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  1. TheFlash1300

    Question Can Rufus create a USB media installation for Linux?

    Can i use Rufus to burn the .iso file of Linux Mint to a USB drive, then connect the USB drive to a computer, load the system, open the Linux installation (the disc icon on the desktop), and install the full version of Linux Mint on the computer? Can I do this using Rufus, or do I must use...
  2. TheFlash1300

    Question Will my USB drive be damaged/killed, if i install operating systems and games on it?

    Hello. Someone told me if i install an operating system on a USB drive, say, Linux Mint, i shouldn't expect more than 300-400 hours of work before the drive dies. The person told me that a lot of reading can damage the USB drive by causing read disturb errors. The same goes for video games too -...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Question Can there be a virus in an empty storage device?

    Can a virus be hidden in an empty store, and then infects my files when I paste them into the storage device? For example, if I paste an infected file into my USB flash drive, can the virus be a type that hides in the USB, and becomes invisible and undetectable, meaning that if I delete the...
  4. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] How do I check if my USB flash drive is legitimate, not fake?

    I bought a SanDisk 256GB USB flash drive from a credible source. However, I have some suspicion that it may be a fake. How do I check if the USB flash drive is legitimate or fake? Is there a program that can analyze the USB flash drive, and tell me if it's legitimate or fake?
  5. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has?

    Is there a way to check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has, and the health of the USB flash drive? Is there a way to see the S.M.A.R.T status of the USB flash drive? With CrystalDisk, you can see the health of your SSD/HDD. Is there a software like CrystalDisk, but for USB...
  6. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] SanDisk Cruzer Force - write/erase cycles

    Hello. Recently, i bought a USB drive, SanDisk Cruzer Force, with a storage amount of 64 gigabytes. Since USB drives don't support S.M.A.R.T, i can't see how many write/erase cycles my USB has. So, can someone, who is familiar with USBs and the technology SanDisk uses in their USBs, tell me how...
  7. bgphilbin

    Question Help: Windows 10 Slows Down When Plugging in Flash Drive

    Good morning - I'm running Windows 10 on a 2-year-old PC (HP Pavilion Desktop 590-P00700, Intel Core i7-8700, 12GB RAM, DDR4-2666, PC4-21300 MB/s, 1TB Hard Drive). Last year, when backing up some data, I noticed that the PC slowed down drastically whenever I plugged in an external hard drive...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] I want to buy USB Flash Drive. Which manufacturer should I choose?

    I want to buy USB Flash Drive. I want USB 3.0, or 3.1, or 3.2. I want capacity 32 GB or 64 GB. I run Windows 10 Home 64-bit. Which manufacturer should I choose?
  9. Unicas

    [SOLVED] WinToUsb failed to format USB Flash Drive and The USB is now Write protected. What to do?

    Hi guys and I was trying to install windows10 on my USB using the WinToUSB but it failed and the USB where I wanted to install got Write Protected and I am unable to use it. I tried everything Diskpart, Regedit, Third Party Software, and Formating it.
  10. a cooperator

    Question USB drive is not accessible, a device which does not exist was specified

    Hi Everyone! I have Windows 10 V:1903 (Build 18362.959) installed on my HP Pavilion DV6 laptop I have a 'Philips 2.0 USB Flash Drive' USB Device which was being recognised well my Windows 10 whenever I tried plugging it into any 2.0 USB ports on my laptop However, I then plugged it into a USB...
  11. D


    Hello. i have usb flash drive 3.0 with capacity 64 gb. Once i have connected it to the pc (with widnows 7), it suggested me to "SOLVE THE PROBLEMS" or order something like that. I started it and after starting the resolving process i disconnected it from my pc. After that when i'm connecting...
  12. D

    Question Flash drive is write - protected

    As the title says, my flash drive is write-protected and I cannot format it, nor make any changes. I did the following: opened Regedit, followed this path ''HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control'' and couldn't find the StorageDevicePolicies. I've been told to create it myself and...
  13. I

    Question ASUS M2A-MX BIOS update help

    Hello, i noticed that i need to update my mobo BIOS to fix a grand hang issue that was on this system forever. But when i enter DOS mode and execute the afudos file to open the .rom file for my bios update, says it can't open it. I'm making a MS-DOS FAT32 USB flash drive. Can someone tell me how...
  14. S

    Upgrading WiFi Network

    I have to upgrade network in one small hotel (2 floors/10 rooms per ech). Right now they have two TP-Link routers working as AP (both with two external antenas, old (only 2.5GHz) so I decided to replace them with Unifi AC-LITE. Right now the signal is up to good in every room. Won't AC-LITE be...
  15. K

    how can i update my dell inspiron n5050 laptop bios version a05 to a06

    i dont find a06 version bios for my laptop
  16. M

    Best single GPU for three 27" HD monitors?

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my rigs GPU to use all three of my monitors for gaming/movies/work/etc. I currently have an Asrock Z77 extreme4 mobo with an i7 2600k CPU and a GTX 570 GPU. I am searching for the best, single, GPU option for three, HDMI, 1080P, 27" monitors. Let's say the spending...