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    Question CPU Bottlenecking my Laptop

    So I recently bought a new ASUS gaming laptop, and I noticed that when I play games (namely RDR2) my CPU utilization is at a constant 100% while my GPU utilization hovers around 50-60%. It's such a shame to see my nice 1660ti wasted like this, especially as I could have opted for a 1050 and it...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] GPU and CPU not utilizing fully on GTA

    Hey so i played GTA on my Ryzen 1500x and GTX 1070. The problem was that it lagged and i had high end GPU. The issue was my Ram. My ram was 1x8gb 2133Mhz which is not good for a Ryzen so i went and bought 2x8GB Ryzen compatible 3200Mhz. I saw little difference to FPS. I should've gotten like 30%...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] GPU and CPU not fully utilizing

    Hey. So i bought GTX 1070 and it is not performing as well as in youtube videos and i think it has to do with the ram. It is 1 ram stick in a dual stick motherboard and im suspecting its bottlenecking my system. Gpu temp does not exceed 70 C and Cpu does not exceed 50 C. One example is GTA V on...
  4. C

    Question Jerky/laggy mouse movements when cpu @ 100% utilization

    Okay so this issue has driven me nuts. Whenever my CPU reaches 100% utilization, my mouse movements is all stuttery, laggy and jerky. This started since I upgraded my GPU. I uninstalled my drivers with help from DDU. SPECS: i5 6400 MSI RTX 2060 (upgraded from 970) 8 GB Ram in single channel...
  5. StupidComputers

    SPECTRE and/or MELTDOWN first hand experience?

    Does anyone actually have first hand experience with these issues? I feel like the whole SPECTRE/MELTDOWN scare was more of a way for the industry to scare ppl into buying new hardware since for a while there it was really not worth it to upgrade systems and DDR4 was struggling to gain...
  6. B

    DNS not changing?

    Hi all a question if I may?. I’ve been reading about DNS leaks especially using your own isp dns so I discovered dns.watch as they state no logs. In my ASUS router under WAN SETTINGS if dns automatic is ticked and do a leak test the results are NTT Europe Limited and not my isp Virgin Media...
  7. N

    ryzen 1600 + gtx 1080 or ryzen 1700 + gtx 1070

    Hello,need help to build pc.which is better combo? im using 1080p 144hz monitor..thanks alot 1) ryzen 1700 zotac gtx 1070 amp extreme asrock ab350 fatal1ty gaming k4 g skill trident z rgb 2x8gb 3200mhz 120gb sandisk plus ssd 1tb seagate baracuda hdd evga g3 650w full modular usd45 case total...
  8. P

    core2duo E6600 running below the stock speed

    i have a C2D E6600 its stock speed is 2.4Ghz but its runing on 1.8ghz so i just enabled overclocking and kept the stock multiplier and frequency same [9x266] but when i do that my sound gets disturbed makes flickering noisy. dont know what to do , its messing with my fps in game
  9. M

    How am i being blocked from home wifi

    Been stayin with my brother for a while and we got into this online game. However my brother being the jerk that he is went ahead and decided to block my xbox frm the internet (he has verizon fios). On the xbox i can see it is still connected to the wifi, but im not able to access any online...
  10. S

    swapping pcb chips in HDD

    is it necessary that the replacement pcb chip no, must match all the digits on the original pcb board for the hdd to work ?. i have a 500gb Western digital hdd that stopped working( didnt even spin when connected to power ) a couple of years ago. A few days ago i switched its pcb board from a...
  11. L

    wifi in tablet

    i just purchased a nobis tablet i have wifi the min i turned it on my wifi was there and it ask me if i had a google acct i said yes because i have a gmail so i put that in and my pswrd and it said signing in and i wait and wait and i even tried a new google acct with my alt email and still...
  12. J

    How much would you pay?

    I have been building a computer and I have just decided to get a laptop but I need to know if I can get enough money, my specs are a M5a97 r2.0 mobo with a amd fx-6300 3.5ghz 8gb ram 1tb hdd a evga 650g and a hd 6450. all the computer is in great condition have had it a little over 4 months and...