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  1. Spiritos

    Question Question about which MIDI to USB Cable for iPad Air 3

    Hi, I just bought a digital piano (Kawai ES110) whith just MIDI 5 pin out which I want to use for my iPad Air 3. I have a Camera Connection Kit and am thinking about getting a LEKATO MIDI to USB Cable...
  2. R

    Question I5 4690

    I found i5 4690 for about $10 more than the i5 4590, is the i5 4690 worth for $10 more?
  3. S

    Question Upgraded PC with a different pair of ram, Not detecting :(

    Hi guys So my pc currently has 8gb (2x4gb) of gskill ddr3 ram, which is not quite enough anymore so i decided to upgrade it with another pair of 2x4gb ram from patriot. Little did I know that the second pair would not be detected by my computer This is my new Patriot ram: And this is my...
  4. C

    Gaming computer not perfroming as well

    My PC has been acting up for about a year now, the most noticeable effect being the fans are super loud, when I'm doing literally nothing but browsing chrome. I paid someone at best buy to remote access my PC and clean it, and all they did was update adobe. They gave me an antivirus and it...
  5. T

    Upgrade from MSI GTX 1070ti Gaming to MSI RTX 2070 Gaming? Is it worth?

    I have a month old msi 1070ti gaming, and I was thinking of selling it and getting RTX 2070 from MSI or ASUS. The question - Is it worth the upgrade? The shop where i bought the whole PC will allow me to return 1070ti and pay the rest for rtx 2070. Looking thru benchmarks it is better in every...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] 250gb ssd half full after complete reformat.

    Alright, so I just did a complete reformat of my ssd, installed windows 7, updated all the drivers etc. For some reason my hard drive is at 123gb out of 250gb without installing anything else. I got rid of the the "Windows.old" folder. Am I missing something? Long time lurker, first time...
  7. N

    Red light blinking three times on motherboard?

    Im using a MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC motherboard. When I boot up a red LED flashes three times in the top left (by the BIOS flash button). There is no power to my fans or to any component in my case. Is this a motherboard issue or a psu issue?
  8. B

    Processor compatibility. Dh57jg

    I picked up an lga 1156 mini itx board for cheap and was wondering if i can put a xeon in it like an x3470 or somthing like that as they are $30 vis the $100 for an i7. The website doesn't say xeons. And cpu upgrade says the chipset is only compatible with mobile processors.
  9. G

    Connect old Thinkpad laptop (with internal dial up modem) to internet

    Have old IBM Thinkpad that has the internal dial up modem and want to connect to internet. Can it be done? How?
  10. P

    Gigabyte GTX 1060 WindForce II 6GB, low performence.

    My graphics card suddenly lost a significant part of its performance, for example in Battlefield 1 I am not able to play even on medium details because I have drops below 50 fps. The same applies to Forza Horizon 4, medium detail 1080p and dips below 50 fps. GPU...
  11. N

    optane vs ssd hd combo

    given the choice for a gaming laptop is there any benefit one over the other 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA; 16 GB PCIe NVMe Intel Optane 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA; 128 or 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  12. R

    WiFi really slow on one computer

    WIFI really slow on one computer I have recently built a gaming pc and the WiFi is extremely slow on my pc, however the other computers have 20-30 Mbs/s which is what I paid to have, I’m using a WiFi adapter and I have swapped them with the other computers to see if it’s the WiFi adapter’s...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] 2-Pin connector RGB fan controller

    I have a 2 pin connector (male) which I need to connect to power to use the remote for my RGB fans. Now I can’t find where I need to connect this. The 2-pin connector is part of the RGB controller. On the 2-pin connector it says Power LED. Many thanks in advance!!
  14. henrytcasey

    My Month with the Amazon Fire TV Cube: Pros and Cons

    Living with the Fire TV Cube reinforced how great a remote Alexa can be — and how inexcusable the lack of YouTube is. My Month with the Amazon Fire TV Cube: Pros and Cons : Read more
  15. J

    Dell XPS 8930 VS iMAC 27inch

    So I am getting into Photo and Video editing. I believe either computer will do well, but a price difference is about $600. What is everyones thoughts between the two. XPS 8930 Base Processor 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8700K 6-Core Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.7 GHz) Operating System...
  16. Rangan Das

    How good is the ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS for Ryzen 7 2700X?

