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  1. cfranco82

    Question Connecting Front Panel

    I am moving my old PC to a new Case and I am having issues to connect the Front Panel. Here are links to the connector on the motherboard and the cables https://ibb.co/Wfc2PtZ https://ibb.co/DGSxywq https://ibb.co/LnsxsH9 And this is the manual for my PC...
  2. ScalesQ

    [SOLVED] Random cable

    Ok, so i'm really confused. My case came with 3 ARGB fans that are connected together and have an output to SATA. But there is also another cable - VDG in 3pin that connects to my motherboard. I pulled it out and nothing changed, the rgb on the fans still works, the rgb switch on the case still...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] What should I do to change coolers color.

    (The image is my actual case). I just bought a new PC case and the generic coolers are in an intermittent rainbow ugly mode, I just want them to be of one specific color without fancy animations. I'm not understanding what should I do. I can change LED strip mode, but can't change coolers mode...
  4. thiagohass

    Question PC shuts down when I connect 2 vdg cables

    Good afternoon, I have a B550M AORUS ELITE and I'm trying to connect 2 VDG cables to the Motherboard, but when I do that the PC doesn't turn on, only if I remove 1 VDG. Any light? Note: The motherboard is new, less than 1 month of use.
  5. C

    Question what do i need to buy to make these leds work

    So ive had this case for a while and i didnt really care about the leds, but i want them to work now, and i assume i need a fan controller or a header on my motherboard to plug these https://ibb.co/19Rbwrg in also some leds work somehow https://ibb.co/sqwd8Jt my case is the aerocool shard and...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] VDG power supply

    Hi everyone, I have this power supply: Aerocool Lux RGB 650M and this motherboard: Asus m5a97 Now there are this two wires attached to the power supply: https://ibb.co/YcPPkVy Where am I supposed to attach these wires on the mother board? Thank you very much.
  7. S

    CPU clock speed fluctuating ?

    i7 6800k with water cooling the clock speed in Cam software and also in CPUZ is fluctuating between 1199 to 3397MHZ when IDLE ! temps are normal load is normal why is the clock speed fluctuating ? DOES this has something to do with Intel speed technology ?