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  1. wittypixel

    Question How do i verify performance is acceptable on a used 3080 Ti I have just bought ?

    title is pretty straight forward. the reason why is because it's used. i have 30 days to return it and a 1 yr warranty so i have confidence but want to make sure this one isn't worn down. there a benchmark I can and should run? and what numbers do i compare it to? I do have the card on the...
  2. N

    Question External Drive Cabinet Suggestions.

    I am running Win 10 Pro on an Intel Core i7 4770K CPU. I have an external 5 bay SATA cabinet with about 40T (four 10s and some change) and need to expand. I do not need RAID or anything complicated or "stylish". A cabinet with maybe 10 or more bays, fan cooling, a power supply, a few LEDs for...
  3. N1njaDestr0yer

    [SOLVED] Used Computer Parts are they worth buying in 2020? (Keyboards, Mouse or Mice and or Headphones)?

    G'Day Tom's Hardware Enthusiasts, I have a question that might sound kinda redundant..., anyways I have 2 used mechanical keyboards both with that "mechanical" click but one is in need of a key replacement.... but I was wondering as to where I can find replacement parts to fix them, Keyboard...