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  1. B

    Question Sony Vaio no POST with keyboard lights on?

    Hello, I have an ancient Sony Vaio laptop (PCG-7Y2L) that refuses to post. It doesn’t have a battery and nor do I intend to spend 115$ on eBay for a new battery. No, 115$ is not a typo. However, I’m afraid the lack of battery might be why it’s not posting. All that happens when I hit the power...
  2. S

    Question My pc is always overheated

    My pc CPU and GPU temperature is always around 60C without any usage And while normal usage or gaming it goes up to 80C So what should I do? Does it have any solutions? I'm using Sony Vaio laptop with Intel core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20 GHZ And 8 GB ram With Nvidia Geforce GT 540M Sorry for my...
  3. Bellzemos

    Question Alps Touchpad on Sony Vaio VPC F13 serties laptop - weird

    Hi! So I have this older VAIO laptop which still works nice but I have a problem with it's touchpad, had it from the beginning. More of a mystery than a problem really. I like having the touchpad on a laptop disabled when I plug in a mouse. So when I fist got it I run an utility called (if I...
  4. M

    Question problem with finding onboard graphics driver for my old vaio laptop

    I have an old VAIO laptop. The exact product name as it mentioned in the back of laptop is "VPCEG34FX". it has following specs(i found using cpu-z): cpu = Intel Core i5 2450M gpu = Intel HD Graphics 3000 My laptop doesn't have a dedicated graphics card and only have this onboard card. when i am...
  5. notlim981

    Question Intel NM10 Express Chipset Driver for Windows 10

    I have a Sony Vaio Netbook model VPCW221AX which I have upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit. Everything installed correctly except for the so called "Base System Device". For what I know this is the chipset driver. This netbook comes with an Intel Atom N470 and 2 GB of DDR2 which was a pain to upgrade...
  6. 6

    Question VAIO´s assist bypass

    I bought an used VAIO MODEL pcg61a11u and after formating it's HDD with another pc I'm prompted with a "operating system not found" screen. I feel that the original owner changed the BIOS to legacy but I cant acces the BIOS anymore since the assist function no longer exists. what can I do...
  7. AndBaggio

    Sony Vaio with 1 gb of RAM, which OS?

    Which OS can I install on a Sony Vaio with 1 gb of RAM. It had Windows XP on it. Tried Windows 10 but it's too heavy. I need something light. Is there a Windows version which is light for an old laptop?
  8. AndBaggio

    Old Sony Vaio FS115S (from 2005) how to put it to use?

    So I have an old Sony Vaio FS115S bought in 2005. I would like to use it somehow so that my kid can use it for school. Do I have any hope that it will still work or should I just give up and put it in the trash? I tried putting Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Thin PC, but it seems like...
  9. Martiorio123

    [SOLVED] Hey, I have a VAIO PC with windows 7 that wont boot up anymore.

    So i have a Sony laptop from the range VAIO with 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 with 2 cores and 2.40Ghz and i was trying to set it up with windows 10 for better performance and remove everything to factory new. The process takes more than a day so i was trying to get it this weekend, but now...
  10. S

    Spilled orange soda on laptop cheapest repair?

    I have a problem my 2 year old sister spilled orange flavoured water over my laptop. I found it like 5 minutes after the incident and then I let it dry out in the tent position for 1 and a half of day. After that I tried to turn it on just on battery after that I tried to turn it while adapter...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] Join/Chain routers?

    Hi, I am having a hard time trying to chain together routers and could use some help... I have the following setup WiredRouter: TP Link TL-R600VPN, connected to the internet and to each of the Wifi's routers Wireless-A: NetGear R6300, connected to the WiredRouter and mostly media devices...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Laptop to Monitor, Will i get screen tearing?

    So i have a Dell G7 with GTX1060 and a 60Hz Laptop display. I get a lot of Screen tearing when i run almost any game, Even GTA San Andreas. If i hook this up to gaming monitor with 144Hz or GSync enabled will this fix my issue of screen tearing while i'm playing from the Gaming monitor? If so...
  13. N

    My asus f202 has no power and also when plug the charger the battery indicator no lights.any help?

    my laptop asus f202 has no power and the battery indicator does not lit when plug the charger.need help badly.
  14. T

    New computer, very poor benchmarks

    So basically I got a new computer during Christmas and I decided to benchmark it just in case it was bad. The computer is a prebuilt one. I used UserBenchmark and got this as the result: My specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] OS only from HDD to SSD(what files?)

    Ive got a new ssd 111gb of space. Deleted loads of games and whatever but my HDDn still is very full. Ive found a spare HDD which is 500GB. I want to transfer everything but the OS to the spare secondary HDD so i can the clone the OS from the HDD to the SSD and make it the primary boot. Make sense?
  16. A

    ASUS Z77 Sabertooth DRAM LEDs On, Will Not Post

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my CPU/MB/RAM and was building my friend a PC with my old hardware, which is: ASUS Z77 Sabertooth MB i5-3570k Corsair Vengeance 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3 (1600mhz) Never had any issues with the setup preupgrade. RAM was in dual channel in slots A2 and B2 (The...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Overclock stability suggestions

    Hi guys i overclocked my cpu and motherboard recently to release the bottleneck on my ram and gpu, aswell as trying to get fps up in games. I was able to achieve a fairly stable overlclock and gain a massive performance boost in games, however the game would occasionaly crash, usually after a...
  18. T

    I need help

    For my birthday I wanted to upgrade my pc. I got a GA-AB350-GAMING motherboard, DDR4 GAMING NIGHT HAWK RAM cards, GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti and a AMD RYZEN 5 Processor. I put it together, and I couldn't turn my pc on. I fiddled around, and I couldn't figure it out. My RAM cards were glowing, so my pc...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Missing volt power cable plugin on my motherboard.

    I have a Emachine-EL1360G-UW12P that I took apart the other day to clean out and make it shiny new and I also cleaned other parts inside it and had to unplug everything on it to clean it up. But now, I have a 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable that I don't know where it goes. Here is how the...
  20. A

    BSOD new installation windows 10

    Hey guys, I'm a little stuck here with a new build for a friend. I've built many pc's and a few on windows 10 but I'm genuinely stuck right now. I've upgraded a PC and windows 10 will not boot. It goes to WHEA unexpected error when trying to boot. Since I want it installed on the SSD, I...