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  1. D

    Question AMD RX 6600 not working with index?

    Recently I moved from an Nvidia card to an AMD 6600, I used DDU to uninstall all my drivers then installed the AMD drivers, everything works fine except for my Index which shows no display, I can confirm it works through direct view showing the index tracking on my desktop. I uninstalled and...
  2. henterpriser

    Discussion CS:GO Needs your help!

    Have you played the famous breathtaking round based shooter game? I'm talking about CS:GO the record breaking first person shooter in Esports. Our baby CS:GO is currently having a bad time experiencing with hackers :cautious: The players are leaving it because Hackers are everywhere! From the...
  3. Wayfall

    Question Portal 2 to bright (using lowest in-game brightness settings)

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knows how to lower a Valve games brightness lower than the lowest in-game setting? I wanted to do another playthrough but the game is very bright even on the lowest settings so rooms on my last playthrough that were pitch black or now very bright. I have this...
  4. Jsimenhoff

    Discussion Community Questions: On the Road to VR

    With upcoming releases from Oculus, and fresh competition—yes, of course I’m talking about the Valve Index—the state of VR hardware is as vibrant as ever. Since the Oculus Rift came out for consumers 3 years ago headsets, controllers, and GPUs have all improved. While the latest hardware is not...
  5. NomadSub7

    [SOLVED] Upgrading motherboard

    Hi I currently have a ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO thinking of upgrading but don't really want to upgrade the whole system CPU i7 i7-6700K M.2 Samsung SSD 970 Evo NVMe Mem G.SKILL 3200 (DDR4) 16/3200 TRIDENT Z PSU Seasonic X-650 GPX Asus 1050i I like Asus mobo been using them for years - any...
  6. C

    Question Game freezes, blackscreen and then crashes

    Hi guys, so recently my games start crashing. The game freezes, I getting a black screen than the game crashes. PC Specs: -Radeon RX 570 Series (Newest driver) -AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6x something lol) -126GB SSD (Windows booted) -1TB -2x4GB Ram DDR4 I did a Mem Test (0 errors) and a GPU stress test...
  7. Kristian Brevik

    [SOLVED] General questions about my components, and what to replace.

    Hey! brand new to this forum. I'm into gaming, CSGO. and im not completly satisfied with the FPS and mouse responsitivity im getting. My computer specs is: Motherboard, Asustek P6X58D GPU, Gainward 970 4GB CPU, i7 2,8ghz 6GB ram. PSU 650W Windows 10 pro I know these components are getting...
  8. JackFrostSekhose

    Question MSI A320m pro-vd plus BOOT LED Display lights up but black and no display

    Hello all I recently build my own pc and here are the specs Cpu ryzen 3 1200 Gfx card Gtx1050 Asus expedition Ram hyper X 4 gigs Mobo a320m pro-vd plus MSI I've been using this pc without any problems for about 5 months now Suddenly yesterday I decided to store the computer since I had...
  9. P

    PCIe Length of This Quad m.2 Carrier?

    I recently moved from an MSI GT72 to a desktop rig. The GT72 has quad SSD's that were set up in raid. I would like to be able to move some data from the old SSD's to my new computer but I'm not sure if it is possible. The drives look like this. The "carrier?" is slightly longer than a PCIe 2.0 x...
  10. JediMa

    Upgrade to a M.2 nvme or not?

    Hello I would like to replace my samsung 850 evo 500gb with a Samsung SSD 970 EVO, 500 GB, M.2, NVMe 500 gb. is a worth upgrade? If yes can I use it on my motherboard a Gigabyte Z370 HD3 (Ultra-Fast M.2 with PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA interface) ? thank you
  11. K

    No Display on Monitor

    Hi guys, So I have brand new PC and when I turn it ON lights turn on, everything looks good, but no display on monitor just black.... Pls HELP!
  12. S

    Windows 10 - Starts up with a black screen & cmd, but no file exporer?

