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  1. M

    [SOLVED] can I upgrade USB ports via BIOS??

    Hey, peeps! Probably a silly question, but I will still ask it, just to make sure... if I purchase a MoBo that comes with USBs 3.2 Gen 1 ports only, will it be possible to upgrade these ports to Gen 2 via a BIOS update later on? Or it doesn't need to be BIOS update, I'm interested if there's...
  2. T

    Question USB ports not enough power

    My back panel USB ports don't give enough output power to support external disk (2.5"). But the front does. Back port give around 4.0V, front 5.0V. USB ports are 3.1, external disk is 3.0. Ordinary USB is working fine without problems, maybe quickly become hot. Any ideas what could be the...
  3. liberty610

    [SOLVED] Issue with front USB ports ?

    I have an issue with my 2 front USB ports, and I am not sure why. And now I think changing one of the USB options in advanced power mode to try and fix it is making my PC wake up from sleep mode by itself. This is my full system on PC parts picker: So, my case...
  4. ddule.srb

    Laptop USB ports work in BIOS but not in windows? ? ?

    Hi, laptop just one day stopped it's keyboard working along with the trackpad. I connected my PC keyboard and it worked like that. However, when i enter the BIOS, the USB ports work and even the regular keyboard does. But, as soon as i try to install fresh windows via usb flash drive, the pad...
  5. Aleem0422

    Question Rear USB ports aren't working ?

    Guys, Idk what happened but nowadays my rear USB ports aren't working which is really weird coz except for the USB ports all other ports like VGA, PS/2, mic, and speaker ports are totally working fine. I took it to the pc repair shop they said the problem is with the motherboard USB ports are...
  6. C

    Question Problem with USB ports on ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT

    Hi, I have this weird bug/error on my laptop which has been going on for months now. Whenever I connect my usb mouse to my laptop, it lights up and moves but I can't click on anything, left and right click both aren't working. I can only fix it by opening Task Manager and starting to move the...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] Why have USB ports stopped working ?

    I recently bought a used Asus Rog Strix Z-270F gaming motherboard. When i first installed it, it worked like a charm and i had no problems. A few days later i suddenly wasn't able to power my rgb mousepad through the usb ports on the motherboard, so i moved it to one of the USB ports on the...
  8. Halo Diehards

    [SOLVED] Oculus inbound, need moar 3.0 USB ports, how do I choose?

    I upgraded my pc last year so it could handle Oculus Rift. Then they stopped selling them. Now I'm having one gifted to me, and I need to order additional USB 3.0 ports. I'm not sure how I go about knowing what is compatible with my pc? Any help appreciated. I don't have any problem installing...
  9. jack tham

    [SOLVED] Usb ports

    If my usb port is burned, if i leave it will it affect my computer or should i just change it?
  10. Z

    [SOLVED] USB Ports Become Unresponsive/Disabled While Transferring Data

    I built a PC about a month ago, haven't had any major problems besides a booting issue that seems to have been resolved. Now I think I've run into another problem with the USB ports. A couple of weeks ago, I had connected my mom's camera to my computer via its USB cable to transfer some...
  11. H

    Question USB Ports RESTARTING only when Gaming and trying to use a CONTROLLER

    Okay! So I don't know what's going on but suddenly 3 days ago as I was trying to play CONTROL for the first time, I was in the game with my PS4 Controller (emulating a XBOX Gamepad via DS4 WINDOWS) and suddenly about 5 minutes into the game my PS4 Controller got disconnected but also all the USB...
  12. D

    Question Just installed a new motherboard and USB/ethernet ports not working

    Hello! My new motherboard's USB & ethernet ports aren't working. When I am in the BIOS, my keyboard works and I'm able to look around. The second the computer turns on, all ports on the back of the computer stop working (besides graphics). Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus CPU: i7 9700K
  13. D

    INTEL core 2 quad q9550 temperature.

    Hi I have a intel core 2 quad q9550. Is 46 degrees a good temperature? Also is 60 degrees a good temperature when playing games?
  14. M

    GPU Beeps While Gaming

    Hi, my 3 gb gtx 1060 zotac gpu has some weird beeps since I build it. I play normally for 99% of the time and then all of the sudden I hear a Bzzz sound and my fps and video drops to a solid 2 fps. It happens maybe around once every 3 hours and is something that I'm concerned about. I have all...
  15. T

    29UM58-P vs 29UM68-P

    So i am trying to choose which monitor to get, so here is the situation. I will be getting a Ryzen 7 1700 and a NVIDIA GTX 1080 (remember NVIDIA uses G-sync NOT free-sync) The 2 monitors i am thinking about are the 29UM58-P and 29UM68-P The only differences are 29UM58-P $339 (no free-sync)...
  16. R

    Migrating a multiboot GRUB Win10/Ubuntu drive to new m2

    My old 120gb SSD has a perfectly booting grub with Win 10 and Ubuntu. Can I migrate the whole drive with all partitions and bootable grub to a new m2 drive (Samsung 960)? Should I use Samsung data migration tool or something like AOMEI? Figure I can resize the data partitions once they are...

    Poor Performance on 980

    Hello, I have had my build for a year now, and for as long as I remember, the graphics performance has been off. I have issues running games like GTA V on single player at a consistent 60 fps, many games that shouldn't struggle, like Mafia 2 are still causing significant loss. Build: 4690k WD...
  18. C

    GPU Fan Speed

    I just installed MSI AfterBurner. I have a Asus Strix R7 370 that runs just a bit too hot for my taste while playing witcher 3 ( Approximately 78°C at most with max load) with a mix of medium and high settings. On low/medium settings, I get around 60-71°C. My question is how much rpm can a gpu...
  19. emtasty123

    What age groups make up gaming?

    What percentage of kids age 5-12, teens aged 13-19, young adults aged 20-30, adults aged 30-55 and elders aged 55+ are on mobile gaming, PC Gaming and Console Gaming? Thank you! (#LoveStatistics)
  20. D

    Acer 8920g will not boot, ticking noise, gpu chip not detected properly

    I have an acer aspire 8920g it doesn't want to boot. it makes a ticking noise or a clicking noise from somewhere presumably speakers it does this constantly while the internal monitor is plugged into the mainboard round 2 ticks a second( blown capacitor ? ) i have been through a process of...
  21. C

    Is the Intel Core I5 4690 compatible with the Z97 Chip set?

    I was having a look at the Intel Core I5 4690 and a motherboard that had a Z97 chip set and I was wondering if the CPU was compatible with it. Thanks.