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  1. S

    Spilled orange soda on laptop cheapest repair?

    I have a problem my 2 year old sister spilled orange flavoured water over my laptop. I found it like 5 minutes after the incident and then I let it dry out in the tent position for 1 and a half of day. After that I tried to turn it on just on battery after that I tried to turn it while adapter...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] Join/Chain routers?

    Hi, I am having a hard time trying to chain together routers and could use some help... I have the following setup WiredRouter: TP Link TL-R600VPN, connected to the internet and to each of the Wifi's routers Wireless-A: NetGear R6300, connected to the WiredRouter and mostly media devices...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Laptop to Monitor, Will i get screen tearing?

    So i have a Dell G7 with GTX1060 and a 60Hz Laptop display. I get a lot of Screen tearing when i run almost any game, Even GTA San Andreas. If i hook this up to gaming monitor with 144Hz or GSync enabled will this fix my issue of screen tearing while i'm playing from the Gaming monitor? If so...
  4. N

    My asus f202 has no power and also when plug the charger the battery indicator no lights.any help?

    my laptop asus f202 has no power and the battery indicator does not lit when plug the charger.need help badly.
  5. T

    New computer, very poor benchmarks

    So basically I got a new computer during Christmas and I decided to benchmark it just in case it was bad. The computer is a prebuilt one. I used UserBenchmark and got this as the result: My specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] OS only from HDD to SSD(what files?)

    Ive got a new ssd 111gb of space. Deleted loads of games and whatever but my HDDn still is very full. Ive found a spare HDD which is 500GB. I want to transfer everything but the OS to the spare secondary HDD so i can the clone the OS from the HDD to the SSD and make it the primary boot. Make sense?
  7. A

    ASUS Z77 Sabertooth DRAM LEDs On, Will Not Post

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my CPU/MB/RAM and was building my friend a PC with my old hardware, which is: ASUS Z77 Sabertooth MB i5-3570k Corsair Vengeance 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3 (1600mhz) Never had any issues with the setup preupgrade. RAM was in dual channel in slots A2 and B2 (The...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Overclock stability suggestions

    Hi guys i overclocked my cpu and motherboard recently to release the bottleneck on my ram and gpu, aswell as trying to get fps up in games. I was able to achieve a fairly stable overlclock and gain a massive performance boost in games, however the game would occasionaly crash, usually after a...
  9. T

    I need help

    For my birthday I wanted to upgrade my pc. I got a GA-AB350-GAMING motherboard, DDR4 GAMING NIGHT HAWK RAM cards, GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti and a AMD RYZEN 5 Processor. I put it together, and I couldn't turn my pc on. I fiddled around, and I couldn't figure it out. My RAM cards were glowing, so my pc...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Missing volt power cable plugin on my motherboard.

    I have a Emachine-EL1360G-UW12P that I took apart the other day to clean out and make it shiny new and I also cleaned other parts inside it and had to unplug everything on it to clean it up. But now, I have a 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable that I don't know where it goes. Here is how the...
  11. A

    BSOD new installation windows 10

    Hey guys, I'm a little stuck here with a new build for a friend. I've built many pc's and a few on windows 10 but I'm genuinely stuck right now. I've upgraded a PC and windows 10 will not boot. It goes to WHEA unexpected error when trying to boot. Since I want it installed on the SSD, I...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] Razer Core X / MSI WS72 6QN issues

    Hi. I have connected an MSI WS72 6QN laptop via TB3 to Razer Core X with PNY RTX 2080 ti, Driver release 461.34 and Windows 10 v1803 installed. All fans power up in the eGPU and card when TB3 attached to Core X's inbuilt TB3. Geforce Experience shows only the laptop's own GPU and not the eGPU...
  13. jkoster941

    Repeated crash, very strange!

    Hey all, my computer has been doing this for a couple of years but only now its gotten bad enough for me to try to find a solution. Gonna guess this is a GPU problem. This crash occurs with or without stress, its happened while playing games but it also happened when I was trying to make this...
  14. J

    WD20EZRZ stopped working (long story sorry)

    this is going to be a long story just to give you the full understanding so my friend and i were working on my computer trying to sli and in the process we changed the motherboard from a z 370 gaming plus to a z 370 sli plus ( tricking the bios into installing the sli one) to worked but started...
  15. A

    Front IO Cables

    I'm looking at building my own computer case and was wondering where i could buy the IO to go in the front, without spending a ridiculous amount. I really enjoy the Enermax Saberay but couldnt find the IO for it anywhere.
  16. W

    PC not turning on after installing new GPU

    Hi! Recently, I managed to buy the last part to a new computer CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 240 1GB / NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB PSU: SPC Vero L2 500w CASE: SPC Regnum RG2 HDD: 1TB 7200RPM Toshiba P300 MOBO: Asrock H110M R.3 DVS And a few days ago, I come happy home, knowing that...
  17. Bleubird

    To buy or not to buy? i9-7900X

    I’m looking to build a new computer for the upcoming couple of years, and I want to go all in on this one. The i9-7900X looks to be the best way to go, but I was wondering, is there any chance of there being a 8900X anytime soon? I usually wind up getting giped when I build my computers, it...
  18. C

    Random Ryzen black screen lock up

    First some system specs: Ryzen 3 1300X Crucial Ballistic Sport 16GB single stick RAM GTX 980 reference, latest drivers AsRock A320M Pro4 Sandisk 120GB SSD/Seagate 1TB HDD Corsair AX750 PSU Never overclocked or mined Now for the problem. For about 2 months I had Windows 8 and didn't like it so I...
  19. K

    2400g installing driver issue

    hello... i have a 2400g and every time i install the driver, i getting video tdr failure.. no matter if i install chipset from msi, or amd website or raven ridge driver on amd website.. same blue screen..please help...
  20. Z

    What brand of hard-drive is this.

    Yes I know its white label, but judging by the front cover what does this look like. It almost looks like Seagate. Let me know, thanks