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  1. bpennock

    Question Dual section from usb ssd.

    Hello all, I have to do a compete wipe and reinstall of my os (windows 10). Is there a way I can partition my 256gb portable SSD to have a windows UEFI boot on it and have the other half for removable storage? Any help/thoughts are appreciated Thanks
  2. D

    [SOLVED] having issues with clean installing windows 10

    Is there a way to do a clean install of windows through BIOS because all the youtube tutorials do it by using a media creation thing. When i plug my usb flash drive in, it says i have to format it but ive been told to not format it. What do i do? im not experienced with computers and just want...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Motherboard USB/ Audio Interference Problem

    Hello, I need help diagnosing a problem with my first rig I built back in summer 2020. I have a Asrock b450m pro4 Mobo and lately I've been experiencing problems with my mouse and even my mic as well. Firstly I have a Glorious model D which I RMA'd because I thought the sensor was defective...
  4. J

    Question My Peripherals wont work

    Hello there I recently upgraded my PC GPU to a MSI GTX 970 from what i believe was a GT 440 (Model No.P1062-000B) or a gt 660). Anyways i removed my old gpu and installed the new gpu and connected it to the psu using the connectors. However when i tried booting it, the peripherals in all the...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] I need help!!!

    so my motherboard is a 390 TUF Gaming (wifi) motherboard and on it only usb 2.0 9 pin header and i need two so story i bought a three pack of Corsair ll120 Fans and installed them, where they came with a node pro light kit?? and it needed one of my usb 2.0 9 pin header and i needed then to...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] WO MIC on android cant detect usb

    so basically i wanna use my phone as a mic cuz i dont have a mic.. and i installed most drivers i could find and of course i installed wo mic client on pc and its drivers but if i connect the usb and open the wo mic app on phone to start using it as a mic, it says Please connect a usb or...
  7. sammylotempio

    Question USB ports don’t work

    Hi, I have recently started a new project with old parts. The cpu, gpu, hdd, and power supply all work, also the memory. The computer boots fine. I have tried resetting bios by taking out cmos battery, and I have tried diff keyboards and mouse. I don’t have a ps2 to try out either. After looking...
  8. lukwow9

    Question SLOW USB 3.0 transfer rate on w10

    MY problem: I have a USB stick (SanDisk Ultra 3.0: formatted on FAT32 ) connected to a usb port which is also a 3.0 I need to move 3gb of data from USB stick to PC but the speed transfer is always around 400 kb/s not even Mb/s! it takes hours to transfer 3Gb of stuff What is the problem...