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  1. E

    Question Booting from usb constant clicking

    Trying to boot from usb to add a new os. Once selecting boot from usb there is a constant clicking....(not hardrive clicking) but the clicking you would hear if a keyboard button is stuck. side note: any attempt at selection within bios takes two hard punches to get the keys on the keyboard to...
  2. losrockster

    Question Please help - can't boot any OS onto build

    Hi everyone! I've spent the past months reading these forums and troubleshooting, simply trying to get an OS to boot on my first PC build, with no luck :( I've tried Win10 and Ubuntu, properly formatted with Rufus. The result is always some sort of hardware error, such as a Pagination Fault or...
  3. J

    Question Dell Laptop Boot from USB not working

    Just not long got a new Dell 7506 2 in 1 laptop. I could only get one with a 512GB SSD but wasn't fussed as the price was good. I have now got a new 2TB SSD for it. As I hadn't setup the laptop much on the old SSD, I have installed the new SSD and was going to install windows 10 from USB - no...
  4. darrellbunger

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 shortcut to restart into a USB flash drive?

    I have found several ways to reboot a PC to a USB drive but by using a shortcut is not one of them. I could rearrange the BIOS order, but this is not ideal for my situation as I need the Win 10 user to be able to initiate a selective reboot that specifies to reboot into the USB drive else do a...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Can i boot directly from an USB to recover files?

    I have a 1TB Toshiba HDD that was going bad, it had around 1700 reallocated sector counts before it went bust. I made backups for most of my files on an External HDD, so i didn't lose much data. However, i was working on some stuff that couldn't backup as the HDD gave in before i could copy it...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Computer is stuck in boot menu. How do I fix?

    My Lenovo Thinkpad P40 runs Windows 10. I wanted to try out Linux for the first time, so I made a bootable USB drive and attempted to boot from that USB. After using Fn+F12 to access the boot menu, I selected the USB HDD but the screen just flashed black and then went back to the boot menu. I...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Possible to install windows xp from a flash drive?

    Hey All, I am trying to install windows xp 32-bit on to a Intel compute stick with the Intel Atom Z3735f processor. It already has Windows 10 installed but at idle the system is using close to 35-40 percent of the processor and over half the ram. I am trying to redline this thing as much as...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] BSOD on Windows 10 Boot

    My Windows 10 system will not boot. I get random BSODs during the boot process. Now I cannot even boot from a Windows 10 installation USB. This will probably get long. I'll try and provide as much detail as I can. I'm almost to the point of throwing it all away and starting over! This system is...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] I boot from USB, nothing happens.

    Ive just built my new pc and im trying to do a fresh install of windows 10 on it. As usual i plugged in the bootable USB and entered the bios. I get 3 options as boot devices: USB PMAP, partition 1; USB PMAP and the third option is my new SSD. If i boot from USB PMAP, partition 1, i get the...
  10. W

    Question Black screen while booting with USB

    Hello! So, I was trying to reinstall Windows 10 after apparently my hard disk stopped doing noises and showed up on the BIOS menu, and it just won't boot after the laptop's logo and the spinning. It shows a black screen and won't go further after 5-10 minutes, which is the usual for this laptop...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Booting from USB without BIOS access

    Hi I am running Windows 10 Pro on my laptop which only has an HDD. Recently, I bought an SSD and was trying to reinstall Windows into it when I realised that I had forgotten the password to my BIOS so that I cannot boot from the USB stick that I'm using. I know that I can just run the setup.exe...
  12. D

    Question How to enable USB boot option from ASUS gaming laptop?

    I was looking for a price to performance laptop and got ASUS FX505DT at a discount on Amazon India. I found answers on the amazon page that it supports USB boot to linux and dual boot. So I went with it. But the tech support said, it is not possible, try to do it if you can they said. Has anyone...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] USB not shown in BIOS

    i've been working on my dads pc and tried to install windows 10 from an usb but the usb doesnt show up in the bios. the hdd in the pc is empty and formatted and doesnt have an OS on it. i already did some research and i dont have "legacy support" in this BIOS amd fx6300 Gigabyte GA-78LMT-usb3...
  14. C

    Question Why is my bootable USB not being recognized in Gigabyte F40 UEFI/BIOS?

    I have linux mint 19.2 on a 32g usb stick(yeah thats alot but idc) and have already formatted it several times with rufus and other things using varying partitions. Every single time, though, it is not recognized in BIOS setup for my Gigabyte A320m-s2h running a f40 bios version. I checked the...
  15. ThunderBoyDavid

    Question Alternative Way of Installing Windows 10

    Let me start with listing my hardware: ASUS Z87 Sabertooth and an Intel i7-4770k and a Corsair Carbide 400R Case. NOW-- i finally decided to redo my system.. i bought new hard drives and Windows 10 Pro. BUT.. i got Windows 10 on a USB Drive. i have never been able to get my system to boot off a...
  16. F

    4k 60hz g-sync vs 2k 144hz g-sync

    Hello, I just purchased a asus pg278qr 2k 144hz monitor but I may rma it to Amazon cause 165hz not working. I saw a nice aoc display at 4k 60hz with g sync for the same price so I was thinking of swapping. I got a gtx 1080 ti from asus and I7 6700k. Will the g sync make a good performance at 4k...
  17. A

    gigabyte radeon 7970 OC

    hi My gigabyte radeon hd 7970 oc is at 1.256 voltage, how can i set it at 1.170 voltage? question 2: is 1.256 voltage meant for water cooling? (Mine has air cooler, is that okay?)
  18. A

    new cpu for gtx 750 ti sc

    so i have a evga gtx 750 ti sc and was wondering now in 2017 is there any other options that would be good budget cpu to run games like arma 3 or gta 5 and other intense games. my budget was 170$ to 180$ including a new motherboard. What motherboard and cpu should i get to add up to my budget to...
  19. Dark Lord of Tech

    Great deal on a SEASONIC 1050W PSU!

    $109.99 Save: $80.00 (42%) $89.99 after $20.00 rebate Great deal on a SEASONIC 1050W PSU. ***** jonny GURU Recommended *****
  20. BlackMamba23

    PC turns on but monitor and peripherals do not

    I'm experiencing a problem with my custom built PC after 3 years running time. It started to occur a few week(s) after moving house. At first it was the PC turning on (fans, gpu, lights) but the monitor and all usb-powered peripherals weren't responding, after a few restarts, it would begin to...
  21. bimbaws

    Will GIGABYTE GTX 970 WF G1 fit my case?

    Hi I want to ask.. I'm little confused if this card will fit my case, because on my Mobo is right next to PCI-E slot also USB 3.0 connector from case. Specs are below (copied from elsewhere) CPU i5-6600K GPU Gigabyte GTX 970 WF G1 MB MSI B150 PC Mate ATX RAM ADATA 2 x 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz CL15...
  22. R

    Upgrade For CPU AND GPU

    ok so my system is FX-4350 OC R7 260X M5A97 LE R2.0-Mobo 8GB RAM SSD+HDD COOLERMASTER 212 EVO and i think im going to be upgrading to CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor (£143.98 @ Novatech) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard (£61.98 @ Amazon UK) Video...
  23. J

    Outlook 2007. My Gmail does not download into my Outlook 2007.

    Hi, My Gmail does not download into my Outlook 2007. My Comcast email downloads fine. Please advise. Settings: POP3 Require logon using Secure Password Authentication My outgoing server [smtp] requires authentication Use same settings as my incoming server...