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  1. S

    Question GPU problem. Needs help!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with my GPU (Vega 64 Air). When playing I have a 'black screen' problem, the speed fun of my card is 100%. I replaced my old PSU with a 1000w Cooler Master (Oversized I know), thinking this was the problem. But nothing, the problem exists and I don't...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Vega 64 eiswolf issues

    I recently bought a Vega 64 with an Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro Radeon RX Vega. It was shipped to me, and when I installed in in my system a small leak appeared where the hoses connect to the radiator. It seems that one of the hoses goes it on a straight angle while the leaking one appears bent. I've...
  3. Tuddy777

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600+Vega 56 Nitro+ Lm edition /Ryzen 5 3600+Vega 64 Nitro+

    I sold some components and now I want to make an upgrade for my PC.From the site I want to buy them,I get the same price for 2 builds: one with ryzen 5 2600 and vega 64 nitro+ and one with ryzen 5 3600 and vega 56 nitro+ limited edition.I don't know what to choose for a better performance in gaming.
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Supernova g5 good for crossfire vega 64

    Before I start the reason I am doing crossfire is because I not only use the system for gaming but for 3d rendering and these cards are relatively cheap at the moment + all the games I have support crossfire On a ltt forum we figured out my system would need a 1000w psu (I tried this forum page...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Is the Gigabyte VEGA 64 8G worth buying in 2020?

    Hello! As in the title, I am in need of recommendation. Currently i am using gtx 1060 3gb, which is my first graphic card. It is starting to make rattling noise when the fan runs at 70-90% and i want to upgrade to something better. I am currently looking at Gigabyte VEGA 64 8G for $299 (New)...
  6. I

    Question Low GPU utilization after upgrade

    I have upgraded my system to Vega 64 from gtx 1060 6GB. before the upgrade, when watching 8k 60fps on youtube, my cpu (amd 1800x) used 9% (nine) or below and the GTX 1060 was at 40% or higher. Very very smooth playback and no stutters or lags. when i upgraded to Vega 64, i couldnt even watch...
  7. Dale-L-

    [SOLVED] System Blue Screen (New Component) ?

    Hi guys, I recently obtained the below card, it's an absolute beast! Although i have a very concerning issue that i just can't sort or find the root cause of. Every now and again my system will crash, with 2 blue screens (no error info), just 2 blue screens and the speakers play a weird signal...
  8. Dale-L-

    [SOLVED] Sapphire NITRO+ RX Vega 64 Issue (Bottleneck?)

    Hi guys, I recently obtained the above card, it's an absolute beast! Although i have a very concerning issue that i just can't sort or find the root cause of. Every now and again my system will crash, with 2 blue screens (no error info), just 2 blue screens and the speakers play a weird signal...
  9. M

    Question Graphics card doesn't work, but when swapped it works?!

    SPECS: CPU:Ryzen 1600 x Motherboard:Gigabyte b450 DS3H Graphics card:VEGA 64 Red devil RAM 8GB Games open up and get into the game then it crashes and brings me back to desktop, i had recently bought a VEGA 64 and it had been working for about 20 days then i played the new Call of duty which...
  10. Gosraj

    [SOLVED] Monitor Disconnects for About a Second or Two Every Once in a While

    The title is pretty self explanatory, every once in a while, whether I'm playing video games, watching a movie, etc (it seems to happen most often when playing games however), my screen goes black for a second or two before coming back on as if nothing ever happened. It's a relatively minor...
  11. C

    Question cooling a blower style vega card

    so i am building a new computer and i was wondering if my combo of fans and case will be enough to cool a blower style vega 64. tomorrow i plan to order everything so this is 1 of the questions i have as i know they run very hot. heres my parts list of what i need to order and before anyone says...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Desperate for Vega 64 Aftermarket Cooling

    TLDR: What is the best, cheap solution (besides tweaking fan and voltage curves) to get my refernce Vega 64 cool and quiet? Hey everyone! I am making this thread because I have had it with my Sapphire Vega 64 (reference) being so freakishly loud. Right now, to keep my card from thermal...
  13. LordVile

    [SOLVED] Undervolting Vega BIOS question

    Planning to undervolt my Vega 56 to see if I can drop the temps. Should I attempt to flash the bios to the 64 before doing so? Or will it not make much difference? Not interested in overclocking the card much if at all cos my case is ITX. card is an ASUS Strix ROG OC.
  14. andorr02

    Question No Video After New Thermal Paste Application

    Hi all, I've had an issue with my Gpu and really hoping I can find some advice here. So earlier today I received a used Vega 64 GPU. All was going well but the thermals were a bit high in the benchmarks I ran. I decided to swap around the thermal paste/pads to help with this. I disassembled...
  15. R

    Question Need help in identifying a sensor for Vega 64.

    Please see the image. View: Memory temperature is not called as the 'hot spot', still I believe if it reaches 86 C might bottleneck the performance. Which spot is it on the graphic card the sensor is? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  16. B

    Question overclocking vega 64

    what is a good software to overclock a Vega 64 in 2019. ive seen videos from like 2017 on watt man but it looks completely different now in 2019 than in 2017
  17. T

    Question Vega 64 bad temp sensor?

    Hello, I recently bought a Gigabyte RX Vega 64 OC second hand and the dude told me that he used it for a little over a month, so it is nearly new. I paid 240 dollars for it. Everything works great, I also managed to overclock it quite alot, and it is silent (which surprised me) but the thing...
  18. B

    Question What GPU should i buy?

    i have a I7 8700K for my cpu and im aiming to get a new graphics card around $500 USD. I want to aim for 1440p gaming at 144hz, Idk which is the bbest to buy. and also i could go used or new. Anything will help. Thanks, Ben
  19. A

    Question VEGA 64 or RTX 2070

    Hey, Just trying to decide whether to get a RTX 2070 for £460 or a RX Vega 64 for £360. Now I realise the value in the Vega 64 but I have a g sync monitor so I'd like to hear your thoughts. I've never owned a AMD card before so I'm slighty hesitant but the price difference is too large to...
  20. S

    Question New PSU for vega64

    A friend doesn't have a profile here so I am asking on behalf of him. He wants to get a new video card and he is considering the Asus Rog Strix Vega 64. His components are: RAM - 2x8gb 3000mhz CPU - Ryzen 5 2600x stock 2 HDD 7200rpm PSU - System power 9 600W Can the PSU handle the Vega 64 at...
  21. I

    Question Vega 56 vs RTX 2060 6gb recommendation?

    I am looking for some advice and in particular first hand experience with either or both said cards as I am looking to upgrade my GPU from an MSI 1060 3gb. I am still happy with my card right now but I've found some decent deals especially on an MSI Vega 56. Actually I found a "great" deal on...
  22. E

    Question Vega 64 sudden drop of clock speeds leading to low fps

    I bought a Vega 64 a few months back and have been having issues from the beginning. The gpu clock and memory clock randomly drop to around 500 mhz and wont go up anymore while gaming and it happens randomly and results in me having to restart the game. It's making me think if I should RMA the...
  23. M

    Question Good frames with Vega 64 at 1440p?

    I just bought a 1440p monitor on sale without really considering the frame drop that will come with it. What kind of frame rates would the vega 64 get in newer games if I tuned some settings down. I will be getting an intel i5-9600k, 16gb ram, and a vega 64 for the freesync that came with the...