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    Question Vega 56 AsRock Good or bad?

    Found a pretty solid prebuilt system for pretty cheap but it has a Radeon RX VEGA 56 8GB ASRock Phantom Gaming X, read about that it has a lot of flaws since its a blower card. Is it really that bad or will I be fine for the cheap price?
  2. F

    Question i5-3470 vega56 or maybe get a gtx 1060?

    Hello Dear Forum, i am planning to buy a new GPU for my old rig. i have i5-3470, 16GB DDR3, gtx 770, Windows 7. I was about to get a GTX 1060 6 GB for ~170€ but now i get a friend recommending put 50€ extra and getting a vega56 8 GB instead. Is that a good idea? I am afraid of Bottleneck...
  3. donatasok

    [SOLVED] Computeruniverse is it good?

    Hi, I'm thinking on buying vega 56 from Germany site because it's cheaper than in my country Maybe some of u have ordered from there? How it all went? Do you get your package safe and fast? What about warranty?
  4. Question Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse - Replacing Cool Pads

    Hi all, I have got a used Vega 56 Pulse where I have to replace the cool pads. I cant find any guide online and I cant see on the card where exactly were the old pads. I have attached a picture and highlighted where I think the pads should be. Is there anything I am missing? Thanks a lot for the...
  5. mranimo

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade my pc. What graphics card do you recommend?

    I have now an asus R9 290 and an fx-8300 cpu. In my country the MSI vega56 is only 265$. Is it worth? Or what card do you recommend? And what about the cpu, what do you recommend to the new graphics card? :unsure::unsure:
  6. W

    Question VEGA 56 won't POST

    Hello, I've just bought an AREZ RadeonRXVEGA56 to replace my old HD7850 but i'm having a hard time booting my computer. The situation is : -If I only plug the VEGA56, the "VGA led" on my motherboard remains ON and nothing happend -Pluging both my old and new GPU (old one in "first position")...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] vega56 support intel

    hi, my spec intel core i3 8100 asus b360m-a motherboard Currently im having gtx 1060 6gb, planning to buy AMD Vega 56 Graphics card which has HBM2 memory type. Does my motherboard supports this graphics card??