    Alright, so my windows 10 desktop starts up normally at first, with the pretty picture at the login page. After entering my password though, it's just a black screen with a small cmd prompt at the top left. So clearly, fileexplorer.exe isn't starting up when my PC starts. The way I'm starting...
  13. S

    Rtx 2070 and i5 4690

    I have done a lot of reading the last couple of days and I am wondering if there is some one out there that has a simular build to the one im currnetly busy building : RTX 2070 , 16gb ram , i5-4690 , psu: 750 watt I read online that this build would perform its best at 1440p thus im getting a...
  14. J

    Fortnite freezes and restarts laptop

    Hi, I had a problem while playing fortnite. Fortnite randomly freezes (discord keeps working and I can talk with my squad) and then (after 3-8 seconds) buzzing sound appears and pc shutdown. Then after few seconds laptop turn on. One day it happens 3-4 times, another day no issues or just once...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Budget gaming pc for a beginner.

    Buying my first gaming pc build and was curious to see how this was. CPU- AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler - YD2600BBAFBOX Motherboard- MSI X470GPLUS Performance Gaming AMD X470 Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 Onboard Graphics CFX ATX Motherboard Graphics card- Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050...
  16. riley7

    [SOLVED] replaced 6.32a with 7.1a

    i have an asus laptop of 19v and 6.32a the charger is broken so i replaced with a 19v and 7.1a liteon charger, please are there any effect as to the difference in amps
  17. X

    Need help choosing Gaming Desktop

    Hi guys, What would be a better purchase between these two?? I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me your 2 cents...
  18. G

    Onus said: but I know the other two sell some sub-standard parts in their systems.

    When referring to CyberPower and IBuyPower, Onus said: but I know the other two sell some sub-standard parts in their systems. What about Ironside? They claim to use retail quality parts like Velocity Micro. Velocity Micro says that retail parts have better components on a motherboard for...
  19. T

    Corsair K70 MK.2 vs Hyperx Alloy Elite RGB vs Logitech G810

    Hi I’m looking at getting a mechanical gaming keyboard I have those options Corsair K70 mk2, Logitech G810, Hyperx Alloy Elite Rgb which one i should buy and why?
  20. C

    VGA HDMI AND DVI will not display

    Hey do when I used my computer yesterday everything was fine. But when I when to turn it on things really got strange , and nothing was being pushed to the monitor. absolutely nothing. I've already checked the monitor with another computer, it works, and all the cords work as well. This...
  21. D

    Upgrading CPU or Graphics Card?

    Hi All, before i ask here are my current RIG set up Pentium G4560 + GTX 1050 OC + 8GB DDR4 I'm actually pretty satisfied with the current set up i have, it can actually runs most demanding AAA games even with low setting compensations. But as a casual gamer who only runs 768p 60Hz monitor, a...
  22. T

    gtx 1080 overheating

    I have an EVGA gtx 1080. It usually won't go over 69-71 max when overclocked and gaming. recently it started to go to the high 70s and even low 80. When idle it's at 3-5% utilization (according to task manager) and is 35c when fans are at 40%. When fans are off (as they are when The computer is...
  23. rapidflyhigh

    hp pavilion 15-cc510nf doesn't use nividia gpu when plugged in.

    At first I thought it was because of some messed up pre selected power settings but it wasn't that, it's not throttling either, laptop don't get hotter, it just switches to the integrated intel gpu , even after disabling that in device manager it still switches to that super slow microsoft stock...
  24. W

    144Hz to RX 580?