    Planning to replace my old AMD 970 series motherboard and AMD FX processor. How compatible are these parts? ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (Will run at stock settings with stock cooler) Corsair Vengeance LPX SERIES 16GB (8GBx2, 2400MHz) (...again, stock settings) I already own these...
  17. T

    alternative power source for dead battery

    hi all I have my Aunt's laptop that she needs me to look at. the laptop is around 5 years old and has been running well. only issue is the battery does not hold charge anymore. because of age of laptop I couldn't get her an exact replacement. I got her a battery from ebay that only lasted a...
  18. A

    Are Dual-Cores Dead now?

    Saw RGinHD Video about the G5400 vs. The R3 Lineup and i saw a debate in the comment section saying that, well dual cores are dead and that got me intrigued because i was suppose to upgrade my old i3 4130 system to the G5400 system in a month or so and is Dual-Core actually dead now?
  19. D

    Interleaved to Fastpath help

    I have Century DSL and i cant get support to understand what im talking about is there a way to get better support? i was wanting fastpath mode to lower my ping for gaming
  20. D

    New Custom Computer - Fails to Boot, Hardware Issue???

    Help, I'm stuck on getting this fixed. Brand new custom computer. I've been able to complete a full Windows 10 install using a downloaded 64bit copy of Windows 10 on a USB stick. I get the stopcode (blue screen of death) 0xc000021a every time I try to start up. I can access the bios and...
  21. N

    Fan Configuration On Phanteks Enthoo Luxe

    Hey there. I've got a quick question here for the community. I've got a phanteks luxe case with the fan hub on the back and I have a nzxt kraken x62. I current have the kraken plugged in to the cpu header on my Asus z97 pro. I can see it's 4pm just fine in my bios. I have the fans that are on...
  22. Echoceres

    Why is the R5 1600 equal or better than R7 1700 at gaming?

    So i couldn't make my mind which to buy. Price difference is about 100$ in my country. And their performance in gaming is almost equal.
  23. xtcmax

    [Solved]Why do people ask if they can run a game ?

    Hello. First of all I would like to state that this is not a troll post. Why do people ask if they can run a game with their specifications? Wouldn't it be easier and much faster to google "Minimum Requirements" and compare with your PC's specs? Perhaps people being lazy or there is actually a...
  24. T

    System auto off mid use, power and reset buttons unresponsive.

    Sys Specs ========= Ryzen 1800x w/ hyper 212 using noctua in push pull Asus x370 Prime - Pro G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3000MHz C16 Corsair TX 750 EVGA Superclocked GTX 1080 Hi all, So I'm having a little bit of an issue and I'm trying to nail down possible causes. This is...
  25. H

    Video Card Not Being Recognized

    So, I am having an issue with a motherboard not recognizing a video card. Well, it's actually been two separate motherboards. The first was an MSI B350M Pro Gaming motherboard, and the second, an ASRock AB350M Pro4. I am installing an eVGA GTX 1050 2GB graphics card and an AMD Athlon x4 950. On...
  26. M

    Computer BSOD after boot

    So I recently returned back to my home and was excited to rebuild my computer to play some games. Before I left I took apart my computer and put the parts back in there boxes for storage so nothing would happen to them while I was gone. After I rebuilt my computer I started to experience a...
  27. S

    Computer Restart Problem

    Computer are restarting during running several times. sometimes randomly and sometimes in gap of 1-2 hr. I changed Processor, Heatshink, BIOS Battery. current temp of processor : 40C I have already uncheak automatically restart option from advance system settings. Still i facing the problem...
  28. sczvanguard

