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  1. T

    Question Is 3.1 USB port bound by 3.0 speed in my laptop?

    I have MSI GE62VR Apache Pro laptop. I was looking into my USB ports to understand whether my USB-C port is 3.1 Gen2. I have a few questions: As I understand correctly from the screenshots below, it seems that I have a 3.1 Controller which is bound by 3.0 version? Does this mean that the speed...
  2. Droidfreak

    [SOLVED] Is there an L-form (90 deg) adapter for the USB 3.1 Gen 2 FP connector?

    On my Maximus XI Hero mobo I have a said front panel connector, number 10 on the board layout (U31G2_2), it looks like that and is located near the right edge of the board. I use it to power the front USB-C port on my Strix Helios case. The problem is that the cable is immediately routed...