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    Question gtx 660 bricked after flashing vbios

    Today i bricked my gpu. (Gigabyte gtx 660) Long story short, i had some issues with its performance, and since reinstalling the drivers with DDU didn't solve the problem, i decided to flash vbios (yeah i know I'm stupid) I don't know if I even did it right, but i downloaded it from the...
  2. Question Looking for: VGA BIOS for GeForce GT 740M (GK208M | id:1292)

    Hello All! I'm doing a small overclock on TOSHIBA Satellite L40-A (PART NO.: PSKHGL-004002) that I found in Thailand. It was looking good till I found that exacly this GPU throttles just after 75°C !!! Thats for I did a small research and found a Kepler BIOS Tweaker, and I hope it will unlock...
  3. Chaingunchris

    Question Bricked my 1080 ti with a bad bios. But its detected in windows and not nvflash. Is there hope?

    I tried to reinstall graphics drivers, i tried to make a freedos boot usb and use that. NVflash REFUSES to see the card. windows device manager sees it and gives an error code 43
  4. How To Recovering a motherboard/graphics card from a bad BIOS flash with ch341 flasher, 1.8v adapter, and a SOIC-8 clip.

    In general - it is uncommon to have a bad flash, but it is indeed possible. In many cases, it is the improper electronic components handling (static electricity discharge) that makes you look for this guide. This guide is also helpful for AMD users that do not have their new CPU supported with...