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  1. Fred cleanface

    Question Hand me down computer parts, Fans spin, no debug led light, no signal

    Cpu: Ryzen 3 2200g Mobo: MSI B450M Gaming Plus Ram:Hyper X 3200 2x8gb Gpus: onboard graphics unknown, known working gt 1030, know working rx 480 PSU: Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+ Hello, I had a ryzen 2200g that I used for a bit with my pc, but I upgraded and wanted to give it to my brother. We...
  2. X

    Question GPU Only Able to Use VGA port

    It's an old one component, Motherboard HP IPMMB-FM (driver version according dxdiag "FOR_821.rom vFOR8.21") CPU i5 3570 8GB RAM GPU Powercolor AXRX 580 4GBD5-3DHDV2/OC (And Gigabyte GTX 650 OC 1GB for spare) Nothing are OC'ed note: my monitor only have VGA input, so I use adapter to use the...
  3. S

    Question Are second hand say from CEX or ebay GPUs a good idea? Say a GEForce RTX 2080 Ti/?

    Are second hand say from CEX or ebay GPUs a good idea? Say a GEForce RTX 2080 Ti/? Trying to deal with the this software wants a quadro that software wantsa a Geforece card issue. So was thinking get an Quadro RTX 4000 now and later pick up a second have Geforce csrd but are they likely to...
  4. H

    Question Which used MacBook should my sister buy in 2019

    Hi, my sister is looking for used MacBook for max. 390 $. Which model should she go for? She doesn't really know much about macs so neither do I. She wants it for watching movies, social medias and internet surfing. How much RAM will she need, what processor etc. Which used model should she...
  5. DaveKari

    [SOLVED] Buying a used ROG STRIX XG27VQ for 263$

    So I have the opportunity to buy a used XG27VQ and I would love to buy it BUT, it's 2.5years old. It had been constantly used tho the seller says that it is in perfect shape. No scratches, no dead pixels, nothing. So I would love to hear your opinions. Should I buy it, or leave it, cause it's old?
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Is this good deal (Used PC)

    Hello, So, In my country PC parts are really expansive, anyways. I got this deal from a friend for 400$: Intel core i7 4790 RX-580 8gb 8gb Ram (Haven't asked him for the speed) SSD 120GB HDD 500GB Thanks for reading this and answering my Question! <3
  7. A

    Question Should I buy a used i7 4790k?

    I have a system with an ASUS LGA 1150 motherboard, 16gb ddr3 ram, a gtx 980 and an i5 4690K. I want to upgrade my CPU but would have to replace my motherboard, RAM, and CPU if I want to go to a new generation. Is it worth spending $150-200 on a used i7?
  8. J

    Sell used I5-7400

    Hello, everyone! I have a question. For how much can I sell my used I5-7400? I know it is old. €50? I would like to know the price in euros.
  9. H

    Question Sager NP9150 Gaming laptop with AMD HD7970m Good for 2019?

    Hey guys! I am trying to buy a decent enough gaming laptop in my budget. The budget is tight and the cheapest gaming laptop i could find is this one. Its a used laptop. My budget is around 30k INR ($425). I was hoping i could play modern games at least on low or ultra low. I just want a gaming...
  10. Heater6785

    [SOLVED] Second hand CPU/GPU

    I am searching for a used CPU and GPU for my PC. Are there any risks for the CPU if it hasn't been overclocking or working on high temperatures and I put a thermal compound and use a good cooler (not the stock one) after buying it? Besides from getting out from a mining rig and the temps, is...
  11. X

    [SOLVED] Bought used RX 480, random black screens

    Hi all! I just bought a used RX 480 4GB (Sapphire Nitro, not Nitro+). I installed it last Sunday by doing this: I downloaded the latest RX 480 drivers from AMD's site, rebooted into safe mode, used DDU to uninstall all graphics drivers, shut down PC, replaced my GTX 750 TI with the RX 480 and...
  12. W

    [SOLVED] Buying a used gtx 950

    I found a used gtx 950 2gb sc and the seller wants about 50$ for it, would this be a good deal?? I’m going to put it in a HTPC that has a 2200G processor in it, no heavy gaming will be done since I have a better spec pc for that. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Used Cards: GTX 970 vs RX 570

    Hi, I'm on a budget of $120 (Not from the US so these are prices here in the PH) I recently broke my generic Korean RX 570 and I want to buy a card that has the same performance but still within my price range (so it's most likely a used card). At the moment I have 3 choices: Buy a used MSI...
  14. oakside

    [SOLVED] ASUS B450-F motherboard, defective DIMM slots, no POST, orange LED

    It seems my "new" B450-F motherboard has a couple dead DIMM slots. Maybe some wisdom can be shared with me to help figure this out. Otherwise, this post may at least help others with similar problems. Will update until resolved (feel free to PM or notify me if I forget). Details: Tested RAM in...
  15. Y

    Question Is the XFX Radeon 760 an actual video card?

    I was looking on my local used market (letgo if it makes a difference) and someone was listing an XFX Radeon 760. However, after I did some googling, I couldn't find anything about it, but rather the GTX 760. Is this a scam or could it just be a typo? If you want to see a picture of the graphics...
  16. B

    Question Buying used MotherBoard

    Would it be okay buying this motherboard used? ASUS B450 AMD Ryzen 2 ATX Gaming Motherboard AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 (Prime B450-Plus)
  17. C

    Please help (jeep)

    So I'm looking for a new everyday driver and where I live it has to be a truck or SUV so I can get through the mud and snow. Recently i found a 1984 jeep cherokee v6 5-speed manual with low mileage. Body is good, interior is rough which is no big deal for me, and motor/transmission is good but...
  18. H

    Question RTX 2070 Artifacts

    Hello, I just put in my new Zotac RTX 2070 AMP! Extreme and started my first gaming sesion on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, when I noticed some artifacts appearing on screen which can be seen here: View: (Sorry for the German ^^) and the game crashing/freezing...
  19. P

    Question My lan driver and device manager are both blank

    My lan driver and device manager are both blank. I add my wireless wifi adapter it's not working but when I plug internet cable my internet is working .i want to use wifi adapter how to solve this problem?
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Building a new pc

    Alright as the title states I’m building a new pc. And I’m not sure if I should go with 9600k or 9700k. The computer will be strictly for gaming only on a high refresh 1080p monitor. Are 2 extra cores worth the extra 140 bucks for the 9700k? I do stream however the computer I have now which is...