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  1. J

    Question USB port unrecognized

    Using Lenovo G430 laptop. Whenever I try to connect any external USB to any port it shows always same message "USB device Unrecognized" Is there any solution?
  2. GeniuneFraud

    Question USB ports work for a random amount of time then "break".

    I have this weird problem with ALL of my USB ports where they just stop recieving input and my keyboard's lights start flickering and trying to move the mouse, type anything, or try to speak on discord the PC doesnt react in any way. I get output to my headphones but it has some random crackling...
  3. M

    Question External HDD not getting enough power?

    I have an Adata 2TB HC 660 slim external hard drive which I have been using for some years. It was mainly used as an extension for my laptop SSD, so it has spent most of the time on the desk. I was moving some data from my laptop when the transfer speed became zero. I tried re-plugging the...
  4. I

    Question Motherboard DH61HO back usb ports not working

    Since am using the board DH61HO after 4 year of use the usb back ports stop working then i took to repair it but many say they can do nothing after a while i go to a computer market there i go gor repair my usb ports he says he replace the ports but after repair only two are working and now that...
  5. F

    Kabylake on Skylake bios

    What will happen if i install a kabylake cpu on a skylake bios version of z170 gaming k3 gigabyte? I just did this but im not sure if my results are what they should be. The finished pc build keeps restarting and i cant access bios or anything to be able to q flash the bios because i get no...