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  1. G

    Question USB HUB not working properly when connecting power cable to laptop

    Hi all, I recently bought a lot of accessories for my laptop was planing to put it in a dock and connect it to monitor, keyboard and mousse. However, i only have 3 USB 3 type A ports and one of them is broken and i need to connect 4 USB devices (rgb keyboard, rgb mouse, rgb headphones, and rgb...
  2. mwasil

    Question MSI H310M PRO-D Cuts power from wifi or USB 3.1 under heavy load

    Hi everyone, It's my first post so hello all! I'm experiencing a problem supposedly with my MSI H310M PRO-D mobo. before I explain, this is my full sys config: Mobo: MSI H310M PRO-D CPU: Coffe Lake i7 8700 (non-K) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080ti Turbo OC (blower fan) RAM: 2 x Kingston Predator 16GB...
  3. G

    Question Samsung portable SSD T3 very slow!!!

    Hi, I have some questions about this Samsung T3 ssd. So, it is very slow, like 35/40mb reading and around the same writing. Tested with Samsung magician and crystal disk and used the 3.1 gen2 usb, 3.0 and 2.0, with Gigabyte X470 Aorus ultra Gaming motherboard. The board has an usb Type-c port as...
  4. D

    Question USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller problem

    Hello, I just don't know where to start. I'm trying to fix this issue for a week now and can't figure it out. My USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller is missing from my device manager list. It's hidden when i got no usb flash connected to it. As soon as i connect something to the port, it wakes up...