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  1. Banana peel

    Question USB headers gigabyte b450 ds3h

    I’m installing new Corsair exhaust fans and I can seem to find if my mobo has more than one usb header for the controller all I see is one for the usb connections for the case could I remove those and be safe I don’t use them I would rather not but my 2070 super needs cooling
  2. [SOLVED] USB Shielding/plastic connector for header broke off, is there a way to replace it?

    I was trying to build my pc myself for the first time ever, and am still anxious about breaking this so I apologize in advance. I was trying to connect the front IO USB connector to my motherboard earlier, and I assume it did not go in properly or I accidentally force it out, but the little...
  3. noxinum

    [SOLVED] USB Cable 1394 or normal one?

    I jave a Asus Rog Strix B550-I Mobo and a corsair commander Pro. I need to connect it to a usb 2.0 header, my mobo has one but it says to not connect a 1394 cable. Is the corsair usb connection a normal one or a 1394?
  4. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte b450m ds3h USB Header

    How many does it have? I need two for my case and one for Bluetooth.
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Simple LED lights powered by USB 2 header?

    I'm looking for some simple led lights tht connect to/powered by a USB 2 header - ios there such a thing? Thanks
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] USB 3.0 devices and USB 3.0 front header not working

    Hi, Have just built my first PC, all went well until i plugged in a USB flash drive. I have an up to date BIOS and have downloaded all the available drivers from AMD and ASUS mobo drivers to no avail. Firstly, the front USB 3.0 header does not work for any type of USB device, seems completely...
  7. Madmaxneo

    Please help, my home built system is crashing!

    First my system: i7 4930k 32 gb (4x8gb) of G.skill 2133mhz RAM (in XMP) Rampage IV Black Ed MB Evga SuperNova 100watt G2 EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0 various HDDs and SSDs Windows 10 Pro 64 bit First off I have had this system for about 2 yrs and it has been running strong and stable up til about 2...
  8. P

    coil whine in a new gpu

    i got the 1070 strix 2 days ago and i benchmarked it using ungine vally 1.0 at ultra no aa 3 times 1st time was at 1280x720 by mistake.. 2nd was 1080p with ultra and aa 3rd was 1080 ultra no aa and after the 3rd one was done cause the sound was so high from the program it self i didnt hear the...
  9. K

    Samsung 850 Evo 120GB or Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB?

    Hi, as I have never used an SSD before and my computer is due for the upgrade, I have been looking at cheap SSDs to buy. My budget is around the 50-£60 mark. I have been doing research and I understand that the Samsung is a better SSD overall but the capacity is putting me off. I can get the...