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  1. C

    Question USB2-Ports not working right. Drives are not recognized

    hey guys, i have a realy weird problem with my usb-ports on the mainboard. My mainboard is the GA-AB350M-DS3H from Gygabite. The strange thing is, that no USB 2.0 port is working in the way it should. I can plug my mouse and my keyboard in them and things are working fine. But if i am...
  2. J

    Question USB3 Data transfer throttling to 40mbps?!

    Hey everyone, Please help! This issue only seems to affect USBA-C cables. Its the change from A-C or C-A which is the issue. So this is on multiple windows 10 machines (a desktop and laptop), same issue. I have tried transferring from/to SSD drives, CFExpress cards, internal Nvme drives...
  3. HnyBear

    [SOLVED] USB 3.0 Header to a USB 2.0 Header/Splitter

    Why can I not find this anywhere? I have an extra USB 3.0 header on my MB and I'd like to find a adapter to plug into it and get at least 2 USB 2.0 headers out of it. I can only find one place that has one and I don't know if I trust it...
  4. D

    FPS drops without typical problems

    I am experiencing unusual FPS drops in a game that my system has previously been able to handle easily (League of Legends). Typically I can get 100-140 FPS - way above what I need since I have a 60Hz monitor. Here recently I've had 23-50 FPS while playing LoL. I'm monitoring my CPU...
  5. E

    Memory causing lag.

    I have memory issues that are causing lag spikes, I have 8 GB of RAM (2x4 in dual channel). I've already freshly installed windows 10 over 3 times, I have updated my EFI to the latest version, I did serveral virus scans, I changed the memory sticks from my other computer to this one.. But the...
  6. E

    House pre-wired for Ethernet, need help setting up

    I have lived in my current house for almost 16 years, but am now just setting up the pre-wired Ethernet. I have purchased a gigabit Ethernet switch, but am very confused as to what to do next. Here's a picture of the access panel. Any and all help would be...
  7. A

    What would be a good oc for amd athlon x4 860k under these conditions?

    I have an AMD Athlon x4 860k with a gigabyte ultra-durable f2a88x-d3h motherboard and for cooler I have a cooler master hype TX3. Under these conditions I am currently running the stock frequency of 3.7 GHz and with this cooler the temp of the CPU cores on idle is about 40 degrees Fahrenheit -...
  8. M

    Free to play steam trading card farm

    I had this good idea (and sure enough there were multiple guides on how to do it) to somehow farm steam trading cards to basically get free money from trading them. Does anyone know of any free to play games that give out trading cards based on time played?
  9. S

    can't switch off touch pad when typing

    I have an Asus 1080 and have just installed the latest Elan driver but despite checking the relevent box in the control panel, the touchpad still won't disable whenI have another mouse plugged in or I'm typing. Fn+F9 not working either. Any ideas? Win 7 32 bit.
  10. E

    The Best GPU I Can Run

    I am looking to upgrade my GPU and would like to know the closest I can get to top of the line with the hardware have. AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor 3.21 GHz Asus Crosshair IV Formula G-Skill DDR3 2133 8G x 2 Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA 2 TB x 2 LG Bluray Burner My...
  11. sirrylanodory

    Creative Sound Blaster Z static in games.

    Whenever i start a Game like Diablo 3 for example, my sound card starts to have a background buzz/static sound. but sometimes, it stops or doesn't at all. i've tried moving the front panel header cable away from any power cables, all cables infact, and it seems to have no effect. after i tried...