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  1. mostafa edalatpoor

    Question a usb 3 plug in usb 4 or plug in usb 3?

    i have a usb 3 and a pc with both usb 4 and 3. when can i get the best possible result ?? a usb 3 plug in usb 4 or plug in usb 3?
  2. N

    Question Consumer MB with DDR5: Intel or AMD first?

    There are so many leaks, rumors and announcements that is is very hard to keep track. I think I will upgrade when I get DDR5 (and hopefully also USB4). Nevermind all the fanboyism and other considerations, but just strictly on the topic: Do you think AMD or Intel will have the first consumer MB...
  3. A

    Question USB4-ready likely if board is Thunderbolt-ready?

    Hello all, I'm aiming to start a new build that will be as future-proof as possible and a big concern for me is USB4. I'm not in any need of the bandwidth, for now at least, but love the idea of powerful and intuitive charging ports and also of everything coalescing around the type-C outlet...
  4. Armani316

    Question PCIe & laptop motherbaords?

    He guys, Can someone please clarify the following for me: 1. From my basic understanding, laptop motherboards do not use PCIe connectors, so the entire discussion about PCIe 4.0 & 5.0 is irrelevant for laptops. Is this correct? What confused me is what when I look at the tech specs of M.2 NVMe...