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  1. B

    Question Frequent router connection drops on my vdsl broadband connection ?

    My dlink/beetel router (airtel vdsl 40mbps broadband) keeps dropping connection. The router logs are as below, and the same thing repeats every 10-15mins. Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 66 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2404:a800:0:14::1:1010 Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 67 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server...
  2. gareththegiant

    [SOLVED] Help with modem

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I have recently started a new gigafast contract with vodaphone in the UK. This provides me with fibre to the house. The Fibre converter is a Gigapoint 801GV2 (https://images.app.goo.gl/qyBYCwcig6TdRSRe7 image of the ports) this has an ethernet port (RJ45). I...
  3. J

    how do i downlode

    tell me
  4. T

    Mid-range PC build advise needed

    Greetings to you all, I'm looking to build a mid-range PC that can run League of Legends smoothly at max setting (1080p). As I am not a hardcore gamer but still got the general interest, I just need a system build that can run new games like GTA 5 or Dark Souls series at low setting, or if...
  5. mattcam98

    CPU Batch number, L3 and L4 cache

    Ok, so i am going to buy a CPU off amazon UK so i was researching the newest I7 4790k. I was hearing that the L3 are the old ones and they aren't as good overclockers as the L4 which came out in 2014. The thing is the batch number on the 4790k of amazon is a L3, should i stick to a 4770k or...