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  1. PsychoSaik21

    Question Lagging and audio cutting out in Valorant ?

    So while I was playing Valorant today I experienced this weird bug where I would suddenly experience a decrease in performance to what felt like 10fps (although the fps counter did not change) and at the same time a complete audio cut-off. I restarted my game (making sure it was closed in task...
  2. E

    Question Pc crashing with some pixels remaining in pink and blue before restarting. (Valorant)

    Hi there, Just recently I encountered this issue while playing valorant on my pc. After playing in a game for around 3-5 minutes my screen goes black with only a small amount of pixels left lit. These pixels are usually blue or red/pink. After a few seconds of this screen my pc restarts. Can...
  3. bruther

    Question Kernel Power 41 during Valorant game

    Sometimes when I play Valorant my game freezes while making a buzzing noise then my computer restarts. I've already tried doing stress tests and running the game as administrator. I'm assuming the anti-cheat (Vanguard) has something to do with it because it causes all kinds of problems for other...
  4. versus28421

    [SOLVED] PC Freezing and Restarting problem please help

    well imp having trouble with my pc for 5 months now I'm experiencing Freeze restart once a week or once every 2 weeks playing valorant or just browsing the web. i don't know if its software or hardware issue.. I've already reinstall windows 10 pro 2 times still it freezes and restarts once a...
  5. Ryjin210

    Question Encountering random freezes and pc crash while playing games.. Ez debug lights for ram and cpu flash

    Hi guys Good day, i hope you could really help me with my problem which is troubling me. i have a pc which i use for gaming usually. when i play a game specifically valorant sometimes a random freeze will occur. after 3 seconds the monitor turns black and the ez debug lights flash back and forth...