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  1. M

    Question Help with connecting devices to my docking hub ?

    Hi All! Background: I'd like to be able to use the same setup for both Macbook and PC tower. I am looking to use a thunderbolt3/usb-C docking hub (which is connected to two Dell Monitors via DP, soundbar and mic) with my Win 10 PC Tower as well as with my Macbook Pro. My MBPro will be ok but I...
  2. H

    Question [Lenovo 910] Plugging in Vava USB-C hub causes major slow down only in USB-C charging port, no problem when in data only USB-C port

    Video of what this looks like. 00:33 is when I plug in the hub, 01:28 is when I unplug it and you can see the change almost immediately. I bought a USB-C hub with a RJ5 ethernet port since my laptop doesn't have one. My laptop has two USB-C ports, a charging one and a purely data one. When I...
  3. beachfalcon

    Question Switch between two Laptops on USB-C dock with power pass through

    I have a HP USB-C universal Dock with two screens and peripherals plugged into into it. I have two Laptops which I plug the dock USB-C cable into giving me my Keyboard / Mouse, Power, display etc. If I want to work on the other laptop I take the USB-C cable out of one laptop and then have to...