    I am buying a new 144Hz monitor, however I read that for FreeSYNC for my Rx 580 I need a chord that connects directly into the monitor? Would I have 2 chord or only 1 chord plugged into my case? Exp: monitor Hdmi to Pc Hdmi, Monitor Hdmi to GPU For FreeSync would I need this...
  25. Lekro44

    AIO CLC radiator orientation confusion

    Hello, I own an AIO and the way I have it now is that the inlet and outlet tubes are on the top of the radiator (mounted vertically). Now I've seen many official answers about this (including this video at 2:50: ), that the tubes should be on the bottom. This...
  26. U

    How to upgrade i3 6006u to i3 6098p

    4 Threads @2.00 GHz Skylake
  27. D

    How should I connect my gtx 1050 ti to my monitor

    I have an evga 1050 ti sc with 1 hdmi port, 1 dvi d dual link port, and 1 display port. I want to know how I should connect my graphics card to my monitor(Dell s2316 with a dvi d dual link port and a vga port. all i want is something that could give my monitor 1920 by 1080 resolution and 60 hz
  28. A

    Cpu no cooling properly

    I managed to clean my cpu fan of core 2 duo e7500 but when i was putting it down one of the pin broke I fixed it qith superglue and the alignment was ok But the temp of cpu rose from 85 c to 100 degree celcius at stress testi could not find the problem Could it be because 1white part broke...
  29. J

    using an ssd

    I have an ssd already with my os on it. i'm wanting to add a second ssd for my games and such, but my pc isnt registering the new ssd. what do i need to do to make it work
  30. L

    Ryzen5 2400g system won't post or boot

    Hello! I just got done putting together my PC. Components: Ryzen 5 2400g Ab350 pro4 Mobo Corsair vengance 2x8gb 2666mhz Crucial 250gb SSD. Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb aio. Windows 7 64bit When I click the power button the whole system turns on and runs for about 25 seconds then off...
  31. B

    Intel i7 950 rig to AMD APU 7890 Rig?

    Built an Intel rig back in 2011. It has an i7-950, 12 gigs triple channel RAM, 1 TB between 2 HDD's, GTX 960 2 Gb vcard and an ASUS GENE III mobo. It's still a solid PC, but the CPU is falling behind the times. Looking to upgrade and my Dad has an AMD APU rig he barely uses. It's about 1.5 years...
  32. G

    Is This A Good Build I would prefer to keep it as cheap as possible. Is this okay?
  33. V

    PC Build for Gaming, Streaming, Recording and Video Editting?

    BUDGET: $1500 AUD / $1200 USD I've had a budget build for quite some time now which cost me around $600 in total but i plan on saving up for a new PC that can run games in high graphics such as PUBG (since mine can barely run in very low settings) and have good performance when...
  34. S

    recommendation for flash drive

    32GB storage, good perforamance and profitable... Samsung maybe?
  35. I

    Random FPS Dips. Please Help

    So starting a few days ago I started getting random FPS drops in a lot of the games i play. My games will drop from fps of over 100 to down to 30 or so every few seconds. I've tried several different things that forums said might be the problem. I tried using Malwarebytes but that didn't seem...
  36. Karan Yelve

    Upgrade from Phenom II X4 B55

    Hello there, I'm looking to upgrade my pc, CPU mostly. My current build is a GTX 1050 Ti with an Amd Phenom X4 B55 stock speeds . My target is 720p gaming I'd like to know which cpus i could buy for high to medium settings at 720p for gaming. Thanks
  37. D

    Gtx 580 psu

    Hello! Looking to pair my gtx 580 zotac amp gpu with a new psu. Not concerned bout rating, just as cheap as possible ideally. Wondering if this would be sufficient. ATX-BT650W From what Im seeing it would have the 2x 8pin pcie and exceed the 600w recommended for the 580. Pairing this with...
  38. G

    Computer freezes/crashes when starting games

    Hi all, I have been having this issue for a while now. Whenever I start up a game (usually Diablo 3, SC2, Steam) my computer crashes/freezes. The computer itself does not shut off, but the monitor displays several variations: grey screen, multi-color static screen, orange color, etc. The...
  39. L

    Whats best pc for 1000 euros ?

    So I just wanted to play Woflenstain 2 the new order but I cant , I also want to play COD WW2 when it comes out but my pc is to slow for any of those games . When I bought it it played every game no probelm this was back in 2012 . It consists of Athlon X4 750K 4.5GHZ 16GB RAM Radeon 7950 SSD...
  40. M

    scanned documents having a very low resolution

    the document scanned has a very low resolution