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  1. D

    Question Dual-boot / Hiding the other system partition from one another

    Hi. I made a dual boot Windows 10s. I used my Kingston 240GB SSD and split it into 2 partitions. My main one with 160GB and the other one with 80GB for some testing. It's all good but i can explore, edit and use others partition files. I'd like to know how to hide the partitions from one...
  2. P

    Question W10 on C: and Users on D: Breaks System Restore

    If someone has such a set up with System on C: and Users on D: can you please create a system restore point and then restore it. See if it fails with possibly this error: 0x80070003 1-System works fine with 'Users' on D: Restore is just broken 2-I have installed clones going back 12 months...
  3. H

    Games are freezing and not responding when playing online

    Hi, I've had this problem for a while now, basically since october when I built my new pc. So, what happens is every single game I try to play online freezes and stops responding for 30 - 60 seconds and then comes back to normal. When this happens, the game sound still plays, just the game...
  4. R

    Where Do I Plug In My AIO Pump??

    Hi. I am currently building right now and I have no idea where to plug the pump into. I am using a ASrock AB350m mATX and the cooler is the Cooler Master Naster Liquid Lite. I assume I plug the fan into the CPU fan header (I may be wrong), but where do I plug the pump?
  5. EverythjngBlack

    What is a safe maximum overclock for my RX 570 Strix?

    I want to overclock my graphics card to the maximum without it DYING. What do you reccomend? PC Specs: RX 570 Strix AMD A10-7860K 16GB RAM
  6. D

    Increasing dedicated memory for integrated AMD GPU

    I've seen several similar questions, but nothing for my specific laptop, so sorry if this is considered spamming. My laptop is an HP Pavilion with the following configuration: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU AMD A8-7410 quad-core 2.2 GhZ RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz...
  7. M

    Green dots on screen

    Hey guys! I was playing some Civ VI today and my game was crashing when I used the steam overlay and sometimes in the middle of a game. The error message i recieved was that my display crashed. I reinstalled my drivers, turned off my computer, turned of the PSU and pulled out the power cable...
  8. J

    Direct Optical Audio Output

    I have the audio from my Direct receiver connected to a very old Sony Stereo receiver using RCA audio cables. My wife has a TV ears next to her chair with the IR transmitter connected to the Ouptical output of the TV. This creates an out of phase audio,which creates an echo, so when she uses the...
  9. tony1-3-9

    fx 6300 overclocking vcore problem...

    Hello, im having an issue with my fx 6300 on a gigabyte 78mlt-usb 3 rev 5.0 mb, i know its not a overclocking mb but i had no issues in the past but now its different, im noticing vcore throttling on my cpu when temps are perfectly fine? Im trying to run a safer 4.5ghz, i set vcore to 1.45 in...
  10. V

    Can my gigabyte GA Z87X UD3H motherboard run 6 fans?

    Hi, im having a problem with my fans here. Im building a new gaming pc with 2 gtx 770 in the bitfenix shinobi case (windowed). Im gonna have a gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H motherboard which has one 3 pin sysfan header and three 4 pin sysfan headers. I want to have one Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120 mm fan in...
  11. X

    $2000 streaming pc need help

    Hello, I am planning on building a pc in the next few months. I have built one before so I know the basics. This pc is goin to primarily be used to stream my xbox gameplay at the highest quality possible for the price. I also play wow and I think a GTX 770 should be fine for this. The cpu I am...
  12. jet399

    How to Show FPS In Video Created After Recording Game Play

    Hello, I like to record game play with Dxtory, but i want to show the FPS i am getting in the video. Just to make sure i did not confuse you, i can see the the FPS while recording but it does not show in the file made. Basically is there a program or setting that can show the FPS in the video...