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  1. E

    Question how to find adminstartor password of my cloud user?

    hey, i have a cloud outlook account on my windows 11 pro, i log in through pin code or fingerprint from logon screen. when requesting SSH server it request me user's password!(which i never set), what could it be?and how can i find it/set it?* * tried entering pin code/outlook account, did not work!
  2. C

    [SOLVED] how do you change the user of the mac's name?

    I brought my Macbook Pro 2017 13" from CEX here in Australia in 2018. I was stupid enough not to factory reset it and I only just realised that my username is 'cex' in the mac's disk. Is there any way to change the user of the mac disk without factory resetting it? Thanks, Colby
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] The user profile service service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded

    I cant login to Windows 10 because this error appears on the logon screen: "The user profile service service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded". What i tried already: -Loging in with safe mode(wont worked) -Tried to activate the built in Administrator, and add a new user(wont...
  4. A

    Question Can multiple users simultaneously remote into a single windows 10 machine?

    I have a very high spec machine with windows 10 installed. Is there a way to allow multiple users to remote access and use the machine at the same time?
  5. T

    Image windows harddrive incrementally

    I have a windows 7 laptop with an 500gb Samsung 840 EVO SSD, this is the only drive in the laptop. I would like to attach an external 500gb Samsung SSD and create an exact bootable copy so in case if harddrive failure or corruption, I can simply remove my SSD and install the other SSD and be...
  6. J

    trojan dectected on clean system

    I recently did a clean install of windows 10 from a usb drive. After installing Vipre Security Suite it detects a trojan, trojan.downloader.JQUA. How do I get rid of this. Reinstalling windows isn't helping.
  7. J

    Direct Optical Audio Output

    I have the audio from my Direct receiver connected to a very old Sony Stereo receiver using RCA audio cables. My wife has a TV ears next to her chair with the IR transmitter connected to the Ouptical output of the TV. This creates an out of phase audio,which creates an echo, so when she uses the...
  8. Apolo7

    Is there anything better than the Phanteks PH-TC12DX at a similar price (maximum 60$)?

    Is there anything better than that at the same price. I don't care whether it is water or air, neither do I care about noise and size. The only thing that interests me is cooling performance.
  9. G

    GTX 750 2D Youtube Throttle

    I have a small overclock on GTX 750. But have it set to a 3D Profile. When I watch youtube videos at 1080p 60 FPS they run fine except I get some artifacts or some mad edging around things that move fast. Like whens someone moves their hands fast in a video. it doesn't happen at 720 60 FPS. It...
  10. B

    Windows button and taskbar are in the bottom and can't be shown in the screen

    Okay so my younger cousin and his classmates borrowed my laptop yesterday and I opened it today and this happens before I boot it up I saw something strange as in the windows start up there are different registries being automatically updated, after it booted up it only the screen only shows the...
  11. A

    R9 270x losing fps on League for a short amount of time.

    Hey, I've been looking around for quite a while now, also got to LoL community forums, support etc... basicly my problem concists of huge fps drops (190 Laning/180 Tfs) to like 30, not less, not more. This countinues for 3-5s after which it is all fine. On a another post made by a rioter I saw...
  12. V

    Can my gigabyte GA Z87X UD3H motherboard run 6 fans?

    Hi, im having a problem with my fans here. Im building a new gaming pc with 2 gtx 770 in the bitfenix shinobi case (windowed). Im gonna have a gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H motherboard which has one 3 pin sysfan header and three 4 pin sysfan headers. I want to have one Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120 mm fan in...
  13. L

    One last Challenge for the people of TH....

    So, I finally got all the kinks in my new pc worked out and everything is going well, except for the fact that there are some files, that i need, on a hard drive from my old PC. I tried just plugging it in, and it didnt seem to show up, and i would really, really, like not to have to format it...