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    Question Can't open some programs after changing main user folder name.

    I changed the name of my main user folder and now I can't open OR uninstall certain programs, one of which I use very often. Below is the error I get when trying to open Discord. I can't uninstall it either, because windows tries to uninstall discord within my old user folder, which obviously...
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    144hz on the Benq XL2430T

    Hello, I have a problem on the Benq's website it says that this monitor is 144hz but when I looked at the specs I am not sure what cable is required to run this at 144hz. Here is what the site says: Ver. Frequency (Hz) VGA / HDMI : 24 ~ 120 DVI-DL / DP : 56 ~ 144 I am not 100% Sure what...