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  1. xxthomas94

    Question On board graphics

    So for a simple PC that is only going to be used for word and homework, will the on board graphics vega 11 work fine?
  2. A

    Question Why isnt my speaker output working on my HDMI TV?

    Why isnt my speaker output working on my HDMI TV turned monitor,while the display is fine(1920X1080,60Hz)? The speaker is fine as i have checked by different way including connecting to a laptop and setup box through HDMI.Also sometimes the display opens at same resolution but not that clear and...
  3. R

    Question I have a problem with ryzen 5 2400g

    Yesterday i built a new pc. Specs are : Ryzen 5 2400g with integrated APU VEGA 11(i want to save some cash to buy GPU), 2x4gb ddr4 2400mhz ram,120ssd, 1tb and motherboard is asus a320m-k. When i play apex legends i get around 20-30 fps with MASSIVE frame drop(even to 5fps) as soon as i get in...