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  1. Vvvn

    Question MSI 970a-g46 usb tethering randomly disconnecting ?

    Why is my MSI 970a-g46 disconnecting my phone when I use WiFi ? Every phone I connect and share the wifi to my pc, it disconnects randomly even with different cable. I have everything up to date and bios is at his latest. I also have SSD issues it freezes randomly... Windows 10/11 have the...
  2. AshMetalRaf

    [SOLVED] USB Tethering Error

    Hello! This is a very odd problem I'm facing after doing certain changes. I somehow messed up something in port forwarding on my router page and now my phone can no longer accept usb tethering to my desktop..every time I turn it on, it goes off and says "USB tethering error" on phone. I have...