    New build 1151 8700K or X299 i9 7900X

    Hi guys, first day on forum, I pose a question, I'm gonna do a new build mainly for gaming but video editing runs a close second, at first I was gonna run an 8700k, msi Z370 Godlike gaming , 16GB ram, x2 gtx 1080 sli, also 250gb M.2 drive for windows 10, x2 Seagate barracouda pro's 4Tb & 8Tb...
  29. T

    Loss of parts of word documents

    I am typing along and have about one quarter of the document done. I save this part. Next I am in the middle of typing and suddenly what I have just typed has disappeared. Why?
  30. K

    HP Laptop adding random strings of "4"

    I'm working on a laptop that the user thought had been hacked because every time he uses it, it will start putting long strings of 4s in search boxes, notepad files, login fields, etc. I booted it up and the problem occurred offline, so I'm pretty sure he's mistaken about the hacker. I have...
  31. V

    Dsl router vs "lan or regular" router

    I have a xDsl connection and my current router/modem is not very good, when i am looking for a new router/modem and i am wondering can i use any modem/router for a dsl connection, and if a can will there be any major difference?
  32. N

    Help upgrading. AM3 Slot . HP says 95 W max. So what can it handle

    I have a HP p7-1003w running Amd Athlon II X4 650 processor 3.2 GHz. I just upgraded the Video card and was looking into upgrading the processor to a faster one but all the options above mine on my list are slower for some reason. Can someone please help me. Maybe i'm just reading it...
  33. S

    Internet not connecting

    Been using windows 10 and my PC fine. I am using the ASUS PCE-AC1300 wireless network card and has been working fine. Was a small issue when updated to latest driver so rolled back and worked fine. So for weeks was fine then had some important windows 10 updates so downloaded them and rebooted...
  34. M

    LF small ATX SLI case

    Looking for the smallest possible case that will fit: ATX mobo 2x nvidia 980Ti reference cards ATX size PSU 240mm radiator for CPU AiO 1x 5.25" disc drive 1x 2.5" SSD In a perfect world I would like to have a window in it too! Currently living in a Fractal R5 Any suggestions?
  35. D

    Best Router For Our Business

    So currently we have multiple routers around the company for each division but my manager wants to upgrade them and hopefully only to purchase one router to reach all of the divisions. I did an estimate or the area and its about 15k sq ft. I haven't been able to find anything that would be a...
  36. P

    Doubts about new PSU and RAM

    English is not my native language so if I write wrong, sorry. My setup is (yes, is an old setup) : Intel i5 4670K Gigabyte - GA-Z97X-UD3H Kingston - HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory MSI - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB GAMING X WD Black 1TB Coolermaster 212 evo Case Haf 912 My actual PSU...
  37. M

    Can this run on my PC??

    I have a GTX 1050TI 16GB RAM I3 6100 I was thinking about getting Watch Dogs 2 or Just Cause 3, and heard that they are terribly opitmized, and that Just Cause specifically stutters a lot, but with my specs, could I run the game at 30-60fps at medium-ultra settings? (I don't mind playing at...
  38. U

    How Much Fps can I get on Minecraft with this pc build?

    How much fps can I get on Minecraft with these specs? Windows 10 operating system 7th gen intel core i7-7730 16GB system memory 2TB hard drive and 120GB solid state drive for storage Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
  39. U

    Where can I view the activation key on a fresh Win 10 install

    Hello all, I'm somewhat lost on how to view your activation key on a fresh install of Win 10. I found where to change it, but I'm not wanting to change it. I want to view it.
  40. RepoDraghon

    Audio jack 3.5 and 2.5, anyone lnow what this format is? The 3.5 broke.

    I use one of those fbi style ear and mic pieces and it has a combo 2.5 and 3.5 jack. I had bought the wrong one once but the jacks were too far apart. Luckily a coworker had done the same but with the jacks closer so it would fit my adapter. I was wondering if this config had a specific name to...