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    Question How often should ventilator work?

    Hi, I am quite new to the PC world, thus would really appreciate your advice and information. I recently switched to HP 840 G2 i7 5600 U with touchscreen with WIN 10 64 bit, SSD 480, 16 GB RAM. Previously I had used only PC's with either much less RAM or even HDD instead of SSD, this is the...
  2. I Josh I

    [SOLVED] Higher idle temps after installing exhaust case fan

    Hi all So today I installed a Noctua fan as an exhaust fan on the top of my case. I originally had 2 intake fans at the front, a radiator/fan combo at the back as an exhaust, and one exhaust fan in middle at the top of my case. I forgot I had the noctua fan, and decided not to waste it, and so...
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    Overheating problems Be Quiet Dark Rock Advanced

    A few days ago I bought Be Quiet Dark Rock Advanced cooler and replace the intel stock cooler with it. The problem is that the CPU temperature is higher than it was with the stock one. After that I install one case fan behind the Be Quiet and now the temperature is 37-44C when the CPU usage is...
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    Need low budget PSU :/

    Hi Iam new in assembling gaming PC And I didn't know that prices are so expensive So all I got was Gtx 1050 MSI I7 2600 Ram 8 g H61 mb And I even didn't buy HDD Iam now low on budget and want to know what is my cheapest option for a good PSU :/
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    Cpu cooler for i5 4570 stock clock speed

    Hey guys i need a new cooler for the cpu, what is the best cheap cooler that wouldn t occupy a lot of space because my case is pretty low end:Nox Vulkan, i don t want a top end cooler just a decent one, and for the record i run on internal graphics, budget under 30 dollars, max height is 160mm...
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    GTA 5 and It's Graphics Card

    I want to Play GTA 5 (PC) , Which Entry Level Graphics Card will Help me to Play Smooth in Medium Settings , Not want to Play HD or on Full Intensive Settings. Suggest me whatever should and must be Upgraded / Overclock. I think if I can run current CPU with the Overclock , I like to try...
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    High Vcore voltage on a i5 4690k?

    I'm planning to overclock my 4690k somewhere in the future. However, my core voltage is around 1.139 V on stock while running Prime95. When is run the CPU stress test in Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool it goes up around 1.129 V. I use CPU-Z to read the voltage, maybe it's not showing the right...
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    best monitor for gaming

    Hi, im planning to buy a new monitor, because at the moment im using my samsung 32' tv. Recently i built my new rig and now im planning to get a new desk, chair and monitor. Im going to use it for gaming, watching hd movies, and doing the usual stuff. Is it worth getting a 1440p one or stick to...
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    How can I use my modem D-link 2640T in airtel connection

    How can I use my modem D-link 2640T in airtel connection , recently I got reconnection ,the airtel is not accepting this they are demanding beetel while in the last airtel connection ,I was using the same.