boot. It didn't...
  8. V

    Question USB transfer speed - Sometimes slow, sometimes fast...

    Hello I have a PC running Windows 7 SP1 and have been experiencing wildly varying USB transfer speeds to an external drive. I am using the same external drive attached to the same USB2 port and am copying the same file to the drive. Sometimes the transfer speed is 6MB/sec and on other...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Do I need to worry? PCI usb card unsure of compatibility

    I have a b450 pro4 asrock motherboard and I'm trying to add some usb 2.0 ports via a PCI card. My board only has usb 3.0 and my audio interface mbox 3 has known issues with usb 3.0. Should I be worried about plugging it in if I can't verify compatibility via pcpartpicker, etc.?
  10. WWP

    [SOLVED] Is 3.0 USB port any good for 2.0 devices?

    Hello, I want to buy USB extension cable, and since 3.0 extension cable is double the price of 2.0 one, and I want this extension cable for my game-pad, keyboard or mouse. So, basically, is 3.0 port has any advantage over 2.0 port for 2.0 devices? Actually when I connect my redragon...
  11. Sahitya Sharma

    Question USB Port not recognizing specific devices

    So, I have been having this weird issue since last year. My laptop has three USB ports (two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0), one USB 3.0 and the USB 2.0 works fine and recognizes any device i connect to them without any issues. But, the USB 3.0 port next to the USB 2.0 port (Which is soldered directly...
  12. G

    Question Front USB panel not working properly

    I'm having an issue with my front USB panel (2 3.0 and 2 2.0). I first noticed when I went to plug in an Xbox controller for a game I was playing, and it didn't pick up the connection. However, it did begin to charge. I then plugged in one of my USB storage drives to see if it would work...
  13. AndresTwek

    Question Lenovo G460 USB ports not working [ Already tried everything ]

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site so sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I have a Old Lenovo G460 that i formatted with Windows 7,all ports were working fine but after I formatted it I soon realised none of the USB ports are working, I looked all over the internet and tried...
  14. jacob68

    Question Weird pump RGB LED issue Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

    Okay, not the end of the world, but this behavior suddenly started a few days ago and I cant figure it out. Specs and setup, trying to make it brief: Asus rog strix Z390 E-gaming mobo. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R. Built a new system 3 weeks ago including the above. The led connectors from...
  15. O

    Raid for video editing or larger ssds?

    Hello, I edit video and currently have a 2TB HDD where I have my media files and my premiere pro projects. I also have a 500GB SSD where my scratch disk goes. I've been wondering if a NAS storage device with Raid with multiple HDDS will get me a faster performance than what I currently have...
  16. H

    Nintendo Pushes Paid Online Service Back To 2018, Reveals Pricing Options

    You can still play online for the rest of the year without a subscription. Nintendo Pushes Paid Online Service Back To 2018, Reveals Pricing Options : Read more
  17. J

    Need help with pc build

    I recently saved up enough money to finally build a new pc. I had a friend a create a list for me and I was wondering if any of you would update or say opinions on what I should go with instead. The list was made a couple of months ago and I was just wondering what changes you guys would make...
  18. N

    Will my MSI GeForce 1070 Aero CO support my PC?

    CPU: Intel core i5 6500 (lga 1151, 3.20 Ghz) Motherboard: MSI Z170A PC Mate
  19. X

    LoL Teamfight FPS Drop with Good PC

    Hi guys, wondering why I have FPS Drops in League of Legends when I have a pretty good pc. Specs: i5-4670k non-oced EVGA 980ti Hybrid Hyper 212x Acer XB271HU Also, my FPS when not in teamfights e.g. jungling and laning doesnt exceed 200. I've tried turning off G-Sync (which to my knowledge...
  20. V

    H100i v2 not working

    Hi, I have had my computer for about 3-4 days now. Today I played csgo and noticed that the corsair link software said the fan(s) on the radiator were at 0rpm. But they were moving. So, I re installed new fans and plugged everything in. (usb port, cpu fan and radiator fans into the Y cable.)...