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  1. N

    Question USB desk fan or Phone

    Hi, I want my USB desk fan or my Phone to charge when pc is off, but they only work when pc is on, can i do something? my Motherboard is the MSI B550 tomahawk
  2. Toms_lee

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to disable USB power delivery when PC is off?

    I was wondering if it is possible to turn off power delivery to peripherals after PC is turned off? I have a mic and keyboard which both have LED elements and they are quite annoying at night when sleeping. Only solution so far was either turning off power supply switch or removing USB cables...
  3. G

    Question PCI-E USB hub card burnt taking everything with it. What went wrong?

    So I replaced a motherboard and everything seemed fine. A burnt smell came from the case some time later and I turned it off. It was my inateck pci-e to usb 3.0 card that burnt. Worse, it took down all peripherals attached to it - keyboard, mouse, etc. All gone. What could have caused it? It...
  4. Dmarhon

    Question Power issue :Xbox controller burned out by MSI Tomahawk b450

    Hello everyone I was using the Xbox controller pretty fine but one day I decided to switch to PS4 controller because vibration is not working later I decided to get back to the Xbox 360 controller and when I plugged it in the computer will restart for several times. I didn't even think it was...