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  1. Halo Diehards

    [SOLVED] Oculus inbound, need moar 3.0 USB ports, how do I choose?

    I upgraded my pc last year so it could handle Oculus Rift. Then they stopped selling them. Now I'm having one gifted to me, and I need to order additional USB 3.0 ports. I'm not sure how I go about knowing what is compatible with my pc? Any help appreciated. I don't have any problem installing...
  2. jack tham

    Question Usb ports

    If my usb port is burned, if i leave it will it affect my computer or should i just change it?
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] USB Ports Become Unresponsive/Disabled While Transferring Data

    I built a PC about a month ago, haven't had any major problems besides a booting issue that seems to have been resolved. Now I think I've run into another problem with the USB ports. A couple of weeks ago, I had connected my mom's camera to my computer via its USB cable to transfer some...
  4. H

    Question USB Ports RESTARTING only when Gaming and trying to use a CONTROLLER

    Okay! So I don't know what's going on but suddenly 3 days ago as I was trying to play CONTROL for the first time, I was in the game with my PS4 Controller (emulating a XBOX Gamepad via DS4 WINDOWS) and suddenly about 5 minutes into the game my PS4 Controller got disconnected but also all the USB...
  5. D

    Question Just installed a new motherboard and USB/ethernet ports not working

    Hello! My new motherboard's USB & ethernet ports aren't working. When I am in the BIOS, my keyboard works and I'm able to look around. The second the computer turns on, all ports on the back of the computer stop working (besides graphics). Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus CPU: i7 9700K
  6. D

    INTEL core 2 quad q9550 temperature.

    Hi I have a intel core 2 quad q9550. Is 46 degrees a good temperature? Also is 60 degrees a good temperature when playing games?
  7. M

    GPU Beeps While Gaming

    Hi, my 3 gb gtx 1060 zotac gpu has some weird beeps since I build it. I play normally for 99% of the time and then all of the sudden I hear a Bzzz sound and my fps and video drops to a solid 2 fps. It happens maybe around once every 3 hours and is something that I'm concerned about. I have all...
  8. T

    29UM58-P vs 29UM68-P

    So i am trying to choose which monitor to get, so here is the situation. I will be getting a Ryzen 7 1700 and a NVIDIA GTX 1080 (remember NVIDIA uses G-sync NOT free-sync) The 2 monitors i am thinking about are the 29UM58-P and 29UM68-P The only differences are 29UM58-P $339 (no free-sync)...
  9. R

    Migrating a multiboot GRUB Win10/Ubuntu drive to new m2

    My old 120gb SSD has a perfectly booting grub with Win 10 and Ubuntu. Can I migrate the whole drive with all partitions and bootable grub to a new m2 drive (Samsung 960)? Should I use Samsung data migration tool or something like AOMEI? Figure I can resize the data partitions once they are...

    Poor Performance on 980

    Hello, I have had my build for a year now, and for as long as I remember, the graphics performance has been off. I have issues running games like GTA V on single player at a consistent 60 fps, many games that shouldn't struggle, like Mafia 2 are still causing significant loss. Build: 4690k WD...
  11. C

    GPU Fan Speed

    I just installed MSI AfterBurner. I have a Asus Strix R7 370 that runs just a bit too hot for my taste while playing witcher 3 ( Approximately 78°C at most with max load) with a mix of medium and high settings. On low/medium settings, I get around 60-71°C. My question is how much rpm can a gpu...
  12. emtasty123

    What age groups make up gaming?

    What percentage of kids age 5-12, teens aged 13-19, young adults aged 20-30, adults aged 30-55 and elders aged 55+ are on mobile gaming, PC Gaming and Console Gaming? Thank you! (#LoveStatistics)
  13. D

    Acer 8920g will not boot, ticking noise, gpu chip not detected properly

    I have an acer aspire 8920g it doesn't want to boot. it makes a ticking noise or a clicking noise from somewhere presumably speakers it does this constantly while the internal monitor is plugged into the mainboard round 2 ticks a second( blown capacitor ? ) i have been through a process of...
  14. C

    Is the Intel Core I5 4690 compatible with the Z97 Chip set?

    I was having a look at the Intel Core I5 4690 and a motherboard that had a Z97 chip set and I was wondering if the CPU was compatible with it. Thanks.