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USB Controller

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  1. O

    Question Generic USB Joystick Analog sticks turn in a square pattern

    Hello , I am new here . The problem I am having with this joystick https://games.rs/media/catalog/prod...136e95/G/a/Gamepad_Gambird__525bbfcdf2a69.jpg is this , when i look at the gamepad calibration on windows 10 both analog sticks have deadzones in 4 direction up down left and right. Firstly...
  2. H

    Question who manufactures my universal serial bus controller

    asrock, fata1ity b450 itx/ac. literature says it has usb 3.1, but does not specify manufacturer. this is the thing: i can not get win 7 to recognize the usb controller. several online threads suggest making sure power management does not 'turn off' the device. it can not be turned off because...
  3. D

    How to move steam from ssd to hard drive?

    How do i move steam from my sad to my hard drive? I didn't install any games yet.
  4. Conradigan

    Military-themed PC ideas.

    I'm in search of two pc builds centered around a military-styled theme and looking for some ideas. One is an AMD and one is an Intel. Budget for both is about $1600 USD. Aim: Gaming, VR ready. AMD build (Preferred parts to have) FX-8350 Corsair C70 case Intel Build (Preferred parts to have)...